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MM-2000...Frankie Brown Trio: Bass Vibes Drums LP (1962)

MM-2001...Gene Pitney: The Many Sides of Gene Pitney LP (1963)

MM-2002...Roger Wayne: One, Two, Three Waltz LP (1962)

MM-2003...Gene Pitney: Only Love Can Break a Heart LP (1962)

MM-2004...Gene Pitney: Sings Just for You LP (1963)

MM-2005...Gene Pitney: World-Wide Winners LP (1963)

MM-2006...Gene Pitney: Blue Gene LP (1963)

MM-2007...Gene Pitney: Dedicated to My Teen Queens LP (1964), reissued as Meets the Fair Young Ladies of Folkland (1964)

MM-2008...Gene Pitney: Gene Pitney's Big Sixteen LP (1964)

MM-2009...Vinnie Bell, His Guitar and His Orchestra: 51 Greatest Motion Picture Favorites LP (1964)

MM-2010...Milton Delugg: 51 Greatest Broadway Favorites LP (1964)

MM-2011...Ralph Marterie and His Orchestra: 51 Country Club Dance Favorites LP (1964)

MM-2012...George Stone: 51 Organ Skating Favorites LP (1964)

MM-2013...Sam Makia: Hula at Home LP (1964)

MM-2014...Earl L. Wallis: Music for Isometric Exercises LP (1964)

MM-2015...Gene Pitney: Italiano LP (1964)

MM-2016...Al Soyka & His Orchestra: Hello, Dolly Polka LP (1964)

MM-2017...Jones Boys Orchestra: George Jones Country & Western Songbook LP (1964)

MM-2018...Tito Rodriguez and His World Famous Orchestra: Carnival of the Americas LP (1964)

MM-2019...Gene Pitney: It Hurts to Be in Love and Eleven More Hit Songs LP (1964)

MM-2020...Gian Franco Intra: Music to Remember LP (1964)

MM-2021...Adbul Ahmed: 51 Belly Dancer Favorites LP (1964), actually Gus Vali



MM-2024...Al Soyka & His Orchestra: 51 Polka Favorites LP (1965)

MM-2025...Vitin Aviles: Tito Rodriguez Presents Vitin Aviles LP (1965)

MM-2026...OST: Panic Button LP (1965)

MM-2042...Les Barnett: The Favorite Twelve Organ and Chimes: The World's Most Honored Hymns LP (1966)

MM-2043...Gene Pitney: Gene Pitney's Big Sixteen, Volume Two LP (1965)

MM-2044...George Jones & Gene Pitney: George Jones & Gene Pitney LP (1965)

MM-2045...Tito Rodriguez: I'll Always Love You LP (1965)

MM-2046...George Jones: Mr. Country and Western Music LP (1965)

MM-2047...Vinnie Bell: Big Sixteen Guitar Favorites LP (1965)

MM-2048...Los Hispanos Quartet with Tito Rodriguez Orchestra: Tito Rodriguez Presents the Fabulous Los Hispanos Quartet LP (1965)

MM-2049...Ralph Marterie: Motion Picture Hits LP (1965)

MM-2050...Gus Vali and His Orchestra: Motion Picture Music for Belly Dancers LP (1965)

MM-2051...Joe Loss & His Orchestra: Latin for Dancers LP (1965)

MM-2052...Nelson Pineda: Tito Rodriguez Presents a Latin in America LP (1965)

MM-2053...v/a: Country Cousins LP (1965)

MM-2054...The Hawaiian Surfers Orchestra: Songs of the Islands LP (1966)


MM-2056...Gene Pitney: I Must Be Seeing Things LP (1965)

MM-2057...Lou Stein: Hey! Louie LP (1966)

MM-2058...George Stone: 30 Organ Skating Favorites LP (1966)

MM-2059...OST: Go, Go, Go World! LP (1966), Nino Oliviero & Bruno Nicolai

MM-2060...George Jones with the Jones Boys: New Country Hits LP (1965)

MM-2061...George Jones: Old Brush Arbors LP (1966)

MM-2062...The Los Hispanos Quartet: Siempre Pensando en Ti/Always Thinking of You LP (1966)

MM-2063...Tito Rodriguez: My Heart Sings for You LP (1965)

MM-2064...Gus Vali and His Orchestra: And All Ports East LP (1965)


MM-2070...Orquestra Broadway: Arrimate Pa Aca (Come Closer to Me) LP (196?)


MM-2082...51 Accordians: Play 30 Accordian Favorites LP (196?)


MM-2085...Gene Pitney: Big Sixteen Volume 3 LP (196?)


MM-2088...George Jones: Love Bug LP (196?)


MM-2091...The Platters: I Love You 1,000 Times LP (1966)

MM-2092...Gus Val and His Orchestra: Turkish Delight--51 Belly Dance Favorites LP (196?), Nai Bonet on cover


MM-2095...Gene Pitney: Backstage (I'm Lonely) LP (1966)


MM-2111...The Platters: Have the Magic Touch LP (1966?)


MM-2125...The Platters: Going Back to Detroit LP (1966?)

MS-3006...Gene Pitney: Blue Gene LP (1963)


MS-3008...Gene Pitney: Gene Pitney's Big Sixteen LP (1964?)


MS-3011..Ralph Marterie and His Orchestra: 51 Country Club Dance Favorites LP (1964?)


MS-3017...The Jones Boys: C&W Songbook LP (1964)


MS-3019...Gene Pitney: It Hurts to Be in Love LP (1964?)


MS-3044...George Jones & Gene Pitney: For the First Time! Two Great Stars LP (1965)


MS-3046...George Jones: Mr. Country & Western Music LP (1965)

MS-3047...Vinnie Bell: Big Sixteen Guitar Favorites LP (1965)


MS-3054...The Hawaiian Surfers Orchestra: Songs of the Islands LP (1965?)


MS-3059...OST: Go, Go, Go World! LP (1965?)

MS-3060...George Jones: New Country Hits LP (1965)

MS-3061...George Jones: Old Brush Arbors LP (1965)

MS-3065...George Jones and Gene Pitney: It's Country Time Again LP (1966)

MS-3085...Gene Pitney: Big Sixteen Volume 3 LP (1966?)

MS-3088...George Jones: Love Bug LP (1966)

MS-3091...The Platters: I Love You 1,000 Times LP (1966?)

MS-3095...Gene Pitney: Backstage (I'm Lonely) LP (1966)

MS-3096...Judy Lynn: The Judy Lynn Show Plays Again LP (1966?)

MS-3099...George Jones: I'm a People LP (1966)

MS-3101...The Gene Pitney Show: Tonight in Person LP (1966?)

MS-3102...Gene Pitney: Greatest Hits of All Times LP (1966)


MS-3105...George Stone and the Vocalaires: Sing and Skate Along LP (1966?)

MS-3106...George Jones: 4033 LP (1966)

MS-3109...George Jones & Melba Montgomery: Close Together (as You and Me) LP (1967)

MS-3111...The Platters: Have the Magic Touch LP (1967?)

MS-3112...Judy Lynn: Honey Stuff LP (1967?)

MS-3116...George Jones: Greatest Hits LP (1967)

MS-3119...George Jones: Walk Through This World with Me LP (1967)

MS-3124...George Jones: Cup of Loneliness LP (1967)

MS-3125...The Platters: Going Back to Detroit LP (1967?)

MS-3126...Judy Lynn: Golden Nuggets LP (1967)

MS-3127...George Jones & Melba Montgomery: Party Pickin' LP (1967)

MS-3128...George Jones: Hits by George LP (1967)

MS-3131...v/a: A Quartet of Soul LP (1967)


MS-3133...The Sounds Spectacular: Play Great New Motion Picture Themes LP (1967)

MS-3134...Gene Pitney: Golden Greats LP (1968)


MS-3141...The Platters: The New Golden Hits of The Platters LP (1967)

MS-3142...v/a: A Quartet of Soul Volume Two LP (1967)


MS-3148...Gene Pitney: The Gene Pitney Story LP (1966)

MS-3149...George Jones: Sings the Songs of Dallas Frazier LP (1968)

MS-3158...George Jones: If My Heart Had Windows LP (1968)

M2S-3159...George Jones: The George Jones Story 2LP (1969)

MS-3161...Gene Pitney: Sings Bacharach LP (1968?)

MS-3162...Federal Duck: Federal Duck LP (1968)

MS-3166...Jackie Clark: Jackie Clark LP (1968?)

MS-3167...The Tingling Mother's Circus: A Circus of the Mind LP (1968)

M26-3169...George Jones: My Country 2LP (1969)


MS-3175...Paper Garden: Paper Garden LP (1969 or 1970)

MS-3176...Rebecca and the Sunny Brook Farmers: Birth LP (1968)

MS-3177...George Jones: I'll Share My World with You LP (1969)


MS-3180...Bobby Merritt: Out of the Crowd LP (1969?)

MS-3181...George Jones: Where Grass Won't Grow LP (1969)

MS-3182...The Jones Boys: My Boys: The Jones Boys LP (1970), two songs sung by George Jones and the rest of the album sung by his band members, Charlie Carter and James Doyle Holli

MS-3186...The Royal Teens: Newies but Oldies LP (1970?)

MS-3188...George Jones: Will You Visit Me on Sunday LP (1970)

MS-3191...George Jones: The Best of George Jones LP (1970)

MS-3192...Vincent Bell: The Best of Vincent Bell LP (1970?)

MS-3193...Gene Pitney: Super Star LP (1971)

MS-3194...George Jones: With Love LP (1971)

MS-3195...S.O.U.L.: What Is It LP (1971?)


MS-3203...George Jones: The Best of Sacred Music LP (1971)

MS-3204...George Jones: Sings the Great Songs of Leon Payne LP (1971)

MS-3205...Nickel: Nickel LP (1971)


MS-3230...SOUL: Can You Feel It LP (197?)

MS-3239...Harmon Bethea the Mask Men and the Agents: Got to Find a Sweet Home LP (1972)


MS-3242...Hot Butter: Popcorn LP (1972)

MS-3243...Arbuckle: Arbuckle LP (1972)

MS-3244...Soul Searchers: s/t LP (1972)


MS-3252...Gus Vali: Belly Dancer Favorites LP (1973)


MS-3256...Richard Hayman and His Orchestra: Million Dollar Motion Picture Themes LP (1974)

MS-3259X...George Jones and Melba Montgomery: George & Melba LP (1977)

MS-3261...George Jones: Poor Man's Riches LP (1977)

MS-3262...George Jones: I Made Leaving (Easy for You) LP (1977)

MS-3263...George Jones: Country Singer LP (1977)

MS-3264...George Jones: George Jones & Friends LP (1977)

MS-3265...George Jones: 4033 LP (1977)

MS-3266...George Jones: Tender Years LP (1977)

MS-3267...George Jones: Take Me LP (1977)

MS-3268...George Jones: Wrapped Around Her Finger LP (1977)

MS-3269...George Jones: I Can Still Him in Your Eyes LP (1977)

MS-3270...George Jones: The Best of George Jones, Vol. 2 LP (1977)

MS-3271...George Jones: Sings His Songs LP (1977)

MS-3272...George Jones: Sings His Songs LP (1977)

MS-3273...George Jones: I Can Love You Enough LP (1977)

MS-3274...George Jones: The Best of the Best LP (1977)

MS-3275...George Jones: The Best of George Jones, Vol. 1 LP (1977)

M2S-5093...George Jones: Country Heart 2LP (1975)

M26-3148...Gene Pitney: The Gene Pitney Story 2LP

MU-1001...Leo DeLyon and the Musclemen: "Sick Manny's Gym" b/w "Plunkin'" 7" (19??)

MU-1002...Gene Pitney: "I Wanna Love My Life Away" b/w "I Laughed So Hard I Cried" 7" (19??)


MU-1009...Gene Pitney: "Town Without Pity" b/w "Air Mail Special Delivery" 7" (19??)


MU-1013...Kenny Dino: "Your Mama Said You Cried in Your Sleep Last Night" b/w "Dream a Girl" 7" (19??)


MU-1026...Gene Pitney: "Half Heaven-Half Heartache" b/w "Tower-Tall" 7" (1962)


MU-1029...Melba Montgomery: "Won't Take Long" b/w "He Stayed Away (Long as He Could)" 7" (196?)


MU-1033...Jimmy Radcliffe: "Moments of Weakness" b/w "Through a Long and Sleepless Night" 7" (196?)

MU-1034...Gene Pitney: "Lonely Night Dreams (of Far Away Arms)" b/w "Twenty Four Hours From Tulsa" 7" (196?)


MU-1044...The Critters: "Georgianna" b/w "I'm Gonna Give" 7" (1964)

MU-1045...Gene Pitney: "I'm Gonna Be Strong" b/w "Aladdin's Lamp" 7" (1964?)


MU-1066...George Jones & Gene Pitney: "I've Got Five Dollars and It's Saturday Night" b/w "Wreck on the Highway" 7" (1965)

MU-1067...George Jones: "Wearing My Heart Away" b/w "Things Have Gone to Pieces" 7" (1965)

MU-1068...Vinnie Bell: "Baker St. Mystery" b/w "Just a Little Kiss" 7" (1965?)


MU-1071...George Jones & Gene Pitney: "I've Got a New Heartache" b/w "My Shoes Keep Walking Back to You" 7" (1965)


MU-1074...Shep Grant: "You Found My Lonely Heart a Home" b/w "You'll Cry Tomorrow" 7" (1965)


MU-1091...Johnny Macrae: "Cryin' Machine" b/w "What a Blue World" 7" (1965?)


MU-1097...George Jones & Gene Pitney: "Louisiana Man" b/w "I'm a Fool to Care" 7" (1965)

MU-1098...George Jones: "Love Bug" b/w "I Can't Get Used to Being Lonely" 7" (1965)


MU-1102...Roger Miller: "You're Forgetting Me" b/w "Can't Stop Loving You" 7" (1965?)

MU-1103...Gene Pitney: "Looking Through the Eyes of Love" b/w "There's No Livin' Without Your Lovin'" 7" (1965)


MU-1106...Marie Knight: "That's No Way to Treat a Girl" b/w "Say It Again" 7" (1965?)


MU-1111...The In Crowd: "Do the Surfer Jerk" b/w "The Girl in the Black Bikini" 7" (1965?)


MU-1115...George Jones: "Big Job" b/w "Your Old Standby" 7" (1965)

MU-1117...George Jones: "Ship of Love" b/w "Take Me" 7" (1965)

MU-1139...Teardrops: "You Won't Be There" b/w "Tears Come Tumbling" 7" (1965)

MU-1143...George Jones: "I'm a People" b/w "I Woke Up Dreaming" 7" (1966)


MU-1148...Ry Cooper: "The Life Game" b/w "1983" 7" (1966)


MU-1159...Tommy Edwards: "I Cried I Cried" b/w "Must Be Doing Something Wrong" 7" (1966?)


MU-1165...George Jones & Gene Pitney: "Y'all Come" b/w "That's All It Took" 7" (1966)


MU-1174...George Jones: "Flowers for Mama" b/w "Old Brush Arbors" 7" (1966)


MU-1179...Porgy and the Monarchs: "That Girl" b/w "If It's for Real Baby" 7" (1966?)


MU-1181...George Jones: "4033" b/w "Don't Think I Don't Love You" 7" (1966)


MU-1186...The Platters: "Don't Hear, Speak, See No Evil" b/w "I Love You 1000 Times" 7" (1966?)


MU-1188...J. B. Troy: "Ain't It the Truth" b/w "Every Man Needs a Woman" 7" (1966?)


MU-1201...Inez and Charlie Foxx: "No Stranger to Love" b/w "Come by Here" 7" (1966?)


MU-1204...George Jones & Melba Montgomery: "Close Together" b/w "As Long as We're Dreaming" 7" (1966)

MU-1211...The Platters: "(You've Got) The Magic Touch" b/w "I'll Be Home" 7" (1966?)

MU-1219...Gene Pitney: "Just One Smile" b/w "Innamorata" 7" (1966?)

MU-1226...George Jones: "Walk Through This World with Me" b/w "Developing My Pictures" 7" (1967)


MU-1229...The Platters: "With This Song" b/w "If I Had a Love" 7" (1967?)


MU-1235...Gene Pitney: "Don't Mean to Be a Preacher" b/w "Animal Crackers (in Cellophane Boxes)" 7" (1966?)

MU-1238...George Jones & Melba Montgomery: "Party Pickin'" b/w "Simply Divine" 7" (1967)

MU-1242...Lee Moses: "Bad Girl (Part I)" b/w "Bad Girl (Part II)" 7" (1967?)

MU-1243...George Jones: "Poor Man's Riches" b/w "I Can't Get There from Here" 7" (1967)

MU-1244...George Jones: "Cup of Loneliness" b/w "Take the World but Give Me Jesus" 7" (1967)

MU-1251...The Platters: "Washed Ashore (On a Lonely Island in the Sea)" b/w "What Name Shall I Give You My Love" 7" (1967?)

MU-1267...George Jones: "If My Heart Had Windows" b/w "The Honky Tonk Downstairs" 7" (1967)


MU-1274...Oxpetals: "Prune Growing in June" b/w "Walking Down the Sunny Side" 7" (1967)

MU-1285...Jerry Williams: "Run Run Roadrunner" b/w I'm in the Danger Zone" 7" (1967?)

MU-1288...The Platters: "Love Must Go on" b/w "How Beautiful Our Love Is" 7" (1967?)

MU-1289...George Jones: "Say It's Not You" b/w "The Poor Chinee" 7" (1968)

MU-1298...George Jones: "As Long as Live" b/w "Your Angel Steps Out of Heaven" 7" (1968)


MU-1300...The Toys: "You Got It Baby" b/w "You've Got to Give Her Love" 7" (1968?)


MU-1302...The Platters: "Think Before You Walk Away" b/w "So Many Tears" 7" (1968?)

MU-1305...The Jive Five Featuring Eugene Pitt: "Sugar" (Don't Take Away My Candy)" b/w "Blues in the Ghetto" 7" (1968?)

MU-1305...Gene Pitney: "She's a Heartbreaker" b/w "Conquistador" 7" (1968)

MU-1319...The Toys: "Sealed with a Kiss" b/w "I Got My Heart Set on You" 7" (1968?)

MU-1325...George Jones: "Milwaukee Here I Come" b/w "Great Spirit of Love" 7" (1968)

MU-1333...George Jones: "When the Grass Grows Over Me" b/w "Heartaches & Hangovers" 7" (1968)

MU-1339...George Jones: "My Mom & Santa Claus" b/w "Lonesome Christmas Call" 7" (1968)

MU-1342...Floyd Tillman: "It Hurts So Hard So Long" b/w "Autumn Song" 7" (1968?)

MU-1345...Soft Pillow: "Until the Rains Come" b/w "Gilbert Green" 7" (1968?)

MU-1351...George Jones: "I'll Share My World with You" b/w "I'll See You While Ago" 7" (1969)

MU-1357...Tony Drake: "Let's Play House" b/w "She's Gone" 7" (1969?)

MU-1366...George Jones: "When the Wife Runs Off" b/w "If Not for You" 7" (1969)

MU-1374...Jeannie Dee: "Three Fools in Love" b/w "Two Heads Are Better Than One" 7" (1969?)

MU-1375...George Jones & Brenda Carter: "Just an Average Couple" b/w "The Lonesome End of the Line" 7" (1969)

MU-1381...George Jones: "She's Mine" b/w "No Blues Is Good News" 7" (1969)


MU-1392...George Jones: "Where Grass Won't Grow" b/w "Shoulder to Shoulder" 7" (1970)


MU-1404...George Jones: "Going Life's Way" b/w "The Unclouded Day" 7" (1970)


MU-1408...George Jones: "Tell Me My Lying Eyes Are Wrong" b/w "You've Become My Everything" 7" (1970)

MU-1409...Lou Monte: "My Wife, the Dancer" b/w "Leaky Gondola" 7" (1968)


MU-1425...George Jones: "A Good Year for the Roses" b/w "Let a Little Lovin' Come in" 7" (1971)


MU-1432...George Jones: "Sometimes You Just Can't Win" b/w "Brothers of a Bottle" 7" (1971)


MU-1440...George Jones: "Right Won't Touch a Hand" b/w "Someone Sweet to Love" 7" (1971)


MU-1446...George Jones: "Getting Over the Storm" b/w "I'll Follow You (Up to Our Cloud)" 7" (1971)


MU-1454...S.O.U.L.: "Burning Spear" b/w "Tell It Like It Is" 7" (1971?)

MUS-1458...Hot Butter: "Popcorn" b/w "At the Movies" 7" (1972?)


MUS-1460...Soul: "Can You Feel It" b/w "Love Peace and Power" 7" (1972)


MUS-1463...Soul: "To Mend a Broken Heart" b/w "Peace of Mind" 7" (1972)


MUS-1472...S.O.U.L.: " On Top of the World" b/w "This Time Around" 7" (1973)


MUS-1498...Charlie Thomas and The Drifters: "A Midsummer Night in Harlem" b/w "Lonely Drifter Don't Cry" 7" (1974)


MUS-2500...50 Guitars: The Return of the 50 Guitars LP (197?)

MUS-2501...Dionne Warwick: Only Love Can Break Your Heart LP (1977)

MUS-2502...Johnny Hartman: Johnny Hartman LP (1977)


MUS-8001...The Electric Moog Orchestra: Music from Star Wars LP (1977)


MUS-8803...Electric Moog Orchestra: Music from Close Encounters... LP (1977)

MUS-8804...The Bay Ridge Band: Music from Saturday Night Fever LP (1978)

MUX-4600...Gene Pitney: The Best of Gene Pitney 2LP (1977)


MUX-4602...George Jones: Double Gold 2LP (1975)

MXS-2173...Susan Anspach & Joe Silver: Beware of Greeks Bearing Gifts LP (1968?)

P2M-5903...George Jones: Country Heart 2LP (19??)

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