Rite Records Discography

Rite Record Productions, Inc., Cincinatti, OH 45215. Custom pressing record label.

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812R-0785...The Debonaires: "Never Mistaken" b/w "Summertime" 7" (196?), IL garage


6161/6162...N.H.U. Military Band: "Liberty Bell March"/"The Thunderer March" b/w "Semper Fidelis"/"El Capitan March" 7" (1954), Big 4 Hits Records (57)

6163/6164...N.H.U. Military Band: "Caisson Song (1 & 2)" b/w "Stars and Stripes March (1 & 2)" 7" (1954), Big 4 Hits Records (58)

6165/6166...Al Stevens Polka Band: "Julida Polka"/"Beer Barrel Polka" b/w "Clarinet Polka"/"Helen Polka" 7" (1954), polka, Big 4 Hits Records (59)

6167/6168...Al Stevens Polka Band: "Television Polka"/"Radio Polka" b/w "New York Polka (1 & 2)" 7" (1954), polka, Big 4 Hits Records (60)

6169/6170...Carl Johnson: "Blue Danube Waltz"/"Tales of Vienna Woods" b/w "The Emperor Waltz"/"Wine Women and Song" 7" (1954), Big 4 Hits Records (61)


6172/6173...Carl Johnson: "Wiener Blut"/"Artists Life" b/w "Roses from the South"/"Thousand and One Nights" 7" (1954), Big 4 Hits Records (62)

6174/6175...Carl Johnson: "Merry Widow Waltz"/"Il Bacio" b/w "You and You"/"Danube Waves" 7" (1954), Big 4 Hits Records (63)

6176/6177...Ben Douglas: "Skaters Waltz"/"Dolores" b/w "Espana"/"Over the Waves" 7" (1954), Big 4 Hits Records (64)


7000/7001...Greater Harvest Radio Choir: "Walk in the Beautiful Light" b/w "The Lord Will Make a Way" 7" (1952), Kentucky Records (2501)


7004/7005...Preston Ward with Billy Thomas/Preston Ward with Harry Adams: "Orange Blossom Special" b/w "How Can I Help Lovin' You" 7" (1952), Cincinnati, OH, Kentucky Records (4-524)


7011/7012...Preston Ward: "Since She Put Her Spurs in My Heart" b/w "Little Cowboy" 7" (1952), Indianapolis country, Maestro Records (11)


7015/7016...Billy O'Neal: "Cry Baby Cry" b/w "Kentucky Blues" 7" (1952), Kentucky Records (523)

7017/7023...Harry Adams and the Herd with Billy Thomas: "Giving Everything Away" b/w "Boil Them Cabbage Down" 7" (1952), Kentucky Records (525)

7018/7024...Harry Adams: "Wildwood Flower" b/w "Foggy Mountain Top" 7" (1952), Kentucky Records (526)


7025/7026...Lady Dot & J. Smith Orch./Johnnie Smith Orch.: "Not So Fast" b/w "Riding with Smitty" 7" (1952), R&B, Kentucky Records (2502)


7036/7037...Jimmie Ballard: "She's Got Something" b/w "Chicken Plucker" 7" (1952), Kentucky Records (527)


7039/7040...Leo Cornett Orch.: "Let's Get It" b/w "Darby Goes Latin" 7" (1952), Gateway Records (5006)

7041/7042...Jump Jackson Orch. with Fred Clark: "Red Light Boogie" b/w "Can't Afford You No More" 7" (1952), R&B, Gateway Records (5005)


7054/7055...Chuck Huguley with Johnny Smith's Orchestra: "Stomping and Rockin" b/w "Bouncing with Badgett" 7" (1952), R&B, Gateway Records (5005)

7056/7057...Preston Ward/Jim Watson: "Wild Side of Life"/"Somebody's Stolen My Honey" b/w "Busybody"/"Wondering" 7" (1952), Big 4 Hits Records (10)

7058/7059...Delbert Barker: "Are You Teasing Me"/"Half as Much" b/w "Almost"/"It's a Lovely, Lovely World" 7" (1952), Big 4 Hits Records (11)

7060/7061...Delbert Barker/Buffalo Johnson: "Don't Stay Away"/"Don't Just Stand There" b/w "Lady's Man"/"Gold Rush Is Over" 7" (1952), Big 4 Hits Records (12)

7062/7063...Delbert Barker/Clem McCoy and Harry Adams: "Easy on the Eyes"/"Talk to Your Heart" b/w "Waiting in the Lobby of Your Heart"/"Wildwood Flower" 7" (1952), Big 4 Hits Records (13)


7071/7074...Jim Fair/Preston Ward: "Full Time Job"/"Be Sure You Know" b/w "Fortune in Memories"/"Married by the Bible Divorced by the Law" 7" (1952), country, Big 4 Hits Records (14)

7072/7073...Lucy Trailer/Delbert Barker: "It Wasn't God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels"/"Foggy Mountain Top" b/w "Jambalaya"/"Window Shopping" 7" (1952), country, Big 4 Hits Records (15)

7073/8337...Delbert Barker and His Country All-Stars: "Jambalaya"/"Window Shopping" b/w "Baby We're Really In Love"/"I Can't Help It" 7" (1956), country, Worthmore Records (9019)


7075/7076...Estel and Red/Estel Whitson: "Raindrops on My Window" b/w "Why Do You Stay Away" 7" (1952), Excello, OH country, Cumberland Records (510)

7077/7078...Delbert Barker/Preston Ward: "That Heart Belongs to Me"/"Two Faced Clock" b/w "How Cold Hearted Can You Get"/"A Mightly Pretty Waltz" 7" (1952), country, Big 4 Hits Records (16)

7079/7080...Delbert Barker/Jimmie Fair: "Blackberry Boogie"/"I Went To Your Wedding" b/w "Indian Love Call"/"Waitress Waitress" 7" (1952), country, Big 4 Hits/Queen City Records (17)

7081/7082...Jim Stacey/Jerry Helt, Billy Thomas & Echo Valley Boys: "Instructions—Basic Right and Left Through" b/w "Soldier's Joy" 7" (1952), Kentucky Records (528)

7083/7084...Jim Stacey/Billy Thomas and Echo Valley Boys: "Basic Star" b/w "Tennessee Wagoneer" 7" (1952), Kentucky Records (529)

7085/7086...Jim Stacey/Jerry Holt: "Basic Allemande Left" b/w "Ragtime Annie" 7" (1952), Kentucky Records (530)

7087/7088...Guy Blakeman: "Blakeman's Breakdown" b/w "Flying Rosin" 7" (1952), Gateway Records (3001)

7088/7089...Guy Blakeman: "Cumberland Mountain" b/w "Triple Fiddling" 7" (1952), Gateway Records (3002)

7090/7091...Billy Thomas/Harry Adams & the Echo Valley Boys: "Black Mountain Rag" b/w "Vine Street Stomp" 7" (1952), Kentucky Records (531)

7092/7093...Jimmie Fair: "I'll Walk Alone" b/w "Somebody's Been Beatin' My Time" 7" (1952), Kentucky Records (4-532)

7094/7095...Jim Fair: "I'll Hold You in My Heart" b/w "Just a Little Lovin'" 7" (1952), Kentucky Records (533)

7096/7097...Jim Fair: "Anytime" b/w "It's a Sin" 7" (1952), Kentucky Records (538)

7321/7322...The Bees: "Oh Yes" b/w "Tough Enough" 7" (1961), Cincinnati blues rock, Finch Records

7335/7336...The Gravestone Four: "Rigor Mortis" b/w "Ad Lib Beat" 7" (1962), Cleveland R&R instros, Dani Records (DR-7749)

7529/7530...The Rhythm-Addicts: "That Night" b/w "Hey! Whatcha Say Babe!" 7" (1962), Louisville rockabilly, Raddix Records


7585/7586...Johnny Albert and "Wild" Bill Graham Orch.: "April Fool b/w "Roll Clean Out of Your Life" 7" (1962?), Columbus, OH rock 'n' roll, House of Joan Records (no #)


7643/7644...Jimmy Crain: "Kathy" b/w "Rock-a Sock-a Hop" 7" (1962?), Dayton, OH teen rocker, Prism Records (No. 1002)


7823/7824 846 (Exodus 001)...Dave Nixon & the Valiants: "Continental Twist" b/w "Gift of Love" 7" (1962?)


7847/7848...Norman Walton/Van Brothers: "Take That Lock From Your Heart"/"Too Many Women" b/w "Sweet Marie"/"Servant of Love" 7" (1962), Richmond, IN rockabilly, Walton Records (E.P. 003), Van Brothers = Arnold Van Winkle


7881/7882...Silver Jets: "Roberta" b/w "Modockin'" 7" (1962?), Frankfort, IN rockabilly, Parr Records (no #)


8000/8001...Jim Fair: "Molly Darling" b/w "It Makes No Difference Now" 7" (1952), Kentucky Records (559)

8002/8003...Delbert Baker: "I Overlooked an Orchid" b/w "Lovesick Blues" 7" (1952), country, Kentucky Records (4-534)

8004/8005...Delbert Baker: "I'll Sail My Ship Alone" b/w "Someday" 7" (1952), Kentucky Records (535)

8006/8007...Delbert Baker: "Cold Cold Heart" b/w "Rye Whiskey" 7" (1952), Kentucky Records (539)

8008/8009...Delbert Baker: "Wedding Bells" b/w "Tennessee Border" 7" (1952), Kentucky Records (560)

8010/8011...Delbert Baker: "I Saw the Light" b/w "The Old Rugged Cross" 7" (1952), Kentucky Records (544)

8012/8013...Preston Ward: "Letters Have No Arms" b/w "Missing in Action" 7" (1952), Kentucky Records (536)

8014/8016...Preston Ward: "I Love You Because" b/w "Filipino Baby" 7" (1952), Kentucky Records (540)

8015/8017...Preston Ward: "It's Been So Long Darling" b/w "Tennessee Saturday Night" 7" (1952), Kentucky Records (4-541)

8018/8019...Preston Ward: "Farther Along" b/w "Stand by Me" 7" (1952), Kentucky Records (545)

8020/8021...Echo Valley Boys: "Cool Water" b/w "Detour" 7" (1952), country, Kentucky Records (561)

8022/8023...Al Runyon: "I'm Moving On" b/w "Just a Faded Petal from a Beautiful Bouquet" 7" (1952), Kentucky Records (4-537)

8024/8025...Al Runyon: "Rhumba Boogie" b/w "Wreck of the Old ’97" 7" (1952), Kentucky Records (542)

8026/8027...Al Runyon: "Great Speckled Bird" b/w "Sweeter Than the Flowers" 7" (1952), Kentucky Records (542)

8028/8029...Al Runyon: "Wabash Cannon Ball" b/w "Death of Kathy Fiscus" 7" (1952), Kentucky Records (562)

8030/8031...Al Runyon: "Lord I'm Coming Home" b/w "I'll Be Listening" 7" (1952), Kentucky Records (546)


8033/8034...Jim and Jesse McReynolds: "I Like the Old Time Way" b/w "I'll Be Listening" 7" (1952), bluegrass, two pressings: Alcar Records (547) and Kentucky Records (547)

8035/8036...The Circuit Rider: "Abide with Me" b/w "Mansion Over the Hilltop" 7" (1952), Kentucky Records (548)

8037/7099...Jimmie Ballard/Jim Fair: "How Beautiful Heaven Must Be" b/w "Shake Hands with Mother Again" 7" (1952), Kentucky Records (549)

8038/8039...The Bell Tone Trio/Fred Holt: "Joy to the World" b/w "Oh Little Town of Bethlehem" (1952), Christmas, Kentucky Records (550)

8040/8041...The Bell Tone Trio/Fred Holt: "Silent Night" b/w "O Come All Ye Faithful" (1952), Christmas, Kentucky Records (551)

8042/8043...The Bell Tone Trio/Fred Holt: "The First Noel" b/w "Hark the Herald Angels Sing" (1952), Christmas, Kentucky Records (552)


8046/8047...Bell Tone Trio/Woody Woodell/Preston Ward: "Jingle Bells"/"God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" b/w "Elfie the Elf"/"Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer" 7" (1952), Christmas, Big 4 Hits Records (18)


8050/8051...Sonny Osborn: "Letter from My Darling" b/w "I'll Stay Around" 7" (1952), bluegrass, two pressings: Alcar Records (563) and Kentucky Records (563)

8052/8053...Sonny Osborn: "The Old Home Town" b/w "Down the Road" 7" (1952), bluegrass, two pressings: Alcar Records (564) and Kentucky Records (564)

8054/8055...Sonny Osborne/Enos Johnson & Trio: "We'll Meet Again Sweetheart" b/w "Uncle Pen" 7" (1952), Kentucky Records (606)

8056/8057...Sonny Osborne/Enos Johnson & Trio: "Rose of Old Kentucky" b/w "I Cried Again" 7" (1952), Kentucky Records (606)

8058/8059...Sonny Osborne: "Get in Line Brother" b/w "The Old Cross Road" 7" (1952), two pressings: Alcar Records (565) and Kentucky Records (565)

8060/8062...Sonny Osborne: "Raw Hide"/"Cumberland Gap" b/w "Train-45"/"White House Blues" 7" (1953), bluegrass, Big 4 Hits Records (24)

8060/8062...Sonny Osborne and His Sunny Mountain Boys: "Raw Hide"/"Cumberland Gap" b/w "Train Forty Five"/"Whitehouse Blues" 7" (1956), bluegrass, Gateway Records (3012)


8064/8065...Delbert Baker: "Setting the Woods on Fire"/"Our Honeymoon" b/w "The Death of Hank Williams"/"I'm an Old Old Man" 7" (1952), Cincinnati country, Big 4 Hits/Queen City Records (19)

8066/8067...Jim Fair: "Don't Let the Stars Get in Your Eyes"/"Older and Bolder" b/w "Keep It a Secret"/"Tennessee Tango" 7" (1952), country, Big 4 Hits Records (20)

8068/8069...Preston Ward/Delbert Baker: "Somebody Loves You"/"Back Street Affair" b/w "I'll Never Get Out of This World Alive"/"I Could Never Be Ashamed of You" 7" (1952), country, Big 4 Hits Records (21)

8070/8071...Larry Roberts/Al Runyon: "Deep Blue"/"Midnight" b/w "The Gal Who Invented Kissing"/"Steel Guitar Rag" 7" (1952), country, Big 4 Hits Records (22)

8071/8108...Delbert Barker: "Steel Guitar Rag" b/w "From Now On" 7" (1953), Kentucky Records (571)


8074/8075...Sonny Osborn: "Sunny Mountain Chimes" b/w "A Brother in Korea" 7" (1952), Cincinnati bluegrass, Gateway Records (3005)

8076/8077...Sonny Osborn: "I'm Gonna Leave You" b/w "Mend This Heart of Mine" 7" (1953), bluegrass, Gateway Records (4-3007)

8078/8079...Sonny Osborn/Enos Johnson and Trio: "Cabin Home on the Hill"/"Pain in My Heart" 7" (1952), Kentucky Records (608)


8081/8142...Enos Johnson/Delbert Barker: "I'm Using My Bible for a Roadmap"/"Lonely Tombs" b/w "Hold to God's Unchanging Hand"/"Unclouded Day" 7" (1953), country gospel, Big 4 Hits Records (28)


8084/8085...Claude Elridge: "A Purple Robe"/"Will I Play My Guitar in Heaven" bw/ "Oh I Want to See Him"/"The Old Country Church" 7" (1953), country gospel, Big 4 Hits Records (30)

8086/8087...Claude Elridge: "Matthew Twenty-Four" b/w "Blood That Stained the Old Rugged Cross" 7" (1952), country gospel, Kentucky Records (566)

8088/8089...Claude Elridge: "Crying Holy Unto the Lord" b/w "When the Roll Is Called Up Yonder" 7" (1952), country gospel, Kentucky Records (567)

8091/8092...Delbert Barker: "I Just Don't Like This Kind of Living" b/w "Long Gone Lonesome Blues" 7" (1952), country bopper, Kentucky Records (4-553)

8093/8094...Delbert Barker: "Lost Highway" b/w "There'll Be No Tear Drops Tonight" 7" (1952), Kentucky Records (554)

8095/8096...Delbert Barker: "Why Don't You Love Me" b/w "I Can't Get You Off My Mind" 7" (1952), country, Kentucky Records (555)

8097/8100...Joe "Cannonball" Lewis: "Cold and Lonely Heart" b/w "You've Been Honkey Tonkin'" 7" (1953), Kentucky Records (574)


8102/8103...Delbert Barker: "You're Gonna Change" b/w "Mansion on the Hill" 7" (1953), country, Kentucky Records (556)

8104/8105...Delbert Barker: "I Don't Care" b/w "My Son Calls Another Man Daddy" 7" (1953), Kentucky Records (557)

8106/8107...Delbert Barker: "The Blues Come Around" b/w "Nobody's Lonesome for Me" 7" (1953), Kentucky Records (558)


8112/8150...Ray Anderson: "(I Finally Found) the Girl of My Dreams" b/w "Stalin Kicked the Bucket" 7" (1953), Kentucky Records (573)


8114/8123...Ray Anderson/Jim Fair: "Death Is Only a Dream"/"Building on the Sand" b/w "Take My hand Precious Lord"/"He Knows" 7" (1953), country gospel, Big 4 Hits Records (31)

8115/8116...Ray Anderson: "When the Saints Go Marching In" b/w "What Would the Profit Be" 7" (1953), country gospel, two pressings: Alcar Records (568) and Kentucky Records (568)

8117/8118...Bob Mooney: "Jug of Wine" b/w "A Sucker Born Every Day" 7" (1953), Cincinnati country, Kentucky Records (575)

8119/8120...Alisa Hebbing: "The Mocking Bird"/"12th Street Rag" b/w "Honolula March"/"Ke-Kali-Nei-Au" 7" (1953), country, Big 4 Hits Records (23)


8126/8127...Jimmie Fair: "Open Thy Merciful Arms" b/w "Gentle Hands" 7" (1953), country gospel, two pressings: Alcar Records (570) and Kentucky Records (570)


8309/8310...Jim Foster: "Wandering Star" b/w "Pity Poor Me" 7" (1962), Waynesville, MO rockabilly, Karen Records (K-1/K 2)


8487/8488...Dave Allison: "I'll Go Home" b/w "Hep Cat Rock-a-Bye" 7" (1962), Middletown, OH rockabilly, Terry Records (#112)


8491/8492...Eddie Moore: "You're Not Mine Anymore/"More and More" b/w Billy Thomas: "Whatcha Gonna Do Now/Dick Lambert: "This Ole House 7" (1962?), Cincinnati rockabilly, Big 4 Hits Records (109)


8725/8726...Bob Ritchie: "Crazy Arms" b/w "Fraulein" 7" (1962?), Cleveland, OH rockabilly, Patrice Records


8811/8812...Jim Hall & His Radio Pals: "Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Potassium" b/w "Mister Moon" 7" (1962?), Franklin, PA country rocker, Process Records (107)


8833/8834...Cara Stewart/Lee Hudson Orch.: "The Day Jesus Will Be Born" b/w "Santa Claus Will Be Here" 7" (1962), Huntington Station, NY, Sky-Hi Records (S 1306/1307)


8871/8872...Lorne Croswell: "Pen Pal Girl" b/w "Stranded" 7" (1962?), Sarina, Ontario teener, Stardust Records, recorded with The Nomads


8887/8888...Gordon Woodby & Red Howard: "Standing Outside Your Heart" b/w "Western Carolina" 7" (1962), country, Klub Records (CR 3109)


8905/8906...Lenny Davis and the Megatones: "My Only Girl (One Night)" b/w "The Beginning (and Not the End)" 7" (1962), Springfield, OH teen rock & roll, Prism Records (No. 1003)


8937/8938...Sonny Osborne and His Sunny Mountain Boys: "Sunny Mountain Rock and Roll"/"Banjo Boy Chimes" b/w ? 7" (1962?), bluegrass bopper, Gateway Records (3011)


9235/9236...Robert Zehm with James Prince: "Has America Forgotten" b/w "Satan's Suitcase" 7" (1962), Poplar Bluff, MO, Z Records (Z-2)

9341/9342...Kit Meador: "Pack Up Your Guns" b/w "Breaking Hearts Is Your Hobby" 7" (1962?), Shreveport, LA country, Swingline Records (no. 2013)


9357/9358...Billy Bownds: "If I Could Call Back Yesterday" b/w "World of Make Believe" 7" (1962?), Houston, TX country, Bow and Arrow Records (AR-1002)


9441/9442...Morris Rodgers and the Continentals: "The Leg" b/w "Wonders of Love" 7" (1963), Bedford, IN doo-wop, Delta Records (D-3025/3026)


9485/9486...The Singing Mastermen: "The Story of Calvary" b/w "Jesus He's a Friend of Mine" 7" (1963?), Finch Recording Co. (no #)


9537/9538...Elvin Rooks and the Blue Grass Ramblers: "It's Goin' to Cost You" b/w "Salty Dog Blues" 7" (1963), Taylorsville, IN bluegrass, Elgest Records (42)


9641/9642...Jim Newton: "Their Songs Will Live On" b/w "It's Their Turn Now" 7" (1963), GA country, Tifco Records (45-830)


9711/9712...Roy Shepard: "I'll Love You Till I Die" b/w "Air Mail to Heaven" 7" (1963?), Cincinatti country bopper, Tela-Star Records (5000)


9839/9840...Clyde Reed and Organ Combo: "Blue Skies" b/w "Tippin'" 7" (1963), Tamper Records (no #)


10031/10032...Geno and Rabbit: "Deep in the Night" b/w "Never Before" 7" (1963?), R&B, TeemA Records (696)


10415/10416...Eugene and the Cyclones: "You Are My Sunshine" b/w "You Mean So Much to Me" 7" (1963), Newbury, OH rock & roll, Bryte Record Co. (860)


10579/10580...Mel Smith: "Yes Love" b/w "Hohner's Dream" 7" (1963?), Baltimore blues, Rock-a-Bye Records (CH 7887)


10609/10610...Big Brad and the Four Star Boys: "The Train Winds Through the Mountains" b/w "The Loser" 7" (1963?), country bopper, Metropolis Records (ME 3001)

10685/10686...Lafayette and the LaSabres: "Cure for Love" b/w "Free Way" 7" (1963), southwestern OH? teen surf


10727/10728...The Golden Echos: "Sandy" b/w "Golden Echo" 7" (1963), Dayton, OH surf, Ken-H Records (511)

10729/107230...Chuck Finney Combo: "It's Best to Play It Cool" b/w "I Want a Man Like That" 7" (1963?), St. Louis, MO jazz, Chick's Records (100)


10795/10796...Paul Bowyer: "Ruthie Baby" b/w "This World of Love" 7" (1963), Cincinatti rockabilly, Wonder Records (W106)

10843/10844...(Mr.) Connie Dycus: "I'll Be Untrue" b/w "Love Commandments" 7" (1963?), rockabilly, Greenley's Records (No. 1006)

10845/10846...Sonny Flaherty and His Young American's: "Coconut Stomp Part I" b/w "Coconut Stomp Part II" 7" (1963), Springfield, OH rock & roll, PAQ Records (No. 21)


10877/10878...James L. Smith: "Grey Fox Distress Cry" b/w same? 7" (1963?), animal calls, Smith's Records (Summerville, PA)


10901/10902...Billy Starr: "Stepping Out" b/w "The Old Town Got Lonesome" 7" (1963?), Cincinatti country, Ark Records (No. 285)


10915/10916...The Golden Crowns: "Whirl" b/w "Sinner Man" 7" (1962), Cleveland spiritual doowop, Sir Records (45-102)


10943/10944...Dave and the Saints: "Leavin' Surf City" b/w "Fever" 7" (1963?), Denver surf, Band Box Records (No. 341)


10989/10990...Albert Washington & His Kings: "Ramble" b/w "You're Gonna Miss Me" 7" (1963?), OH blues, Finch Records


11059/11060...The Original Playboys: ? b/w "You'll Be Mine" 7" (1963?), Cincinatti teen garage, Terry Records (Terry 119)


11139/11140...Royal Notes: "Cool It" b/w "Come Dance With Me" 7" (1963?), Lorian, OH female rockabilly, Athena Records (ARCO 201)

11215/11216...Harvey Hurt: "Stayed Away Too Long" b/w "Too Much in Love" 7" (1963?), Cincinatti rockabilly, Ark Records (No. 296)

11271/11272...Le Roy Cortez: "Lonesome 7-7203" b/w "Chime Bells"/"Yodeling Cowboy" 7" (1963?), Franklin, PA country, Process Records (117)


11319/11320...Ruth Fairchild and the All-American Quartet: "Politics" b/w "Don't Tread on Me" 7" (1964), Washington, DC, Paul Revere Records (45-002)


11405/11406...Donna Lynn: "Till the End of Time" b/w "Lovin' Is His Middle Name" 7" (1963), Trynorr Records (T-0002)

11415/11416...Ernest Martin: A Martin Blue Grass Special 7" (1963?), KY bluegrass, Sacred Records (1020)

11417/11418...El Torro and the Banlons: "My Love" b/w "I Love You Baby" 7" (1963), OH? doo wop, Triangle Records (45-60-20/45-60-30)


11451/11452...Bobby Zehm: "He Is My Dad" b/w "Sowing Rice" 7" (??), Poplar Bluff, MO, Z Records (no #)


11501/11502...Tab Smith: "Who Am I" b/w "Sweet Slumber" 7" (1963?), St. Louis blues, E.L.J. Records


11509/11510...Jack Folk and Bill Hamilton: "Mocking Bird" b/w "Jack's Boogie" 7" (1963?), Dayton, OH country, Jalyn Records (45-202)


11547/11548...Happy Fats: "The Ballad of Thrifty Joe" b/w "The Angel You Married" 7" (1963?), Lafayette, LA country bopper, Thrift Records (T-1001)

11551/11552...Kenny and the Night Riders: "Andromeda" b/w "Swamp Rat" 7" (1963?), Worcester, MA garage, Bristol Records (B-102)

11583/11584...George Brock and the Traveling Crusaders: "I'll Not Be a Stranger"/"Now Is the Time to Pray" b/w "Get Ready for The Coming of the Lord"/"Pretty Wreaths for Mother's Grave" 7" (1963?), Cincinatti bluegrass gospel, Ark Records (308)

11607/11608...Texas Slim: "When I'm Old and Gray" b/w "Look What You Gone and Done to Me" 7" (1963?), country bop, Ark Records (309)

11609/11610...Nelson Young: "To Mom and Dad" b/w "Burning Bridges" 7" (1963?), Cincinatti bluegrass, Ark Records (310)


11685/11686...Ron Neat with the Janet Shay Trio: "Ronnie" b/w "Say I'm the One" 7" (1963?), rock & roll, Pelpal Records (No. 1502)

11719/11720...Burns Bros.: ? b/w "Strumming the Strings" 7" (1963?), bluegrass, Sunshine Records


11785/11786...The Gospel Tones Quartet: "Our Debts Will Be Paid" +3 7" (??), Kalamazoo, MI, Key Records (500)


11867/11868...Jimmy Stevens/The Highlights Combo: "Alone with You" b/w ""Highlights Theme" 7" (1963?), rocker, Process Records (1003)


12047/12048...Counts: Introducing! LP (1964), Gastonia, NC beach/teen beat, Reliable Records


12181/12182...The Wurlitzer Company: The Hobby-Lesson Course for Wurlitzer Organs 7" (1964?)

12183/12184...The Wurlitzer Company: Organ Melodies from Hobby-Lesson Course for Wurlitzer Organs LP (1964?)


12301/12302...The Impacts: "Moon of Manakoora" b/w "Speed Zone" 7" (1964), Anderson, IN surf, Anderson Records (No. 201)


12349/12350..."Hobo Jack" Adkins: "Kentucky Moonshine" b/w "I'll Be Long Gone" 7" (1963), Cincinatti country/bluegrass, Adco Records (No. 777)


12443/12444...J. D. Jarvis and the Rocky Mountain Boys: "The Rocket Ship Song" / "I Have Found the Way" b/w "Earthquake in Alaska" / "The Path of Sin" 7" (1964?), OH bopper, Melody Records (102)


12485/12486...5 Notes Shiloh Youth Choir: "Swing Low" b/w "Leaning on the Lord" 7" (1964?), black gospel, no label (No. 2)


12563/12564...James L. Smith: "Distress Cry of Adult Crow" b/w "Crow’s Fighting" 7" (1964?), animal calls, Smith's Records (Summerville, PA)

12565/12566...The Crusaders: "Seminole" b/w "Busted Surfboard" 7" (1964), Dayton/Cincinnati, OH surf, D.K.R. Records


12635/12636...Frank Darris: "Ruby Ann" b/w ? 7" (1964?), rockabilly, Roy Records (45-1030)


12717/12718...Orville Clarida/Rhythm Valley Boys: "It's So Wonderful" b/w "I Was Talking Too Fast" 7" (1964?), country bopper, Jerome Records (7362)


12741/12742...Dave Woolum and the Laurel Country Partners: "The Bridge of Love" b/w ? 7" (1964?), country, Melody Records


12983/12984...The Four Chevelles: "This Is Our Wedding Day" b/w "Darling, Forever" 7" (1964?), doo wop (Band Box Records)


13051/13052...John & Francis Reedy: "Quit Kicking My Dog Around" 7" (1964?), country (Jalyn Records)


13145/13146...Caeser and the Romans: "Your True Love" b/w "Let the Four Winds Blow" 7" (1964?), Toledo, OH garage/rockabilly, Hi-Note Records (AT 602)


13277/13278...Guitar Tommy Moore and the 5 J's: "I Ain't Botherin' Nobody" b/w "Your Car Machine" 7" (1964), St. Louis blues, Ultrasonic Record Co. (No. 101)


13449/13450...The Bel-Airs: "Scotch and Soda" b/w "Never on Sunday" 7" (1964), Cincinatti? teen rock & roll, W.E.C. Records (No. 001)


13621/13622...Tom and the Tempest's: "It's Over Now!" b/w "Play It Cool" 7" (1965), Dayton garage, Alco Records (1004)

13145/13146...Caeser and the Romans: "Your True Love" b/w "Let the Four Winds Blow" 7" (1965?), Toledo garage, Hi-Note Records (AT 602)

13557/13558...Red River Boys: "Before the Shadow of a Doubt" b/w "Big Sandy River" 7" (1965?), Newbury, OH country/bluegrass, Bryte Records (7777)

13597/13598...The Youngblood Sisters (Sarah and Marlene): "Why Send You the Pillow That I Dream on" b/w "Why a Crash Made an Orphan Just Now" 7" (1965?), Franklin, PA bluegrass, Process Records (134)

13707/13708...Dave Spangler: "Lonely" b/w "Near Me" 7" (1965?), Denver, CO teen, CLW Records (45-6577)

13709/13710...Debbie Everett: ? b/w "Three Great Singers" 7" (1965?), Cincinnati tribute, Adco Records (No. 778)


13775/13776...Chuck Thompson and His Rock-a-Billies: "Devil's Sweetheart" b/w "I'm Tired of Fooling Around" 7" (1965?), rockabilly and country, Granite Records (No. G560/561)


13957/13958...Glenn Canyon and the Country Playboys: "Still in Love with You" b/w ? 7" (1965?), country bopper, Adco Records (Ad. 781)

14057/14058...Jimmy Roberts: "Lonesome Fool" b/w "A Passing Love Affair" 7" (1965?), rockabilly (Venus Records)

14093/14094...The Bluegrass Blackjacks: "Blackjack's Breakdown" b/w "Get Right with God" 7" (1965?), Cincinatti bluegrass, Pine Tree Records (No. 102)

14133/14134...Sonny Charles: "It's Only Make Believe" b/w "You Better Believe It" 7" (1965), Covington, KY teen rock & roll, Penquin Records (45-1000/1001)


14147/14148...Herschel Haddix and the Blue Grass Gospel Travelers: "Peace and Freedom"/"He Will Set Your Fields on Fire" b/w ? 7" (1965?), bluegrass gospel, Melody Records (106)

14173/14174...Andy Lauren and the Persuaders: "I Never Knew Such Happiness" b/w "I' m Not Too Big to Cry" 7" (1965?), surf, Kasper Records (No. 105)


14219/14220...Shell Hicks and the Ramblers: "I Need Company" b/w "World I Lived Before" 7" (1965), Kalamazoo, MI country/bluegrass, Key Records (no #)

14273/14274...Sue Patrick and the Nomads: "Don't Congratulate Me" b/w "You Found a New Love" 7" (1965?), Franklin, PA rockabilly, Process Records (139)

14301/14302...Wibby Lee: "I'm Lost Without Your Love" b/w "Please Run Me Off" 7" (1965?), Datyon, OH rockabilly, Jalyn Records (45-214)

14327/14328...Gerald Davis: "Trouble with Me Is You" b/w "Yesterdays Love" 7" (1965?), rockabilly, Vest Records (V-101/102)


14381/14382...The Fabulous Mustangs: "I Won't Let You Go" b/w "I'll Find Happines" 7" (1965?), OH soul/R&B, Stang Records (No. 2002)


14397/14398...Helen Williams/The Zionettes: "I KNow What It Is" b/w "He's a Friend of Mine" 7" (1965), Hattiesburg, MS, P&P Records

14633/14634...Graham High School Band: 5-song 7" (1965?)

14697/14698...Les Baker & Conley Mullins: "These Walls" b/w "Take Advice from a Fool" 7" (1965?), Cincinatti country, Adco Records (AR 784)

14897/14898...The Epiks: "Give Me a Chance" b/w "When We're Apart" 7" (1965?), Steubenville, OH teen garage, Process Records (Franklin, PA, 146)

14961/14962...The Kids: "Flipped Hair and Lace" b/w "Lovin' Everyday" 7" (1965), Auburn, NY garage, Chroma Record Co. (45-1004)

14985/14986...Lyle Collins and the Rebel-Aires: "Three Great Stars" b/w "Left My Lover on the Corner" 7" (1965), Toledo, OH country rock, Harvest International Records (103/104)

14987/14988...Arnold & Lee the Van Brothers: "Lonesome Tonight for Tomorrow" b/w "Uncle Jim Riggs Will" 7" (1965?), Richmond, IN rockabilly, Walton Records (2500)

15043/15044...Bonnie Baldwin: "The Mocking Bird" b/w "I'm the Childrens Mother" 7" (1965?), country, Bon-Win Records (1550)


15125/15126...Malcom Parker and the Big Star Playboys: "Same Old Feeling" b/w "Rather Fight Than Switch" 7" (1965?), Port Arthur, TX country, Mesa Records (MR 100)


15215/15216...Wayne and the Impressions: "I Saw You" b/w "Ginger Brandy (On the Rocks)" 7" (1965?), Reading, PA garage surf, Barclay Records


15219/15220...Bobby Boyle: "Away From the World" b/w "Ricky the Record Hound" 7" (1965?), Newbury, IN rockabilly, Roy Records (8181)


15237/15238...The Kings: In Concert LP (1965?), Keemaker Records


15279/15230...Dave and Jan Olshevski: Songs of Hope LP (1965?), gospel


15325/15326...The Runabouts: "I Need Time" b/w "The Chase" 7" (1965), Cincinatti, OH garage, Vox Records (no #)


15333/15334...The Silvertones of Cincinatti: "Silent Night"/"Gospel Train" b/w "Freedom After While"/"What Are They Doing in Heaven?" 7" (1965?), OH R&B gospel


15361/15362...Bill Strickland: "The Shape You Left Me in" b/w "Donna Jean" 7" (1966), Colombus, OH rocker, Fabar Records


15495/15496...The Rocks: "Because We're Young" b/w "My Only Love" 7" (1966?), Nashville, TN garage, Woodrich Records (WR-1249)


15543/15544...The Sunrise Quartet: "Springtime in Heaven"/"Wings of Faith"/"The Wicked Path of Sin" b/w "Harbor of Love"/"Let Me Walk Lord by Your Side" 7" (1966?), Strongsville, OH gospel


15563/15564...Jim Harris & the Sidewinders: "Three Chartreuse Buzzards Sitting on a Fence" b/w "I'm on the Outside Looking in" 7" (1966), Columbus, OH garage rock, Fabar Records


15587/15588...Pictorian Skiffuls: "In Awhile" b/w "You’ve Done Me Wrong" 7" (1965), OH garage, Skifful Records


15597/15598...Earl Brooks and His Plantation Playboys: "Thirteen Minutes" b/w "Tonight" 7" (1965?), Indianapolis country, Nabor Records (NR 129)


15637/15638...The Counts: "Now You're Gone" b/w "Old Man River" 7" (1965?), Cincinatti garage, Teen Records (No. 900)


15723/15724...Willie Hays: "My Ramblin' Heart" b/w "Soldier's Last Letter" 7" (1965?), Mt. Healthy, OH country, Log Cabin Records (No. 902, Rusty York Music BMI; see Jewel Records)


15729/15730...Ken Gabbard: "Cheating on Me" b/w ? 7" (1965?), country, Harp Records


15817/15818...Joey & the Prophets: "Do the Dog" b/w "Stand by Me '66" 7" (1965?), Pottsville, PA garage, Barclay Records

15827/15828...Curt Block and the Vibrations: "She's My Kind" b/w "With This Ring" 7" (1965), Arthur, TX garage, Netra Records (No. 111)


15863/15864...Jimmie Skinner/Jimmie Logsdon "Suppertime" +5 EP (?), Mt. Healthy, OH

15865/15866...Rusty York: "Sugartree - 66" b/w "Sing the Girls Song a Song, Bill" 7" (1966?), Jewel Records (No. 700)


15881/15882...Claude Sweet: "False Hearted Girl" b/w "I Didn't Have Time" 7" (1966?), rockabilly, Harp Records


15889/15890...Bennie Cook: "Moon on the Silver Saddle" b/w ? 7" (1966?), country, Jewel Records


16027/16028...The Ascots: "Run Little Girl" b/w "Punch" 7" (1966), MA, Liverpool Records


16047/16048...Keith Anderson and the Western Gentlemen: "I Need a Hit" b/w "I'm Gonna Talk to My Heart" 7" (1966), Davis, WV rockabilly, Cozy Records (No. 551)


16127/16128...Jim Greer & the Moc-o-Chee Valley Folks: "No Golden Tomorrow's Ahead" b/w "Two Little Boys" 7" (1966?)


16176/16177...Donnie: "You're No Good" b/w "Goin' Away" 7" (1966?), Somerset, PA garage, Bittner's Records (No. 1013)


16355/16356...The Dell Vikings: "Down in Bermuda" b/w "Maggie" 7" (1966?), doo-wop, Fee Bee Records (FB-206)


16379/16380..."Lil" Roger and His Fabulous Vel's: "Nite Time" b/w "Jolly Organ" 7" (1966?), R&B


16423/16424...Cecil Johnson & the Odom Sisters: "If You Miss Heaven"/"The Way of Salvation" b/w "The End of My Journey"/"He Is Surely Coming" 7" (1966?), KY gospel bluegrass, Lavender Records (no #)


16482...Percy Marshall: "Leaving Town" b/w "Give Me My Guitar and Traveling Shoes" 7" (1966?), Cincinatti, OH blues, Marshall Records (no #)


16637/16638...Le Troy Reed: "Cold Cold Heart" b/w "Saginaw Michigan" 7" (1966?), Winchester, KY country, Alvic Records


17133/17134...The Starlites: "I Can't See You" b/w "Baby Set Me Free" 7" (1966?), Reading, PA garage, Barclay Records


17185/17186..."Lil" Roger and His Fabulous Vels: "Jolly Roger" b/w "Night Time" 7" (1966?), Cincinatti soul, Teen Records (918)


17249/17250...J.D. Jarvis: "God's Not Dead"/Out in Sin" b/w "Almost Home/Path of Sin" 7" (1966?), Cincinnati, OH bluegrass gospel, Jewel Records (No. 920)


17319/17320...The New Breed: "My Baby" b/w "She's Fallen for Me (You) 7" (1966?), garage, Benjo Records


17327/14238...Gerald Davis: "Trouble with Me Is You" b/w "Yesterdays Love" 7" (1966?), Memphis rock & roll, Vest Records (165)


17367/17368...Harvey Connell: "Autumn Heart" b/w "Little Girl" 7" (1966), Cincinatti? rocker/doo-wop, Tri City Records


17373/17374...The Swingin' Safaries: "Syncopated Beat Part 1" b/w "Come on Girl" 7" (1966), Dublin, IN garage, Flip Pop Records (45-101)


17583/17584...Ravens: "Imagine You And Me" b/w "Are You a Boy or Are You a Girl" 7" (1966?), Columbus, OH garage, Bowery Records (BR-502)


17686/17686...Harmonaires: "If I Had One Wish for Christmas" b/w "Impact" 7" (1966?), Lorain, OH rock instrumentals, Athena Records


17743/17744...Shacklefords: "The Wonderer" b/w "The Unloved" 7" (1966?), OH garage, Catalina Records (1801)


17765/17766...Jimmie Skinner: "Hem of His Garment" b/w ? 7" (1966?), Country Corner Records


17809/17810...Danny and the Demons: "Phelpio" b/w "Count Down" 7" (1966), Paducah, KY surf/garage, Double Dee Records


17825/17826...Charlotte & the Kentucky Boys: "Why Did Santa Come to My House" b/w "I Can Change My Mind but (I Can't Change My Heart)" 7" (1966?), Sparta, MI country, Mike Records


18035/18036...v/a: Album No. 1 LP (1966), OH garage band sampler, Hillside Records


18061/18062...The Bends: "If It's All the Same to You" b/w ? 7" (1966?), garage, Rebel Records (HF-103)


18293/18294...The Endless: "Tomorrow's Song" b/w "Prevailing Darkness" 7" (1966), Columbus, OH garage, Cardinal Records (C-521)

18295/18296...Tom Dooley: "Have a Happy, Happy Time" b/w "Bring It on Home" 7" (1966), R&B, Dana Records (no #)


18347/18348...The Malcontents: "(I'm a) Roustabout" b/w "Motivated Action" 7" (1967), garage, Gems Records


18375/18376...Sonny Charles Acc. by Mourning Dues: "Kathy's Gone" b/w "How Many Hearts (Have You Broken)" 7" (1967?), Covington, KY garage, Joye Records (1772)

18377/18378...Tthhemm: "Baby (I Still Need Your Love)" b/w "You Give Your Love to Me" 7" (1966), garage, Toy Tiger Records (TT 1001)


18385/18386...The Valley Ramblers: "I'll Always Be Waiting for You" b/w "Can't Your Hear Me Calling" 7" (1966?), Dayton, OH bluegrass, Jalyn Records (45-311)


18426...Rainbow Valley Boys: "To You It Don't Matter" b/w "Me and Mr. Blue" 7" (1966?), hillbilly honky-tonk, Rainbow Records (RB2)


18451/18452...Chris Allen and the Good-Timers: "My Imagination" b/w "Sorry ’Bout That" 7" (1967). Richmond, IN garage, Hollywood New World Records


18507...The Shadows: "If You Love Me" b/w ? 7" (1966?), garage, Woodrich Records


18529...The Soul Kings: "I Don't Care" b/w "On Broadway" 7" (1967?), KS garage, Chrome Records


18555/18556...Dwight Templeton: "I'm Glad It's Him Instead of Me" b/w "I Wish I Had My Troubles Back" 7" (1967?), country, Woodrich Records (no #)


18573/18574...Murry Kellum & the Cane Breakers: "Mr. Terrific" b/w "Mama Louchie" 7" (1967?), country rocker, Cane-Break Records (1)


18765/18766...The Chosen Ones: "Watch Out" b/w "Good Clean Lovin'" 7" (1967?), R&B, Chrome Records (45-102)


18797/18798...The Endeavors: "Beware of Your Friends" b/w "I Can't Help Crying" 7" (1967?), Cincinatti soul, Split Records (1028)


18805/18806...The Arkay IV with Bill Adleff: "Down from No. 9" b/w "When I Was Younger" 7" (1967), Erie, PA, Marion Records


18839/18840...The Crusader: "Wake Up, My People" b/w "We Need Wallace for President" 7" (1967?), Beech Grove, IN rockabilly, Dip Records (no #)


18895/18896...Norman Burns: "Jenny, Jenny" b/w "Not Even Uncle Sam Can Take the Part" 7" (1967?), Boston teen pop, Sterling Records (S-402)


18901/18902...The Shademen: "That's Tuff" b/w "Sick and Tired (Of Waiting)" 7" (1967?), Elyria, OH garage pop, Verann Records (JMJ 501)


19261/19262...Strangers in Town: "You'll Never Know" b/w "Be My Friend" 7" (1967?), doo-wop, Toy Tiger Records (TT 1003)


19635/19636...Back Street Boys: "Money" b/w "Back Street Blues" 7" (1967), Worcester, MA, W.J.G. Records


19659/19660...Jesse Barton: "Road Ranger" b/w "The Truth Hurts" 7" (1967?), GA country, Lynn-Lee Records (No. 102)


19707/19708...Jerry and George with the Niagara Playboys: "Dreams of Mother" b/w "I Won't Be Here Alone" 7" (1966), Rochester, NY country, Capitol Star Artist Records (no #)


19781/19782...Sally Jo Parker: "You Ain't Woman Enough" b/w "Happy Birthday" 7" (1967), Hamilton, OH kid rocker, Reese Records (no #)


19857/19858...The Kentuckians: "The Mountains Are Calling" b/w "Crazy Arms" 7" (1967?), KY? bluegrass, Jalyn Records (45-317)


19971/19972...Dennis McCann & the Country Cut-Ups: "Steel Guitar Rag" b/w "Never on Sunday" 7" (1967?), MI country


20067/20068...Archie Jones: "I'd Never Make You Blue" b/w ? 7" (1967?), bluegrass, Jalyn Records


20113/20114...The Uprisers: "Nine to Five" b/w "Let Me Take You Down" 7" (1967), garage, Swingtown Records (RSSWO 791)


20179/20180...Ronnie Taylor: "Without Love" b/w "I Can't Take It" 7" (1967?), soul, Nassau Records (N 101)


20211/20212...The Livin' End: "Our Love Was Strong" b/w "You're My Woman" 7" (1967), OH garage


20235/20236...Dave Woolum and the Laurel County Partners with Sandy Kaye: The Greatest Reunion of All LP (??), KY bluegrass, Melody Records (MLP-15)


20335/20336...Rusty Dunn with Wayne Roberts and the Countrymen: "My Daddy" b/w "Production Line" 7" (1967?), country bopper, Northland Records (50BL 1120)


20417/20418...Willie Bryant and the Sons of the Gospel: Almost Home LP (1967), OH gospel bluegrass, Baron Records (101)


20499/20500...Dorothy Rowen: Sings Your Favorites LP (1967?), Lexington, KY lounge


20585/20586...The Sabers: "Skinny Minny" b/w "Mickey's Monkey" 7" (1967?), garage, Tiretown Records (A118)


20669/20670...The Cooke Duet: Striving for That City LP (1967?), Wise, WA, no label


20781/20782...The Sound Track: "I See The Light" b/w "Groovin'" 7" (1967?), Kingsport, TN garage punk, Trail Records (TSRC-1706)


20871/29872...Frank Lanterman: "The Astronauts Were Puzzled" b/w "Acting Like a Baby Over You" 7" (1967?), Franklin, PA bluegrass, Process Records (143)


21131/21132...Bobby Runnel's Faux Pas: "True Love--Heartaches" b/w "Black Cloud" 7" (1967?), garage


21215/21216...The Jay-Bees: "Good Times" b/w "Tossin' & Turnin'" 7" (1967?), Davis, WV garage, Cozy Records (580/581)


21239/21240...Diamond Rings: "Which End Is Up" b/w "All I Really Want to Do" 7" (1967), OH garage rock, Eastwood Records (21868)


21285/21286...Bob Morris and the Kentucky Bluegrass Boys: "This Weary Heart" b/w "I'm Pouring Out My Wine" 7" (1967?), Dayton, OH bluegrass, Jalyn Records (45-324)


21301/21302...The Four Andantes: "The End of Love" b/w "Hipper, Than Me" 7" (1967), soul, Mo Do Records (RKS-1007)


21667/21668...The Arkay IV with Bill Adleff: "Demotion" b/w "I'll Keep on Trying" 7" (1968), Erie, PA, Marion Records


21831/21832...James Bowen and His Agent with Bill Smith's Hitch Hikers: "This Boy and Girl" b/w "Baby I Want You" 7" (1968?), soul, Roosevelt Lee Records (no #)


21935/21936...The Cathedral Quartet: I Saw the Light LP (1968?)


21953/21954...Drive Like a Pro LP (1968?), American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators public service messages, produced by ADS Audio Vehicle Productions (Fairfax, VA), with Jack Webb, Peter Graves, Don Adams, Steve McQueen, Greg Morris


22173/22174...The Ohio State Fair Youth Choir: Up, Up and Away with the Ohio State Fair Youth Choir LP (1968)


22323/22324...Ronnie Knull and the Sand: "Leah" b/w "Crawfish" 7" (1968?), DeLand, FL surf, Tropical Records (No. 129)


22489/22490...Ray Hoskins: ? b/w "Foot Prints in the Snow" 7" (1968?), KY country


22497/22498...L.C. Angel with Coye Farmer and the Blue Mountain Boys: "Walking Out" b/w "Don't Judge Me Guilty" 7" (1968?), Hamilton, OH rockabilly, Baron Records (no #)


22597/22598...The McClure Quartet: His Boundless Love LP (1968?)


22663/22664...Steve Hartman and the 4th Street Soul: "Bulls Eye" b/w "What Happened" 7" (1968), Bellbrook, OH funk/soul instrumentals, Vangee Records (45--V-303)


22825/22826...Tedd Browne: This Little Light of Mine LP (1968), Cleveland Catholic folk


22945/22946...The Swordsmen: Gospel Trio LP (1968?)

23043/23044...The Wanderers: "On the Road" b/w "Sleepin' in the Sun" 7" (1968?), Cleveland garage, Kustom Records


23393/23394...The Cooke Duet: The Lord Will Make a Way Somehow LP (1968?), Wise, WA, no label


23595/23596...Miss Cloteal Lewis and the Gospel Impressionists: "Beyond the Bridge" b/w "I've Got a Learning from the Lord" 7" (1968?), Dayton, OH gospel, Sas Records (no #)


23753/23754...The Messengers Trio: He Touched Me LP (1968?)


23811/23812...Cooke Duet: s/t LP (1968?), Wise, WA, no label


24255/24256...Rev. Joe Freeman and Wife June: Country Gospel Songs in Stereo LP (1968?)


24551/24552...Jerry Dee/Sammy Marshall: "Her Name Is Kathleen"/"Ballard of Johnny Horton" b/w "Edie"/"Fava Beans and Pepperoni" 7" (1968?), Carpentersville, IL song poems, Brosh Records (BR-1300)


24647/24648...The Chandlers: "I Loved You, Girl" b/w "(Never Before) Your Love Keeps Drawing Me Closer" 7" (1968), soul, Bleu Rose Records (BR-100)


24711/24712...The Messengers Quartet: Sings Nearer My God to Thee LP (1968?)


24735/24736...Templeaires Quartet: Songs of Faith LP (1968?)


24811...Eddy & Ann: "Night Train to Memphis" b/w "Beautiful Lies" 7" (1968?), Nashville, TN country, Bryte Records (6162)


24887/24888...Tommy Hanks and the Rhythm Rangers: "Shackles and Chains" b/w "Want to Be Loved Only by You" 7" (1968?), Shelby, OH country, Cabut Records (no #)


25103/25104...The Harmony Boys Gospel Singers: Sing Unto God LP (1968?), Mt. Olive, NC, Atonement Records


25131/25132...Virgil Vickers and Kentucky Play Boys: "Truck Driver's Rock" b/w "Devil in Disguise" 7" (1968?), Lexington, KY bopper, Sun-Ray Records (SR-137)


25373/25374...The Vocalaires of Newport News, Virginia: "If You Miss Me" b/w "Jesus I Love Thee" 7" (1968?), Norfolk, VA gospel, Pinewood Records (45-501)


25395/25396...The Sands of Time: s/t LP (1970?)


25415/25416...Troy Que: "Life of a Musician" b/w "Let Me Go to Nashville" 7" (1969), Bedford, IN country, Forest View Records (No. 002)


25547/25548...Tone Blenders: "Soft Sweet and Tender" b/w "Born to Lose" 7" (1970), Cincinnati, Chance Records (1350-70)


25553/25554...Little Jimmy Lynch: Meet Little Jimmy Lynch LP (1970?)


25602/25603...Strings n' Things: "Better Life" b/w "All My Life" 7" (1970?), Anderson, IN pop, Gold-Tone Recordings (no #)


25609/25610...Alfred O.: "Do What You Wanna Do" b/w "A Vacation From Love" 7" (1969), Buffalo, NY soul, Mo Do Records


25619/25620...The Cooke Duet: God Is Not Dead, He's Still Alive LP (1969?), Wise, WA, no label


25673/25674...Rev. Guy J. Graves/P. Whitted: "Amazing Grace" b/w "Why Am I Treated So Bad" 7" (1969?), Buffalo, NY, Mo Do Records (#111)


25701/25702...Mike Sage: I Shall Be at Home with Jesus LP (1969?), Marian, VA


25715/25716...The Easter Brothers and Their Green Valley Quartet: Country Hymn Time LP (1973), Mt. Airy, NC gospel bluegrass, Commandment Records (300)


25799/25800...Doris and the Pioneers: God Rocked Him to Sleep LP (1970), Okemos, MI gospel

26277/26278...Eddie Ray: "Glad I Found You" b/w "You Got Me" 7" (1970), R&B, HSI-PRIX Records (HSI-7001)


26303/26304...Norm Burns: "A Helping Hand" b/w "A Helping Hand" 7" (1970?), Boston, MA country bopper, Sterling Records (S-459)

26343/26344...Ernie Elliott: "I Traded My Heart" b/w "Lonesome Over You" 7" (1970?), Springfield, MO bopper, E-F Records (EF-101)


26797/26798...The Vocalaires of Newport News, Virginia: "Going Home to Live with Jesus" b/w "There Must Be a Heaven" 7" (1970?), Norfolk, VA gospel, Pinewood Records (502)

27039/27040...Harvi Griffin: Voice and Harp of Harvi Griffin LP (1970?)

27229/27230...Eddie and the Slovenes: Happy Polka Days LP (1970?)

27335/27336...Bob Hamilton: "Making My Home in a Barroom" b/w ? 7" (1970?), country, Harp Records

27451/27452...The Melody Bros. Featuring Allen Mann: "More and More" b/w "Lonely Tonight" 7" (1970?), soul, Rend Records (no #)

27350...Sunnygoode Street: "By and By" b/w "Just Another Dream" 7" (1970), Dayton, OH pop psych, Dabico Records (45-103)

27719/27720...Everett Pauley/Tiney Wellman/The Gypseys: "Room of Lights" b/w "Goodbye, It's Over, I'm Gone" 7" (1970?), rockabilly, Gypsy Records (no #)

27721/27722...Vonnie McClure: Sing a New Song LP (1970?), xian


27939/27940...The North Peoria Church of Christ: In Times Like These LP (1970?)


28090/28091...Evangelist Don Parker: Snowball Spitball Fireball LP (1970?)


28105/28106...Freddie and the Freeloaders: "Last Night" b/w "Freddie's Blues" 7" (1971), Danville, IL, Redd Hedd Records (RH-005)


28139/28140...Theron Spurr: Spurr of the Moment LP (1970?)


28167/28168...Clyde Murphy and the Murphy Trio: The Land of Beulah LP (1970?), gospel


28187/28188...Danny Keebler: "Charlene" b/w "Matchbox" 7" (1970?), Ocean Springs, MS country rocker, South Records (SO. 101)


28265/28266...Harvi Griffin: The Two Sides of Harvi Griffin LP (1970?) [28264?]


28293/28294...Danny Angel: "Let Me Drown Myself Again" b/w "How Long Must I Be Without You" 7" (1970?), Cincinatti country, RMT Records (603)


28311/28312...Leander Poppingwell: "24 Kegs of Black Molasses" b/w "Goin Back to Oklahoma" 7" (1971), Jackson, MS, Jeb Records (7-17)


28483/28485...Stormy Dawson: "Dream a Little Longer" b/w "Love on the Rocks" 7" (1971), Granite Records (563)


28853/28854...The New-Born Singers from Teen Challenge Institute: I've Been New-Born LP (1971)


28943/28944...v/a: Gospel Spectacular LP (1971?)


28969/28970...Soul Motivation: "Hard Times (Are Comin')" b/w "Bend Over Backwards" 7" (1971?), soul


29129/29130...Don and Fred Cox: Presents I've Been to Calvary LP (1971?), gospel


29173/29174...Kings Travelers: He Leadeth Me Besides Still Waters LP (1971?), Greenfield, IN


29459/29460...Revivlalist W. Farrell Osborne: Wayfaring Stranger LP (1971?)


29555/29556...Charisma: Charisma Is Raptured LP (1971?), FL xian rock


29575/29676...Buddy Sharpe & the Shakers: "Linda Lee" b/w "Git It -- Git It" 7" (1971?), doo wop, Fee Bee Records (FB 907)


29671/29672...Double O and His Demingos: "A Thousand Tears Too Late" b/w "The Crawl" 7" (1971?), Cincinnati soul, Split Records (1028)


29753/29754...Felix Lark: "Steal Away" b/w "Can't Hide from God" 7" (??), OH?, Felix Lark Records (no #)


29799/29780...Chuck and Mac: "You're the One Who Loves Me" b/w "Let the Doorknob Hit You" 7" (1971?), soul, Ruby Records


29911/29912...Lee Allen/The Country Nighthawks: "The First Day" b/w "Rolling Waves" 7" (1971?), Manitowoc, WI country bopper, Lakeland Records


29917/29918...Joe Peace: Finding Peace of Mind LP (1972, ed. of 2000), Cincinnati, OH hippie folkrock


29961/29962...Blackfoot with John Bailey: "And You" b/w "That Ain't The Way It Is" 7" (1972?), OH hard rock, Blackfoot Records


30089/30090...Singing Roar Family: Make Calvary Real LP (1972?)


30207/30208...v/a: Oh My God, They Baked His Face LP (1972), U.R.I. college folk


30269/30270...Ron Lynn with Gram: "Hung Up on You" b/w "Take This Love" 7" (1972?), rock


30351/30352...Rocken Breed with Bill Turner: "Lady Lady" b/w "She Tells Her Lies" 7" (1972?), garage, Karmony Ltd. Records


30375/30376...Hoosier Bob Wetherald with the Hoosier Halfshots: "Truck Drivin' Fool" b/w "That Distant Shore" 7" (1972?), IN country, Nabor Records (NR-144)


30395/30396...The Mt. Paran Baptist Church Pastor's and Celestial Choirs: On This Christian Journey LP (1972?), Indianapolis


30447/30448...Solid Ground: Through the Eyes of Innocent Children LP (1972?), Wesley United Methodist Church, Ludlow, KY xian folk kid covers, Melody Records (MSLP-41)


30571/30572...Poobah: Let Me in LP (1972), OH hard rock, Peppermint Productions (PP 1015)


30641/30642...Karen McKay and Rhonda Wallace: Mountain Paths LP (1972?), folk

30841/30842...Ron Stewart: At the Red Dog LP (1973), Cincinatti comedian, Roncar Records

30985/30986...Jo An Morris: Personally Yours Tarantula Toes LP (1972?)

31191/31192...George Westermeyer III & the Tyme Machine: It's So Nice to Be with You LP (1972?), Columbus, OH lounge band, Peppermint Records (P.P. 1026)


31329/31330...North Side Church of Christ Acappella Choir: "Never Alone" b/w "Jesus Give Me Water" 7" (1973), Indianapolis, IN gospel, The Sounds of Naptown (no #)


31781/31782...The Chords: Here and Now LP (1972?), xian, Golden Shield Records (no #)


31817/31818...Poobah: "Rock City" b/w "Bowleen" 7" (1972?), hard rock, Fire Ball Records


31849/31850...The Harptones: The Sounds of the Harptones LP (1972?), gospel


31935/31936...Robert Gazaway and the Gospel Larks: Let Us Break Bread Together on Our Knees LP (1972?), gospel


32201/32202...Cool Spring: Cool Spring LP (1972?), Youngstown, OH lounge band, Peppermint Productions (PP1038)


32217/32218...Cephas: Teen Challenge Presents Cephas with Jeff Cogswell LP (1973), Pittsburgh high school xian folk, Teen Challenge Records


32383/32384...Walt Stanley: Introducing LP (1973), Albany, NY organist, Hilton Records (1001)


32387/32388...Rick Olsen: To My Friends LP (1973), VT folk/country/rock & roll


32461/34262...The Simpson Family: The Simpson Family LP (1974?), gospel


32495/32496...Tim Wilson: To a Lost Friend LP (1974?)


32527/32528...Bill Leslie: "Amazing Grace" b/w "Favorite Hymns" 7" (1974?)


32583/32584...Whail: Fresh Air LP (1974), OH psych, Luv Records (701)


32699/32700...Charisma: Last Days LP (1973), xian FL teen basement prog


3270132702...Wells Fargo: "Cuttin' the Cane" b/w "Morgan Sorghum" 7" (1973?), West Liberty, KY country, Kinfolk Records (no #)


32719/32720...Carl Dean: Up to Date Country Music LP (1974), country/pop covers


32755/32756...Me & the Other Guys: Be Young • Be Foolish • Be Happy LP (1974), Florida lounge, Copahog Records (#0070)


32825/32826...Rick and the Alternates: "Oh My Dearest Darling" b/w "Buy a Dog" 7" (1974), Cincinatti doo-wop, rock, Raven Records (C1739)


32909/32910...The Goldenaires: "Nobody Knows" b/w "I Will Never Stop Serving Him" 7" (1974?), gospel, Arc Records (no #)


33005/33006...The Whole Earth Rainbow Band: A Piece of Window LP (1974?)


33097/33098...Fisherman Quartet: Build My Mansion LP (1974?)


33117/33118...Loopers: Good Times with the Loopers LP (1974?)


33139/33140...The Dixie Riders: "Are You Missing Me" b/w "The Rushing River" 7" (1974?), Dayton, OH bluegrass, Jalyn Records (45-372)


33155/33156...Ed Love: "Make Sure of All Things / The Burglar" b/w "The Killers" / "The Hand You're Holding Now" 7" (1974?), Roanoke, VA country bopper, Kay Records


33181/33182...Cephas: 3 1/2 Years LP (1974)


33289/33290...Living Epistles: Gospel Plow LP (1974?)


33363/33364...Walter Burrell: Revival Sermon Preached in Worlds Largest Church LP (1974?)


33771/33772...John Wiesner: Keyboard Capers LP (1974?), Clifton Park, NY keyboardist for Rollerama skating rink in Rotterdam, NY, Poulton Records (0031)


33801/33802...Clint Felker and the Common People: "Battalion Boots" b/w "Sunday Memories" 7" (1974), New Kensington, PA, Vokes Records (114)


34155/34156...Free Enterprise: Free Enterprise LP (1974), Detroit lounge band (FEP-1201)


34335/34336...Margie & The Crusaders: Touring That City LP (1974?)


34347/34348...Kings Travelers: On the Road LP (1974?), Greenfield, IN


34385/34386...Susan Patterson: Sings Something Beautiful LP (1974?)


34427/34428...Leon Kiser and the Holston Mountain Boys: Holston Mountain Bluegrass LP (1975), VA/TN bluegrass, Mag Records


34469/34470...The Gospel Crusaders: The Versatility of The Gospel Crusaders LP (1974?)


34485/34486...Lee Clarke: "DWI" b/w "Cold Lonely Nights" 7" (1974?), Wooster, OH hillbilly bopper, Dee Gee Records (AL 1402)


34505/34506...Yathabhutha: ...Seeing Things as They Really Are... LP (1974?), xian folkrock, no label (WHA-0133LP)


34685/34686...Jesus: A Biography 2LP (1974?)


34899/34900...Jimmy Priest: The Wonder of You LP (1974), IN lounge singer (WHA-0134LP)


35201/35202...Contrasts: Contrasts LP (1974?), lounge band, no label (XPL-1053)


35401/35402...The Vanguard Quartet: "The Old Country Church" b/w "I'll Have a New Body"/"Joshua" 7" (1974?)


35485/35486...John Wiesner: Another Caper on the Keyboards LP (1974?), Albany, NY keyboardist, Poulton Records (0032)


35867/35868...Bill Leslie: Because He Lives LP (1974?)


35923/35924...The Mighty Sunset Travelers of Newport News, Virginia: The Mighty Sunset Travelers of Newport News, Virginia LP (1974?), gospel, CM Records


36223/36224...Gene Dennis: Live at Golden Horn LP (1974?)


36423/36424...Dynamic Travelers of Annapolis, Maryland: "He'll Make Me Strong" b/w "Walk Out on the Water" 7" (1976), R.M.T. Studios (Baltimore, MD)


36527/36528...White Harvest: White Harvest LP (1976), xian rock


34505/34506...Yathabhutha: Seeing Things as They Really Are LP (1974?)


36527/36528...White Harvest: s/t LP (1976), Cuyahoga Falls, OH xian hard rock


36547/36548...Gary Roberts [& The Satellites]: "What I Am, You Know" b/w "Heartache Again" 7" (1972?), song-poem soul and country


36707/36708...R.W. & Donna Blackwood with the Blackwood Singers: Country LP (1975?), Nashville county lounge, Blackwood Productions (BLP-94-1)


36711/36712...The Gospel Crusaders: Hallelujah Square LP (1972?)


36827/36828...Inner Soul: "Little Jack Horner" b/w "Put the Hurt on You" 7" (1976), Daly City, CA soul, Cherrie Records (CR 2390)


37276/32777...Les Reed: Les Who? LP (1972?)


37285/37286...Wes Davey: Portrait of My Love LP (1972?), Walpole, NH lounge crooner, Polly Records (756-2PR)


37763/37764...The Gloryland Singers: At an Old Fashioned Meeting LP (1972?)


37837/37838...The Roberta Jackson Singers: My God Is Able LP (197?)


37937/37938...The Living Tree Revival: I Know the Reason Why LP (1975?)

38129/38130...v/a: Demonstration Record LP (1975?), Rite promo sampler

38349/38350...Bill and Cindy: Sing Favorites LP (1975?), gospel


38449/38450...The Singing Rories: Camp Meeting Days LP (1975?)

38545/38546...Lenville Ball: "Let's Have a Hallelujah Meeting" "One Day at a Time" LP (1975?)

38735/38736...The Singing Frauenknecht Family: The Old Country Church LP (1975?)

39237/39238...Peaceful Valley Gospel Singers: Wasn't That True Love LP (1975?)

39357/39358...The Fisherman Quartet: Going Home LP (1975?), gospel


39405/39406...The Main Attraction: Encore LP (1977?), lounge band

39411/39412...Mighty Gospel Travelers Featuring Willie Shackelford: "Waiting on You" b/w "Hold on" 7" (1977?), Cincinatti gospel, Peace Records (no #)

39493/39494...Orville Hieb: I Don't Regret a Mile That I've Travelled LP (197?)

39659/39660...Jolly 8: Polkas and Waltzes LP (197?)

39737/39738...Wes Harrison: One and Only LP (197?)

40043/40044...Orville Hieb: Red Drops of Love LP (197?)


40083/40084...Marching Muskies LP (197?)


40089/40090...Badlands: Badlands LP (1979), country

40135/40136...Friends: How Long Has It Been LP (1979), KY folkrock


40955/40956...The Vestich Brothers: Live at Wolfendale's LP (1979), Indiana, PA country/rock barband, Eclipse Records (W11779VB)


42741/42742...Lucile Mayes Middleton and Friends: The Lord Will Make a Way LP (1979?), gospel

CP-1022/1023...Tommy Willis and Club Miami Band: "T. N. O. Mambo" b/w "B for Best" 7" (1955), Hamilton, OH R&B, Club Miami Records (502)

CP-1065/1066...The Carter Family: "Railroading on the Great Divide"/"Wildwood Flower" b/w "The Titanic"/"Where the Sunset Turns the Ocean Blue to Gold" 7" (1955?), country, Acme Records (DF-102)

CP-1076/1077...Ray Pennington: "I'm in Love Again" b/w "Boogie Woogie Country Girl" 7" (1956), Cincinatti rockabilly, Lee Records (502)

CP-1084/1085...Rudy Hansen: "Cry Baby Cry" b/w "Saturday Jump" 7" (1956), Springfield, OH rockabilly, Rudy Hansen Records (1226)

CP-1090/1091...Logan Valley Boys/Harley and Aubrey: "Rock and Roll Country Style" b/w "Wild Rose" 7" (1956), Cincinatti bluegrass, Excellent Records (EX-279)

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CP-1185/1186...Jimmy Settle with the Blue Grass Rangers: "Admitting Defeat" b/w "Wishing It Was Me" 7" (1957), Louisville, KY country bopper, Pier-Wats Records (1301)


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CP-1227/1228...Ray Baker: "Old Enough to Live" b/w "Gotta have Your Lovin'" 7" (1957), Cincinatti, OH rockabilly, Bramble Records (111)

CP-1229/1230...Harlin and Stanley and the Wright Brothers: "Carolina Mountain Home" b/w "What Can I Do" 7" (1957?), Cincinnati, OH bluegrass, Excellent Records (801)


CP-1259/1260...Rondell Barker with the Rainbow Drifters: "Dreamland" b/w "Courtin' Under the Moon" 7" (1957), Cincinatti country bop, Excellent Records (804)


CP-1269/1270...The Four C-Notes with the Orvits: "Mister Rock and Roll" b/w "Have Mercy on Me, Baby" 7" (1958), rockabilly, Bramble Records (3003)


CP-1301/1302...Gene Sisco and Homer Wooten/Gene Sisco: "No Use for Me to Try" b/w "Turning the Tables" 7" (1957), Wilmington, OH rockabilly, Dess Records (7003)


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CP-1428/1429...Cassidy Sisters with the Titantics: "Stardust Waltz" b/w "Rockin at the Top" 7" (1958), Indianapolis rockabilly, Hop Records (505)


CP-1449/1450...Ralph Bowman: "Shelia" b/w "Tragedy of School Bus 27" 7" (1958), Cincinatti country, Excellent Records (EX-400)


CP-1507/1508...Dan Johnson: "My Ramblin's Over" b/w "Have You Ever Loved Someone" 7" (1958?), Cincinatti bopper, M & J Records (CW-5)


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CP-1559/1560...Luke Gordon: "The Fool That I Am" b/w "Mustache on the Cabbage Head" 7" (1958), Quincy, KY country bop, Quincy Records (933)

CP-1561/1562...Dub Howington and His Tennessee Haymakers: "Road of Heartaches" b/w "Don't Play with Love" 7" (1958), Quincy, KY bopper, Quincy Records (934)

CP-1563/1564...Hank Spurling: "Box Car Blues" b/w "I'm in Debt" 7" (1958?), rockabilly, Hi-Lite Records (501)


CP-1621/1622...Bobby Grove: "Jealous Dreams" b/w "Be Still, My Heart" 7" (1958), Cincinatti country, Lucky Records (0003)

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CP-1821/1822...Sammy Griggs and the Coronets: "Footsteps" b/w "Long John Silver" 7" (1959), OH doo wop, Job Records (100)

CP-1917...Mike Lawing and the Dissonaires: "Blitzkreig" b/w "One Love" 7" (1959), OH doo wop, Altair Records (AK/BK-101)

CP-1957/1958..."Zekie" Browning: "Bad Case of the Blues" b/w "What Else Could You Do" 7" (1959), Cincinatti country bopper, Lucky Records (0005)

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CP-2083...Jerry Cox & His Shawnee Hills Boys: "Friday You Said Goodbye" b/w "Tip The Bottle" 7" (1959), IN rockabilly, Brite Star Records (45-764)

CP-2158...Jack Chambers With the Rainbow Boys: "Don't Be Fooled" b/w "Sometime" 7" (1959?), Indianapolis country, Whispering Pines Records (203)

CP-2232/2233...Les & Helen Tussey and the Golden Hill Boys: "They Went Around" b/w "Married to a Friend" 7" (1959), Muncie, IN country, Poor Boy Records (PBR-45-105)

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CP-2523...Chuck Howard: "Heartbreak Station" b/w "Gossip" 7" (1959), Cincinatti rockabilly, Flame Records (1020)

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CP-2763/2764...Chuck Jones: "Dance with Me" b/w "What's in a Kiss" 7" (1959), Nashville rockabilly, Belle Meade Records (1117-1)

CP-2885/2886...Riki and the Rikatones: "Whiphash" b/w "T.N.T." 7" (1959), Cleveland rockabilly, Manhattan Records (201-2)

CP-2899/2900...Harold & Bob: "Breaks of the Game" b/w "Spitfire" 7" (1960), Indianapolis rockabilly, Delta Records (45-503)


CP-3201/3202...Love Brothers: "Baby I'll Never Let You Go" b/w "One Time Love Affair" 7" (1960), Greenville, MS, By Love Records (843), Starday Custom


CP-3208/3209...Austin Brothers: "You Made Me Believe" b/w "Worry Worry on My Mind" 7" (1960), St. Louis, MO, "traditional weepers," K-Ark Records (603)


CP-3219/3220...Bobby Towers: "Gone Gone Gone Dreams" b/w "Bondage of Love" 7" (1960), Little Rock, AK, Stylo Records (2108)


CP-3223/3224...Dickie "Bird" Newland: "Pearly Mae" b/w "All My Love" 7" (1960), Tyler, TX rockabilly, Fame Records (508)


CP-3235/3236...Jon Hess: "Balald of Love" b/w "Two Timin' Fool" 7" (1960), Dixie Records (847), Starday Custom

CP-3237/3238...Hoyt & Joe Webb: "Richaer Than a Millionaire" b/w "Don't Wake Me, I'm Dreaming" 7" (1960), Dixie Records (846), Starday Custom

CP-3241/3242...Roosevelt Lee: "Hey Little Girl I've Got Eyes for You" b/w "You Are the Answer" 7" (1960?), Cincinatti R&B, Hilltop Records (No. 102)


CP-3257/3258...Jack Ford: "I Made a Mistake" b/w "Jean Lafitte" 7" (1960), Shreveport, LA, Music of America Records (1005)

CP-3259/3260...Ann Mallie: "I Hate to Say Goodnight" b/w "Your Wandering Heart" 7" (1960), Shreveport, LA, Music of America Records (1006)


CP-3275/3276...Buddy Paul: "This Old Town (Is Such a Lonely Place)" b/w"Foolish Me" 7" (1960), Shreveport, LA, Murco Records (1018), KCIJ DJ, ex-member of The Four B's


CP-3291/3292...Rudy Thacker & String Busters: "This Dream" b/w "Black Train" (1960), Cincinnati, LA, Lucky Records (12), vocal by Larry Dale, Starday Custom

CP-3293/3294...Romeo Sullivan & Serenaders: "Haunting Rhythm" b/w "What Will I Tell My Friends When They Call?" 7" (1960), Cincinnati, OH, Top Notch Records (849), Starday Custom

CP-3295/3296...Bob Weller Accompanied by Will Coffman & Night Riders: "Devils Heart" b/w "Heartaches and Gloom" 7" (1960), Dixie Records (850), Starday Custom


CP-3315/3316...? 7" (1960), Keymasters Records (1019)


CP-3321/3322...Shelby Smith: "What's on Your Mind?" b/w "So Long to Get You" 7" (1960), Memphis, TN, Smitty Records (55783)


CP-3327/3328...Little Boyd: "Drinking Blues Part 1" b/w "Drinking Blues Part 2" 7" (1960), Boyd Records (2)

CP-3329/3330...Preston Ward & Echo Valley Boys: "That Old Girl of Mine" b/w "Old Man in the Moon" 7" (1960), Amelia, OH country, Echo Records (284)

CP-3333/3334...Glenna Dene Case with Ray Guyce and His Lonesome Valley Boys: "Thank You So Much" b/w "Broken Hearted" 7" (1960), Mt. Vernon, IN country, Brite Star Records (45-767)


CP-3349/3350...The Epics: "Let's Dance" b/w "Lonely" 7" (1960), Rochester, NY R&B, Lifetime Records (1004)

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CP-3381/3382...Billy Wallace: "Gotta Keep Ridin'" b/w "Chesnut Locks" 7" (1960), Nashville rockabilly/country, Pace Records (45-1008)


CP-3387/3388...Estel Lee/Joe Elliot: "Death of Floyd Collins" b/w "Careless Love" 7" (1960), country, Arvis Records (105)


CP-3393/3394...Eddie Smalling and the Rolling Aces: "Little Brave" b/w "Jeanie" 7" (1960?), Indianapolis, IN bopper, Delta Records (45-555)


CP-3409/3410...Guitar Dave and His Orchestra: "Zoro Pt. 1" b/w "Zoro Pt. 2" 7" (1960), Hattiesburg, MO blues/R&B, Central Records (291-4)

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CP-3423/3424...Onie Wheeler: "I Need to Go Home" b/w "Too Hot to Handle" 7" (1960?), St. Louis, MO rock & roll, K-Ark Records (No. 606)

CP-3483/3484...Les and Helen Tussey: "He Won't Have to Go" b/w "The Miner's Child" 7" (1960?), Cincinatti bluegrass, Madison Records (No. 300-1)


CP-3543/3544...Onbeats: "After Sunset" b/w "Catastrophe" 7" (1960), Granite Records (301)

CP-3845/3846...Levinsky Allen: "Layed Off" b/w "Couldn't Be Done" 7" (1960), Cincinatti doo wop, Vital Records (321-1)

CP-3909/3910...Hugh Lewis: "Bloody Harlan" b/w "Two of a Kind" 7" (1960), Ashland, KY country, Fern Records (802)

CP-3915...Red Turner/Vernon Shetler: "Supper Time"/"I Will Not Be a Stranger" b/w "Will You Meet Me Over There"/"Don't Be Ashamed of Jesus" 7" (1960?), Covington, KY country gospel, Gospel Records (No. 512)

CP-4013/4014...Joe Caldwell: "Rollin Tears" b/w "Rowdy Mae" 7" (1960), Hamilton, OH R&B, Esta Records (1001)


CP-4021/4022...Tuttle Sisters: "Middle of the Night" b/w "Our Last Dance" 7" (1960), Mount Airy, NC, Granite Records (551)

CP-4121/4122...Hugh Lewis: "Rockin Moon Men" b/w "Daddy Frog" 7" (1960), Ashland, KY rockabilly, Fern Records (803)


CP-4237/4238...The Superchargers: "Dream Love" b/w "Meanwhile Back at the Ranch" 7" (1960?), Savannah, TN, Diana Records (101)

CP-4461/4462...Duke University Chancel Singers LP (1960?)

CP-4559/4560...Jimmie Eustice, Jr.: "Pick Me Up on Your Way Down" b/w "Jennie Lou" 7" (1961), Cleveland rocker, Patrice Records (No. 203)


CP-4845/4846...Tommy Boyles: "(Tribute to Johnny Horton) So Long Johnny, So Long" b/w "Don't Be Somebody Else's Baby" 7" (1960), Herbertsville, NJ, Granite Records (552)

CP-5097/5098...Jimmy Mackey and Glenn Shreeves: "Bile Them Cabbage Down"/"Bubbles in My Beer"/"What Can I Do with My Heart" b/w "Big Beaver"/"I'll Always Think of You"/"Old Joe Clark" 7" (1961?), Brownfield, TX country, Textar Records (TEP 1001)

CP-5233/5234...Johnny Dot and the Dashes: "I Love an Angel" b/w "Just for You" 7" (1961?), teen rock & roll ballads, Vaca Records (45-102)


CP-5429/5430...Donald Daffron: "Walkin' and Cryin'" b/w "Angel with Golden Wings" 7" (1961), rock & roll and country, Tagg Records (No. 510)

CP-5627/5628...The Planeteers: "Sail on" b/w "Slowly Movin'" 7" (1961), Pittsburgh rockabilly, Spear Records (1-SPX)


CP-5737...Tuttle Sisters: "Lonely" b/w "I Was Took" 7" (1961), Granite Records (553)

CP-5983/5984...Ginny Millay: "Juke Box on the Moon" b/w "I Thought I Saw a Saucer" 7" (1961), Jacksonville, FL country, Saucer Records (6102)


CP-6025/6026...Count Ferrell: "Wizard of Ah's" b/w "The Best Performance of the Year" 7" (1961), R&B, LeRegal Recording Co. (no #)

CP-6091/6092...Larry Lasch and the Drifting Rangers/Curt Burrell and the Drifting Rangers: "Just a Long, Long Road" b/w "The Best Performance of the Year" 7" (1961), Rochester, NY hillbilly bopper, Lifetime Recordings (1008)

CP-6263/6264...The Videls: "Blow Wind Blow" b/w "I Wish" 7" (1961), Cincinatti doowop, Early Records (701/702)


CP-6303/6304...The Burd Family with "Slim" and Bea Watkins: ? b/w "Here in My Arms" 7" (1961?), Killeen, TX, Legend Records (45-LEG-51/45-110)

CP-6413/6414...Bill McDowell with the Johnny Hickman Trio: "America's Uncrowned Queen" b/w "Hobo's Guitar" 7" (1961?), bluegrass, Rena Records (45-2008)

CP-6471/6472...The Anderson Choir: "Higher Ground"/"Stand by Me" b/w ? 7" (1961?), gospel, Grace Records (AVCA RP-107)


CP-6655/6656...Jimmy Mackey and His All-Stars: "Ragtime Annie" b/w "Hello Mr. Moon" 7" (1961?), Brownfield, TX country, Texstar Records (TS-45-102)

CP-6661/6662...Jeff & Charles and the Starlight Boys: "I'm Knockin' on the Door of Your Heart" b/w "Janet Ann" 7" (1961), Cincinnati country bop, June Records

CP-6683/6684...Charles Epps: "Shake That Thing" b/w "Rock with the Boogie" 7" (1961), Cincinnati blues, Hilltop Records (HT 913)


CP-6825/6826...Johnny Kaye: "My Love Is Gone" b/w "Please Don't Leave Me" 7" (1961?), Detroit, MI teener, Doll Records (DRN 11)

CP-7117/7118...Early Upchurch and the Tide Water Gospel Singers: ? b/w "I'll Not Be a Stranger" 7" (1961?), country gospel, Gospel Records (no #)


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CP-10231...Wayne & Jo Tilford: "Jesus Is the Way" b/w "I Found What It Takes" 7" (1963?), Cincinatti country gospel, Ark Records (No. 264)

Thank you: Dave Cruse, Paul Austin Kelly.


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