Queen City Records Discography

Cincinatti, OH custom record label, aka QCA.

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90973 = Sep 79, 73rd job

60611...The Advantes: "I'll Feel a Whole Lot Better" b/w "Done It Again" 7" (1966), PA, Tripper Records


70652...The Fabulous Four Skins: Sing Songs of Medicine and Med School LP (1967)


80338...The Skeptics: "I'm Lonely Again" b/w "Wondering" 7" (1968), garage, Spring Records


0318...The Hawaiians: Songs of Praises LP (1970), gospel, Nor-vel Records


0817...The Jack Stewart Quartet: Middle of the Road LP (1970), western Massachusetts jazz, Stockbridge Records (696)


0515...The Spiritual Tornados of Columbus Ohio: "I Am a Pilgrim" b/w "Do You Know What I Mean" 7" (1970), gospel, Finch Recording Co.


0918...Joe Wise: A New Day LP (1970), Catholic folk, Fontaine House


4-22...Larry Roberts/Al Runyon: "Deep Blues"/"Midnight" b/w "The Gal Who Invented Kissing"/"Steel Guitar Rag" 7" (1974?)


404...Amber Hue: "The Last Blues Song" b/w "Road Ladies" 7" (1974)


10400...Baptist Christian Upper School Cleveland: We Come with Music LP (1971)


10851...The Executives: Goin' Places LP (1971), lounge band, Executive Records (301)


11024...University of Akron: Live Montreaux Jaxx Festival LP (1971)


011104...The Light Company: Carry on LP (1971), Dayton, OH xian folk, Jewel Records (LPS 211)


101011...Roger Hupman: Whistling the Old Favorites LP (1971)


10266...The 10:15: The 10:15 LP (1971), Cincinatti xian folk, Apogee Press (FR-2277)


101059...Dan & Darlene Walters: Upon God's Bosom LP (1971)


104107...Jim and Wanda Fielder: Why I'm Thankful LP (1971), country-tinged white gospel, Jewel Records (LPS232)


106214...The Searchers Feature Rozie Rozell: What A Saviour LP (1971)


106229...Revised Brotherhood: "Tragedy" b/w "Those Things" 7" (1971), Cincinnati, OH funk


106315...The Sheltons: Songs My Daddy Sang LP (1971)


107424...The Kingsmen: Suddenly There's a Valley LP (1971)


11141...The Royal Coachmen: The Royal Coachmen LP (1971), MA lounge, Sadbird Records, SLP2506


20244...Bill Boehm's Singing Angels: s/t LP (1972)


20416...Beverly Rhoden: Lonely Voices LP (1972)


20446...Ice: Melting Your Mind LP (1972), Bonny Records


20524...Everybody's People: The Music of Everybody's People LP (1972), lounge band, E.P. Records (1001)


20539...Johnny B.: Phase II LP (1972)


20717...Tinker and Bette Reason: Relax with the Tinkers Volume 2 LP (1972), lounge act, T&B Records


20741...The Bob Travis Trio: Dinner at Patti's LP (1972), New Bedford, MA jazzy lounge trio, Metcalf Records (SLP-2510)


208110...Glenn Smith: Unlimited LP (1972), lounge band, SCW Records


20933...The Harrill Bro's Trio: We Would Rather Sing LP (1972)


20942...Bob Cecil: Original Bob Cecil Album LP (1972)


204117...Dorothy Grant: Sings LP (1972)


201519...4 Jades: "Doon-Chang" b/w "Gee, How I Miss You" 7" (1972)


20524...Everybody's People: The Music of Everybody's People LP (1972), lounge band, EP Records (1001)

20525...Ed Spayer with His Streamliners: At Work LP (1972)


323...The Blue Ridge: Happy LP (1973), country gospel, Mark Four Records (LP 1124)

323...The Blue Ridge: You Can't Be a Beacon (If Your Light Don't Shine) LP (1973), country gospel, Mark Four Records (LP 1126)


3091-16...Timothy: "Listen to Your Woman" b/w "And Now" 7" (1973), funky soul, Stebro Records (SR 1002)


3073-12...Mac's Mob: Family Portrait LP (1973), MA lounge/barband, Onyx Records


30924...The Infinite Realm: Sounds of Infinity LP (1973), xian youngster rock, Jewel Records (LPS 371)


3093-12...The Dynamic Golden Stars: "Yes I'm Going" b/w "Oh When I Come" 7" (1973), Finch Recording Co.


3122-11...Faux Pas: Faux Pas LP (1973), lounge band, Peppermint Productions (PP1039)


411...Don Morris and John Schwab: "Please Don't Bury Me" b/w "Waking Up Alone" 7" (1973)


40221...Boyd McCoy: Locomotive Woman LP (1974), Rochester, NY lounge singer, Funky Records (FR 2002)


40342...v/a: Barbershop Harmonies: Songs from Dad and Mother's Day LP (1974)


40432...The Executives: Still on Top LP (1974), lounge band, Executive Records (LP 105)


40443...The Command Performance: The Command Performance LP (1974), lounge band, Jewel Records (LPS-397)


40449...Wheatones: In the Nick of Time LP (1974)


5015N7...We Three & Me: Favorites LP (1975)


552N9...Stu Self: All by Myself LP (1975), OH lounge, Starrett Records


585N11...Highway: Highway LP (1975)


56545...Oakland Stroke/Norma Lewis: "You Just Fall Down" b/w "When Loving You" 7" (1975)


6082N14...Shenendehowa Middle School 'A': Expression Marks LP (1976)


6101Q3...Dave Kelly: Dave Kelly LP (1976)


6150326...Birch Denny: Birch Denny LP (1976), Bakersfield, CA lounge, Jewel Records (LPS 615)


7033N3...The Villagers: On Such a Night LP (1977), old-time folk, Friar Tuck's Productions (no number)


7051N12...Upson Downs: II LP (1977), Iowa lounge, Sonic Records


70568...Speedy Sizemore: "I Found a Love" b/w "Down in the Valley" 7" (1977), Soul Records


70618...The Counts: "You Better Move on" b/w "Mickey's Monkey" 7" (1977), Pixie Records


70934...The House of God Harmonizers: "Lord Remember Me" b/w "Jesus Knows" 7" (1977), Cincinatti gospel, Finch Recording Co.

007093X...Headway: Live at the Moonraker LP (1977), Syracuse lounge


8042N1...The Midnight Special: Let's Have a Party with the Midnote Special LP (1978), Minneapolis lounge, Midnite Special Records (CHS-7745)


8042Q31...D.A.B. Express: "Ain't That a D.A.B Shame" b/w "Funky Rufe-Top" 7" (1978)


80101...The Heier Family: Sings Songs of the Gospel LP (1978)


80551...Newcomers: Newcomers LP (1978)


90204...The Thrasher Brothers: Sincerely Yours LP (1979)


909008-3342...Victim Eyes: "It's Alright"/"Hate You with a Passion" b/w "Ray Davies"/"Follow Your Heart" 7" (1979)


103097...The Noblemen: Better Than Ever LP (1984)


103125...Perspective: 2 LP (1971), OH school project


107229...The Gingerbread Express: "I Climbed the Mountain" b/w "Missed Another Day" 7" (1971), Allen Records (882-8525)

107232...Blue Ridge Bus Drivers: "Wildwood Flower" +3 7" (1971)


107424...The Kingsmen: Suddenly There's a Valley LP (1971)


109059X...The Eat 'n Park Singers: Chistmas Wishes LP (1971)

112212...Keith-Charles Duo: My Way LP (1971)


6033Q4...Command Performance: From the Studio LP (1976), NV lounge band


700832...The Collection: "Ode to Billy Joe" b/w "'Till It's Time for You to Go" 7" (1977), Phoenix, AZ jazz funk, Dansòn Records


8033N3...Michael Roden: Born in a Whirl LP (1978), Albany, NY country/rural


8103-26...Sky Break: "If I Came to Ask You" b/w "Journey of a Soul" 7" (1978)


003025X-3558...v/a: The Rock of Central New York LP (1980), radio station comp with Todd Hobin Band, New York Flyers, Out of the Blue, C.R.A.C., Tattoo, Frogs, Alecstar, Dean Brothers, The Alligators, Axhandle, 805, Open End


112032...Mayfield & Rhoads: Mayfield & Rhoads LP (1981), Upstate New York folk/singer-songwriter duo, recorded in Rensselaer, NY


103026X...Revelation: When They Crucified Jesus, My Lord LP (1981), Cohoes, NY xian rock


107094X...v/a: The Album, the Acts, the Agency LP (1981), Syracuse booking sampler, with 805, New York Flyers, The Works, Mr. Edd, Forecast, Alecstar, Moss Back Mule Band, Holly and the New Yorkers, Kentucky Moon, The Runts, The Whizz Kids; DMR Records (no #)


205088...Kathy Drouillard: Stay Awhile LP (1982), Ohio lounge singer, Kale Records


207018...Jazzou Jones Featuring Bob Schad: Bring Back Those Good Ol' Riverboat Days LP (1982)


211059X...The Blue Wisp Big Band: Butterfly LP (1982), Mopro Records (M101), Cincinatti jazz


307052...Rick Hipple: Rick Hipple LP (1983), Indiana lounge organist


310036X...Manilla Road: Crystal Logic LP (1983), Kansas metal, Roadster Records (MR 1003)


705016X...Cry Tuff: Nobody's Baby LP (1987), hard rock/metal, Bullet Records


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