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Orlando-based Bee Jay/Tener record labels, Bee Jay Booking Agency (later J. Bird Booking), and Bee Jay Recording Studios formed by Eric Schabacker, from Buffalo, NY, a member of Little Willie and the Adolescents, and The Starfires.

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JB-1015...v/a: Book the Stars LP (J. Bird, 1981?), booking sampler w/ Nantucket, Ms. Treat, Silver Moon Band, Wysper, Bonnie Gringo Band, Skydancing, Toca, Dr. Fu and Po-Zess-Shun, Brewed

NR-7661...The Embers: Live & in Concert LP (Bee Jay, 197?)


NR-9716...v/a: A Song and a Dance LP (Bee Jay/J. Bird Booking Agency, 1978?), booking sampler with Mantra, Wysper, Slowpoke, Silver Moon Band, Toca, Impulse, Brewed, Full Circle, Gatton Gang


NR-10766...v/a: Still Singing and Dancing LP (J. Bird Booking, 1978?), booking sampler w/ Toca, Dr. Fu and Po-Zess-Shun, Wysper, Silver Moon Band, Brewed, Topaz, Ricky & Tightrope, Skydancing


NR-12625...Ruth Crews: If You Can't Hide It--Decorate It! LP (Bee Jay, 1982), comedy

150/151...Denny Noie & the In Crowd: "Dee Dee" b/w "Don't Follow Me" 7" (196?), possibly Denny Noie And The 4th Of Never


154...v/a: 12 Groovy Hits, 12 Florida Bands LP (Tener, 1966)


T-1001/1002...Suzanne Goddard: "It's Too Bad" b/w "Anything Can Happen" 7" (Tener, 1966?)


T-1005/1006...The Band: "Mr. Guitar Man" b/w "The Lovin' Zone" 7" (Tener, 1966?)

T-1009...Little Willie and the Adolescents: "Get Out of My Life" b/w "Stop It" 7" (Tener, 1966), FL garage

T-1010...Flower Power: "I Can Feel It" b/w "Stop" 7" (Tener, 1967)

T-1011...The Barons: "Drawbridge" b/w "Lovin Man " 7" (Tener, 1967), garage

T-1012...Edgin-inds: "Don't Try to Hide It" b/w "U.F.O." 7" (Tener, 1967?), Lake Wales, FL garage

T-1013...Little Willie & the Adolescents: "Looking for Love" b/w "The Push Song" 7" (1967?), garage


T-1015...The Kolor Korporation: "Love That Drives Me Crazy" b/w "Sunshine on Our Love" 7" (Hype, 1967?, ed. of 500)

T-1015...Rockin' Roadrunners: "Down" b/w "Urban Meadows " 7" (Tener, 1967?), garage

T-1016...The Burlington Squires: "World" b/w "Back Up" 7" (Tener, 1967?)

T-1017...State of Mind: "Time Will Tell" b/w "City Life" 7" (1967?)


T-1020...Mind Ration: "Always and a Day" b/w "It's Your Mother" 7" (Tener, 196?)


T-1024...Ron and the Starfires: "Be Sincere" b/w "The Grass Is Greener" 7" (Tener, 1965), FL garage


T-1030...Cosmic Camel: "The Suzanne Love Mirage" b/w "The King's Winetaster" 7" (Tener, 196?, ed. of 50)

TC-1014...v/a: Bee Jay Demo, Vol. 2 LP (Tener, 1967), w/ Little Willie and the Adolescents, New Dimension in Sound, New Generations, Him and the Others, Chapter Five, Traditions: If You Knew, The Barons, Minutemen, Back Page, Mourning After, Consolidation, Hungri-I's, The Undertakers, Rhythm's Children, The New Englanders, State Of Mind, Midnight Suns, Kolors, Beau Jests, Warlocs, Orlando Rogues, Flower Power, Mustard Jar, Bomarcs

TC-1014...v/a: Bee-Jay Video Soundtrack LP (Tener, 1967 or 1968), same catalog number as above


TC-1020...Mind Ration: "Always and a Day" b/w "It's Your Mother" 7" (Tener, 1967?)


TC-1022...The Trumpets of Faith: "Judgement Coming" b/w "Guide Me Jesus" 7" (Tener, 1967?)


TC-1033...Ecumenical Drugstore: "I'd Really Like to Watch You Fly" b/w "I'm Tired" 7" (Tener, 1967?)


TC-1038...v/a: Bee Jay Sampler EP (196?)

TC-1039...v/a: Bee Jay Sampler EP (196?)


TC-1053...Universouls: 7" (Tener, 1970?)


TC-1055...v/a: Bee Jay Sampler LP (Bee Jay, 1970), booking sampler w/ Soultenders, Oxford Blue, People's Choice, The Barons, The Brewed, Raintree County, 8 of Us, (One Is) We the People, The Missin Links, The Image, Styrophoam Soule, Save, Riff


TC-1052...Everyday People: "Springtime Follows Snow" b/w "A Place from the Darkness" 7" (Tener, 1970?)

TC-1053...Universouls: "New Generation" b/w "The Way a Girl Should Be" 7" (Tener, 1970?)


TC-1059...The Fantastic Puzzle: "One Lovin' Year" b/w "Raining in My Heart" 7" (Tener, 1971?)


TC-1064...Drambuies: s/t LP (1971), folk trio


TC-1067...v/a: Do It Up Right! LP (Tener, 1971)


TC-1070...v/a: Bee Jay Sampler LP (Tener, 1971?)


TC-1075...Allen Wolfe: "Turn Your Love Loose on Me" b/w ? 7" (Tener, 1971?)


TC-1081...v/a: Bee Jay Does It Again! LP (Bee Jay, 1971), booking sampler w/ Micropolis, Image, East Coast Supply, Cinderblock, Exit, Brewed, Wooden Spoon, Salvation Alliance, Lead Feather, Ivanho, Patent Pending, Sandpaper Castle, Al Leonard


TC-1083...Allen Wolfe: "I've Lost Your Love" b/w "I'm Feeling for You" 7" (1971?), country


TC-1089...Willie Cockrell: "Face to Face" b/w "It's Too Late" 7" (Tener, 197?), funk


TC-1095...Jerry Luttrell: "Heartaches and Blues" b/w "Touch of an Angel" 7" (Tener, 197?), country

TC-1096...Sister Richards & Brother Broxton: "Come to Jesus" b/w "Did You Stop to Pray Today" 7" (Tener, 197?), gospel


TC-1099...v/a: Gettin It on Again! LP (Bee Jay, 1971) ,booking sampler


TC-1105...The Fantastic Puzzle: The Fantastic Puzzle LP (Puzzle, 1973), lounge band


TC-1124...v/a: Suite 12 LP (Bee Jay Booking Agency, 1974?), booking sampler w/ Cinderblock, Silver Star Road, Short Cut, The Sandy Valley Boys, Gabriels Brass, East Coast Supply, New Oxford Blue, Cold Comfort


TC-1140...v/a: Bee Jay Family Album LP (Bee Jay Booking Agency, 1974?), booking sampler w/ Riddler Band, Silver Star, Short Cut, New Days Ahead, Dizzy Ramblers, Silver Foxx, Harpoon, The Sandy Valley Boys, Cinderblock, Tom Garrett and Naked Music


TC-1175...Ft. Pierce Master Singers: Lead Me to the Rock! LP (no label, 197?)


TC-1176...Lana Frick: Let Them Know LP (Bee Jay, 197?)


TC-1182...Lowell Leistner: Crusade Favorites 3 LP (Bee Jay, 197?)


TC-1193..Martha Mac Grego: Without Clouds LP (Bee Jay, 19??)

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