Peppermint Productions Discography

Youngstown, Ohio custom record label run by Steve Friedman.

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PP-1004...Erving Forbush: 'The Train" b/w "Sally Funky Monday" 7" (197?), Quiggly Records


PP-1015...Poobah: Let Me in LP (1972), pressed by Rite: 30571/30572


PP-1022...Brimstone: Paper Winged Dreams LP (1972)


PP-1026...George Westermeyer III & the Tyme Machine: It's So Nice to Be with You LP (1972?), pressed by Rite: 31191/31192


PP-1038...Cool Spring: Cool Spring LP (1972?), pressed by Rite: 32201/32202

PP-1039...Faux Pas: Faux Pas LP (1973), pressed by Queen City: 3122-11


PP-1047...The Bob Turcola Orchestra: Strike Up the Polka Band LP (197?)


PP-1057...The Todd: "Mystifying Me" b/w "Be My Lover Tonight" 7" (197?)


PP-1105...Grayson Brothers: "Lovin' My Baby" b/w "Before Our World Fell Through" 7" (197?), Youngstown, OH soul, Rat Fink Productions


PP-1161...Starburst: "In Harmony" b/w "You'll Never Want Me to Leave" 7" (197?)


PP-1192...Pavlovic and Repos Orchestra: Polkas Our Way LP (197?)


PP-1195...The Joe Fedorchak Orchestra: By Request LP (197?)


PP-1222...Jimmy Pol: "1979 Steelers Fight Song" b/w "1980 Steelers Fight Song" 7" (1980?), JP Productions


PP-1244...The Lorain Slovenian Button Accordians: Down Home Polkas and Waltzes Slovenian Style LP (198?)


PP-1258...Eddie Habat & Chris Kotsos: From the Heart LP (198?)


PP-1299...Ray Mancini: Ray Mancini's Knockout Bodies LP (1983)


PP-1407...The Butler & Just Us: "Navy Beans" b/w "Ain't That A Shame" 7" (198?)


PP-1419...Special Forces: "Oh Girl" b/w "Fool Enough" 7" (198?)


PP-1426...Mark Wheeler/Franklin Weston-Nouveau Rich: "Class of 86" b/w "City Shock Tuesday" 7" (1986)


PP-1509...Dave Wretschko and His OrchestraL Our Town LP (198?)


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