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1002...Rodd Keith/Rodd Keith & the Raindrops: "Down the Mississippi-Ippy-Yi" b/w "Drifting Driftwood" 7" (1966?)

1003...Rodd Keith & the Raindrops: "Miracles Still Happen" b/w "Song of the Palms" 7" (1966?)

1004...Rodd Keith: "Run Spook Run" b/w "I Should Have Known" 7" (1966?)

1005...Rodd Keith & the Raindrops/Rodd & Linda: "Gravy Train" b/w "We Belong Together" 7" (1966?)

1006...Rodd Keith and Linda Claridge/Linda Claridge: "I Need a Lonesome Gal" b/w "A Little More" 7" (1966?)

1007...Rodd Keith & the Raindrops: "I'm So Lonely" b/w "Things Are Changing" 7" (1966?)

1008...Frankie Fredericks/Timmy Thomas: "You Never Tell Me" b/w "All I Want Is a Home" 7" (1966?)

1009...The Raindrops/Rodd Keith: "I'm at Home with the Stars" b/w "I Died Today" 7" (1966?)

1010...Rodd Keith: "Next Time" b/w "You'll Be Alright" 7" (1966?)

1014...Rodd Keith & the Raindrops/The Raindrops: "Day Dreaming" b/w "Red Grow the Roses" 7" (1966?)

1015...Rodd Keith and the Raindrops: "Miserable and Blue" b/w "Our Love Is On Trial" 7" (1966?)

1016...Jan Blakely & the Raindrops/The Raindrops: "Love Him Now" b/w "Dreaming of a Dream" 7" (1966?)

1018...Rodd Keith & Jan Blakely/Sheila Lord: "If I Should Lose You" b/w "Treat Him Nice" 7" (1966?)

1019...Rodd & Judy/?: "Santa Fix My Toys for Christmas" b/w "They Can Never Change My Mind" 7" (1966?)

1020...Rodd Keith/Rodd & the Raindrops: "Long Gone Blues" b/w "Gee But It's Great" 7" (1966?)

1022...Rodd Keith & the Raindrops: "I'm Lucky Today" b/w "Sweet Sweet Kisses" 7" (1966?)

1023...Judy Layne & the Raindrops/Rodd Keith & the Raindrops: "Just Runnin' Wild" b/w "You Can't Fight It" 7" (1966?)

1024...Rodd Keith & the Raindrops: "Don't Make My Heart Miss You" b/w "Please Take My Heart Along" 7" (1966?)

1025...The Raindrops/Rodd Keith & the Raindrops: "After You Went Away" b/w "Tomorrow's Heartache" 7" (1966?)

1026...Rodd Keith: "I'll Climb the Steepest Hill" b/w "A Guiding Light" 7" (1966?)

1027...Rodd Keith & the Raindrops/The Raindrops: "Drifting on a Cloud" b/w "Golden Moments" 7" (1966?)

1028...The Raindrops/Rodd Keith & the Raindrops: "Without You" b/w "I Just Don't Care" 7" (1966?)

1029...The Raindrops/Rodd Keith & the Raindrops: "To the Sons of America" b/w "God Bless Our Soldier Boys in Viet Nam" 7" (1966?)

1030...Judy Layne: "I Have to Pray" b/w "In the Garden of Creation" 7" (1966?)

1031...The Sunbeams: "I Fell in Love with One of Satan's Angels" b/w "All Because of You" 7" (1966?)

1032...Rodd Keith/Judy Layne: "Must I Forget" b/w "Why" 7" (1966?)

1033...Judy Layne: "Oh Me My Goodness" b/w "Same Old Feeling" 7" (1966?)

1034...Rodd Keith & the Raindrops: "Telephone Call" b/w "Sometime" 7" (1966?)

1035...Rodd Keith & Judy Layne/Judy Layne: "Passenger Train Rock" b/w "Shadows" 7" (1966?)

1037...Judy Layne & Rodd Keith/Rodd Keith & the Raindrops: "Landslide on the Mountain of Love" b/w "Would You Care for My Heart" 7" (1966?)

1038...Judy Layne & Rodd Keith/The Sunbeams: "I Want to Tell You" b/w "His Love Won't Last" 7" (1966?)

1043...Judy Layne/Judy Layne & Rodd Keith: "Take Time to Make Sure" b/w "You're Gonna Think About My Love" 7" (1966?)

1044...Terry Allen & the Flappers/Rodd Keith: "Zoot Suits" b/w "Yellow Bag" 7" (1966?)

1049...Rodd Keith & the Raindrops: Alone at a Table for Two" b/w "Magic in Her Eyes" 7" (1966?)

1050...Suzie Smith: "Imitation Flowers" b/w "It's Spring All Over Again" 7" (1966?)

1051...Judy Layne/Rodd Keith: "Days Gone by" b/w "Into My Dreams" 7" (1966?)

1055...Rodd Keith: 'What Happened" b/w "She's Gone Away" 7" (1966?)

1057...Rodd Keith: "This Is Goodbye" b/w "I'm at a Loss for Words" 7" (1966?)

1060...Rodd Keith: "Red Roses of Summer" b/w "Not Guilty" 7" (1966?)

1061...Rodd Keith: "I Want to Be Satisfied" b/w "We Had a Tough Time" 7" (1966?)

1065...Judy Layne/Rodd Keith: "Explosion Love" b/w "Don't Cry Darling" 7" (1966?)

1066...Rodd Keith: "I Still Love That Girl (Can You See?)" b/w "Sheridan" 7" (1966?)

1067...Rodd Keith: "You're the Girl for Me" b/w "Cloud Nine" 7" (1966?)

1068...Rodd Keith: "Isn't It Enough" b/w "Unfaithful" 7" (1966?)

1069...Rodd Keith: "My Heart Is Empty and Blue" b/w "It Happened Anyhow" 7" (1966?)

1074...Rodd Keith & the Go-Getters: "Great-a Big-a Blue Eyes" b/w "Go Go Girlie" 7" (1966?)

1076...Rodd Keith: "My Carolina Woman" b/w "The Singing Hills" 7" (1966?)

1078...Rodd Keith: "I'm Going to Vietnam" b/w "Island of Love" 7" (1966?)

1087...Rodd Keith: "Let Jesus Lead" b/w "Faith and Prayers" 7" (1966?)

1088...Rodd Keith: "You're Just a Picture to Me" b/w "Poor Little Joe" 7" (1966?)

1089...Rodd Keith: "Forever" b/w "One Love" 7" (1966?)

1091...Rodd Keith: "Give Me Back My Letters" b/w "I Was a Fool" 7" (1966?)

1092...Rodd Keith: "Oh, Oh, What a Girl" b/w "Bury Me Deep" 7" (1966?)


1095...Rodd Keith: "Sawdust" b/w "The Sands of Sebonay" 7" (1966?)

1096...Rodd Keith: "If I Didn't Have You" b/w "Holiday" 7" (1966?)

1097...Rodd Keith: "Memories of Yesterday" b/w "Get Wet" 7" (1966?)

1098...Rodd Keith: "Would You Look for Me" b/w "My Heart and My Conscience" 7" (1966?)

1099...Rodd Keith: "Here I Stand Alone" b/w "Why Should I Cry" 7" (1966?)


1100...Rodd Keith: "I Loved Nancy" b/w "Los Angeles City Lights" 7" (1966?)

1101...Judy Layne: "Night Song for Dreamers" b/w "Dear Johnny" 7" (1966?)

1102...Rodd Keith: "This Day of Love" b/w "Your Lover and Me" 7" (1966?)


1105...Rodd Keith: "Stars in Your Eyes" b/w "Sea of Sadness" 7" (1966?)


1108...Rodd Keith: "That Eternal Flame" b/w "Love Lost Miner" 7" (1966?)


1112...Judy Layne: "Where Are You Tonight" b/w "Just Sittin' and Waitin'" 7" (1966?)


1114...Rodd Keith: "Set Me Free" b/w "Darling You're Still in My Heart" 7" (1966?)

1115...Rodd Keith: "I Want to Know" b/w "I Cry and Cry" 7" (1966?)

1116...Rodd Keith: "I'm Never Coming Back to You" b/w "Just for You" 7" (1966?)

1117...Rodd Keith: "Candy" b/w "Your Silly Smile" 7" (1966?)

1119...Rodd Keith: "My Shattered Dream" b/w "Crazy Love" 7" (1966?)

1120...Rodd Keith: "Touchdown War Dance" b/w "Tee-a-Wanna Tan" 7" (1966?)

1121...Rodd Keith: "Drifting Down the Mississippi" b/w "My Ways" 7" (1966?)

1123...Scott Carr: "Ain't Turnin' Back" b/w "My Ship Did Not Return" 7" (1966?)

1124...Milford Perkins: "Twenty Years Hard Labor" b/w "I Fell in Love with One of Satan's Angels" 7" (1966?)

1125...Todd Baker: "Train I'm Riding" b/w "Storm Waves" 7" (1966?)

1126...Judy Layne: "I Just Wanna Be Free" b/w "A Little Girl from Shantytown" 7" (1966?)

1127...Rodd Keith: "Put Me Back in Your Dreams" b/w "Evergreen Shores" 7" (1966?)

1129...Rodd Keith: "I've Got Tears in My Eyes" b/w "You'll Be All Right" 7" (1966?)

1130...Honey Twins/Rodd Keith: "See How My Baby Dresses" b/w "Space Song" 7" (1966?)

1133...Rodd Keith: "Oh Pretty Baby" b/w "Gone" 7" (1966?)

1135...Rodd Keith: "I Wanna Rock and Roll the Moon Back Home" b/w "You'll Cry" 7" (1966?)

1136...Rodd Keith: "Heartaches and Wishes" b/w "Here I Am Alone and Blue" 7" (1966?)

1141...Rodd Keith: "Don't Leave Me" b/w "Loving You" 7" (1966?)

1142...Rodd Keith: "Swingin Vines" b/w "You Are Perfection" 7" (1966?)

1143...Rodd Keith: "Our Go-Go World" b/w "All I Know" 7" (1966?)

1144...Rodd Keith: "A Little Quarrel" b/w "Roselee" 7" (1966?)

1145...Rodd Keith: "What Did I Do?" b/w "You Are My Love" 7" (1966?)

1146...Rodd Keith: "Bye Bye" b/w "Don't Go Away" 7" (1966?)

1149...Rodd Keith: "Too Much in Demand" b/w "My Treasure" 7" (1966?)

1150...Rodd Keith" Blue Heartaches" b/w "Nothing Matters but Your Love for Me" 7" (1966?)

1151...Rodd Keith: "Ever-Ready Man" b/w "Let's Go Savage You and I" 7" (1966?)

1153...Rodd Keith: "How Could I Be So Blind" b/w "Exotic Woman" 7" (1966?)

1155...Rodd Keith: "The Kokomo" b/w "You Must Be Out of Your Mind" 7" (1966?)

1158...Rodd Keith: "You Make My Heart Tick" b/w "Wanted, Somebody" 7" (1966?)

1159...Rodd Keith: "They Tell Me but I Don't Care" b/w "Something's Cookin'" 7" (1966?)

1160...Rodd Keith: "The Rain" b/w "I Still Recall" 7" (1966?)

1161...Rodd Keith: "They All Say You" b/w "Cry Upon My Shoulder" 7" (1966?)

1162...Rodd Keith: "The Sway" b/w "Come Sit Beside Me" 7" (1966?)

1165...Rodd Keith: "The Watchin' Man" b/w "Love" 7" (1966?)

1168...Rodd Keith: "Blithely Now My Friend" b/w "Sweet Cider" 7" (1966?)

1171...Rodd Keith: "Teenage Romance" b/w "This Feeling in My Heart" 7" (1966?)

1172...Rodd Keith: "You're The Answer to All My Dreams" b/w "A Park Bench in the Rain" 7" (1966?)

1173...Rodd Keith: "Oh! What a Night" b/w "Tell Me" 7" (1966?)

1174...Sonny Marshall: "Dry Up Those Tears" b/w "Oh, Give Me Back My Cowboy Boots" 7" (1966?)

1175...Rodd Keith: "Going Space Traveling" b/w "Roses, Beautiful Roses" 7" (1966?)

1176...Judy Layne/Rodd Keith: "I Still Worry About You" b/w "Memory Lane" 7" (1966?)

1177...Rodd Keith: "A Little Bit Hasty" b/w "Wonder Why" 7" (1966?)

1178...Rodd Keith/Rodd Keith Singers: "Let Me Walk" b/w "Keeping Up with the Joneses" 7" (1966?)

1179...Denny Miller: "Thought" b/w "Why?" 7" (1966?)

1180...Denny Miller: "I'll Never Release You" b/w "Darling Forgive" 7" (1966?)

1181...The Downtowners: "Here Comes the Santa Claus Parade" b/w "Mother-in-Law Tie Up Your Dog" 7" (1966?)

1182...Gene Marshall: "I Never Knew How" b/w "Come Back My Love" 7" (1966?)

1183...The Downtowners: "Every Kiss Goodbye" b/w "Moon Stand Still" 7" (1966?)


1221...Milford Perkins: "The Richest Man in Texas" b/w ? 7" (196?)


1255...Suzie Smith/Rodd Keith: "A Wishful Dreamer" b/w "You're My Baby Now" 7" (196?)


1263...Rodd Keith: "I'm Your Happy, Happy Guy" b/w "Loving You This Way" 7" (196?)


1286...Rodd Keaith and the Raindrops/Rodd Keith: "Goodnight" b/w "The Show Is Over" 7" (196?)

1301...Rodd Keith and the Raindrops: "I'm a Man" b/w "Space" 7" (19??)

PV-1358...Rodd Keith: "My Lovely Star" b/w "Reseda" 7" (196?)


PV-1420...Dan Monday: "It's the Same Old Song" b/w "Just Drifting with the Times" 7" (196?)


1559...Jerry Lee: "Tears Into My Eyes" b/w "Margaret" 7" (196?)


1600...Donald Perkins/Edie Grant: "I Tried You for My Love" b/w "The Ways of a Fool" 7" (196?)

1728...Gene Marshall: "Little Lady with Dimples" b/w "Old Glory" 7" (196?)


1750...Barbara Foster: "The Way to Hold Your Man" b/w "The Mailman’s Task" 7" (196?)


1791...Gene Marshall: "Never Trust a Woman" b/w "Let Us Renew Our Love Again" 7" (196?)


2000: Judy Layne: "Every Dog Has His Day" b/w "I Don't Know About You" 7" (196?)

2120...Gene Marshall: "The World Stood Still" b/w "Blue Sky" 7" (196?)


2125...Gene Marshall: "The Lottery" b/w "Think Big" 7" (196?)


2147...Gene Marshall: "Doubts of Love" b/w "I'll Dip My Pen in Sunshine" 7" (196?)


2152...Gene Marshall: "Really Truly Love" b/w "Terri in the Morning" 7" (196?)


2165...Gene Marshall: "Sweet Lies" b/w "Cold Feet and Warm Heart" 7" (196?)


2218...Gene Marshall: "To the Adirondacks" b/w "Lovely as the Days of Spring" 7" (196?)

2245...Rodd Keith: "You" b/w "My Thrills in the Kentucky Hills" 7" (196?)


2326: Dean Curtis: "Dream West Virginia" b/w "And I Can't Tell the Day from the Light" 7" (196?)

2334...Gene Marshall: "The Life That I Now Live" b/w "The Welfare Line" 7" (196?)

2340...Gene Marshall: "Thr World Would Stop Turning for Me" b/w "My God Is on the Throne" 7" (196?)


2362...Gene Marshall: "I Want You" b/w "Let My Life Tell You Your Fortune" 7" (196?)


2384...Gene Marshall: "Happiness Dream (Wars No More)" b/w "The Working Man's Prayer" 7" (19??)


2429...Gene Marshall: "West Virginia on My Mind" b/w "Happiness Dream" 7" (19??)


2452...Gene Marshall: "Westernaires" b/w "We Are the Men" 7" (19??)


2455...Gene Marshall: "What Can I Do" b/w "The Stars Will Be Brighter" 7" (19??)

2745...Gene Marshall: "Your Love Is Wonderful" b/w "A Need for Love" 7" (19??)


2805...Gene Marshall: "The First Hour of the Morning" b/w "The Lonesome Boy" 7" (19??)

2806...Gene Marshall: "When I Met You" b/w "Heavy Jamming" 7" (19??)


2817...Gene Marshall: "How Soon Is Soon" b/w "A Natural Beauty" 7" (19??)


2887...Barbara Foster/Gene Marshall: "Women’s Lib" b/w "House Full of Pain" 7" (196?)


2995...Gene Marshall: "Melanie" b/w "Without You in My Life" 7" (196?)

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