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Rite Record Productions, Inc., Cincinatti, OH 45215. Custom pressing record label.

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812R-0785...The Debonaires: "Never Mistaken" b/w "Summertime" 7" (196?), IL garage

7321/7322...The Bees: "Oh Yes" b/w "Tough Enough" 7" (1961), Cincinnati blues rock, Finch Records

7335/7336...The Gravestone Four: "Rigor Mortis" b/w "Ad Lib Beat" 7" (1962), Cleveland R&R instros, Dani Records (DR-7749)

7529/7530...The Rhythm-Addicts: "That Night" b/w "Hey! Whatcha Say Babe!" 7" (1962), Louisville rockabilly, Raddix Records


7585/7586...Johnny Albert and "Wild" Bill Graham Orch.: "April Fool b/w "Roll Clean Out of Your Life" 7" (1962?), Columbus, OH rock 'n' roll, House of Joan Records (no #)


7643/7644...Jimmy Crain: "Kathy" b/w "Rock-a Sock-a Hop" 7" (1962?), Dayton, OH teen rocker, Prism Records (No. 1002)


7823/7824 846 (Exodus 001)...Dave Nixon & the Valiants: "Continental Twist" b/w "Gift of Love" 7" (1962?)


7847/7848...Norman Walton/Van Brothers: "Take That Lock From Your Heart"/"Too Many Women" b/w "Sweet Marie"/"Servant of Love" 7" (1962), Richmond, IN rockabilly, Walton Records (E.P. 003), Van Brothers = Arnold Van Winkle


7881/7882...Silver Jets: "Roberta" b/w "Modockin'" 7" (1962?), Frankfort, IN rockabilly, Parr Records (no #)


8309/8310...Jim Foster: "Wandering Star" b/w "Pity Poor Me" 7" (1962), Waynesville, MO rockabilly, Karen Records (K-1/K 2)


8487/8488...Dave Allison: "I'll Go Home" b/w "Hep Cat Rock-a-Bye" 7" (1962), Middletown, OH rockabilly, Terry Records (#112)


8491/8492...Eddie Moore: "You're Not Mine Anymore/"More and More" b/w Billy Thomas: "Whatcha Gonna Do Now/Dick Lambert: "This Ole House 7" (1962?), Cincinnati rockabilly, Big 4 Hits Records (109)


8725/8726...Bob Ritchie: "Crazy Arms" b/w "Fraulein" 7" (1962?), Cleveland, OH rockabilly, Patrice Records


8811/8812...Jim Hall & His Radio Pals: "Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Potassium" b/w "Mister Moon" 7" (1962?), Franklin, PA country rocker, Process Records (107)


8887/8888...Gordon Woodby & Red Howard: "Standing Outside Your Heart" b/w "Western Carolina" 7" (1962), country, Klub Records (CR 3109)


8905/8906...Lenny Davis and the Megatones: "My Only Girl (One Night)" b/w "The Beginning (and Not the End)" 7" (1962), Springfield, OH teen rock & roll, Prism Records (No. 1003)


8937/8938...Sonny Osborne and His Sunny Mountain Boys: "Sunny Mountain Rock and Roll"/"Banjo Boy Chimes" b/w ? 7" (1962?), bluegrass bopper, Gateway Records (3011)

9341/9342...Kit Meador: "Pack Up Your Guns" b/w "Breaking Hearts Is Your Hobby" 7" (1962?), Shreveport, LA country, Swingline Records (no. 2013)


9357/9358...Billy Bownds: "If I Could Call Back Yesterday" b/w "World of Make Believe" 7" (1962?), Houston, TX country, Bow and Arrow Records (AR-1002)


9441/9442...Morris Rodgers and the Continentals: "The Leg" b/w "Wonders of Love" 7" (1963), Bedford, IN doo-wop, Delta Records (D-3025/3026)


9485/9486...The Singing Mastermen: "The Story of Calvary" b/w "Jesus He's a Friend of Mine" 7" (1963?), Finch Recording Co. (no #)


9537/9538...Elvin Rooks and the Blue Grass Ramblers: "It's Goin' to Cost You" b/w "Salty Dog Blues" 7" (1963), Taylorsville, IN bluegrass, Elgest Records (42)


9711/9712...Roy Shepard: "I'll Love You Till I Die" b/w "Air Mail to Heaven" 7" (1963?), Cincinatti country bopper, Tela-Star Records (5000)


10031/10032...Geno and Rabbit: "Deep in the Night" b/w "Never Before" 7" (1963?), R&B, TeemA Records (696)


10415/10416...Eugene and the Cyclones: "You Are My Sunshine" b/w "You Mean So Much to Me" 7" (1963), Newbury, OH rock & roll, Bryte Record Co. (860)


10579/10580...Mel Smith: "Yes Love" b/w "Hohner's Dream" 7" (1963?), Baltimore blues, Rock-a-Bye Records (CH 7887)


10609/10610...Big Brad and the Four Star Boys: "The Train Winds Through the Mountains" b/w "The Loser" 7" (1963?), country bopper, Metropolis Records (ME 3001)

10685/10686...Lafayette and the LaSabres: "Cure for Love" b/w "Free Way" 7" (1963), southwestern OH? teen surf


10727/10728...The Golden Echos: "Sandy" b/w "Golden Echo" 7" (1963), Dayton, OH surf, Ken-H Records (511)

10729/107230...Chuck Finney Combo: "It's Best to Play It Cool" b/w "I Want a Man Like That" 7" (1963?), St. Louis, MO jazz, Chick's Records (100)


10795/10796...Paul Bowyer: "Ruthie Baby" b/w "This World of Love" 7" (1963), Cincinatti rockabilly, Wonder Records (W106)

10843/10844...(Mr.) Connie Dycus: "I'll Be Untrue" b/w "Love Commandments" 7" (1963?), rockabilly, Greenley's Records (No. 1006)

10845/10846...Sonny Flaherty and His Young American's: "Coconut Stomp Part I" b/w "Coconut Stomp Part II" 7" (1963), Springfield, OH rock & roll, PAQ Records (No. 21)


10877/10878...James L. Smith: "Grey Fox Distress Cry" b/w same? 7" (1963?), animal calls, Smith's Records (Summerville, PA)


10901/10902...Billy Starr: "Stepping Out" b/w "The Old Town Got Lonesome" 7" (1963?), Cincinatti country, Ark Records (No. 285)


10915/10916...The Golden Crowns: "Whirl" b/w "Sinner Man" 7" (1962), Cleveland spiritual doowop, Sir Records (45-102)


10943/10944...Dave and the Saints: "Leavin' Surf City" b/w "Fever" 7" (1963?), Denver surf, Band Box Records (No. 341)


10989/10990...Albert Washington & His Kings: "Ramble" b/w "You're Gonna Miss Me" 7" (1963?), OH blues, Finch Records


11059/11060...The Original Playboys: ? b/w "You'll Be Mine" 7" (1963?), Cincinatti teen garage, Terry Records (Terry 119)


11139/11140...Royal Notes: "Cool It" b/w "Come Dance With Me" 7" (1963?), Lorian, OH female rockabilly, Athena Records (ARCO 201)

11215/11216...Harvey Hurt: "Stayed Away Too Long" b/w "Too Much in Love" 7" (1963?), Cincinatti rockabilly, Ark Records (No. 296)

11271/11272...Le Roy Cortez: "Lonesome 7-7203" b/w "Chime Bells"/"Yodeling Cowboy" 7" (1963?), Franklin, PA country, Process Records (117)

11415/11416...Ernest Martin: A Martin Blue Grass Special 7" (1963?), KY bluegrass, Sacred Records (1020)

11417/11418...El Torro and the Banlons: "My Love" b/w "I Love You Baby" 7" (1963), OH? doo wop, Triangle Records (45-60-20/45-60-30)


11501/11502...Tab Smith: "Who Am I" b/w "Sweet Slumber" 7" (1963?), St. Louis blues, E.L.J. Records


11509/11510...Jack Folk and Bill Hamilton: "Mocking Bird" b/w "Jack's Boogie" 7" (1963?), Dayton, OH country, Jalyn Records (45-202)


11547/11548...Happy Fats: "The Ballad of Thrifty Joe" b/w "The Angel You Married" 7" (1963?), Lafayette, LA country bopper, Thrift Records (T-1001)

11551/11552...Kenny and the Night Riders: "Andromeda" b/w "Swamp Rat" 7" (1963?), Worcester, MA garage, Bristol Records (B-102)

11583/11584...George Brock and the Traveling Crusaders: "I'll Not Be a Stranger"/"Now Is the Time to Pray" b/w "Get Ready for The Coming of the Lord"/"Pretty Wreaths for Mother's Grave" 7" (1963?), Cincinatti bluegrass gospel, Ark Records (308)

11607/11608...Texas Slim: "When I'm Old and Gray" b/w "Look What You Gone and Done to Me" 7" (1963?), country bop, Ark Records (309)

11609/11610...Nelson Young: "To Mom and Dad" b/w "Burning Bridges" 7" (1963?), Cincinatti bluegrass, Ark Records (310)


11685/11686...Ron Neat with the Janet Shay Trio: "Ronnie" b/w "Say I'm the One" 7" (1963?), rock & roll, Pelpal Records (No. 1502)

11719/11720...Burns Bros.: ? b/w "Strumming the Strings" 7" (1963?), bluegrass, Sunshine Records


11867/11868...Jimmy Stevens/The Highlights Combo: "Alone with You" b/w ""Highlights Theme" 7" (1963?), rocker, Process Records (1003)


12047/12048...Counts: Introducing! LP (1964), NC beach/teen beat, Reliable Records


12181/12182...The Wurlitzer Company: The Hobby-Lesson Course for Wurlitzer Organs 7" (1964?)

12183/12184...The Wurlitzer Company: Organ Melodies from Hobby-Lesson Course for Wurlitzer Organs LP (1964?)


12301/12302...The Impacts: "Moon of Manakoora" b/w "Speed Zone" 7" (1964), Anderson, IN surf, Anderson Records (No. 201)


12349/12350..."Hobo Jack" Adkins: "Kentucky Moonshine" b/w "I'll Be Long Gone" 7" (1963), Cincinatti country/bluegrass, Adco Records (No. 777)


12443/12444...J. D. Jarvis and the Rocky Mountain Boys: "The Rocket Ship Song" / "I Have Found the Way" b/w "Earthquake in Alaska" / "The Path of Sin" 7" (1964?), OH bopper, Melody Records (102)


12485/12486...5 Notes Shiloh Youth Choir: "Swing Low" b/w "Leaning on the Lord" 7" (1964?), black gospel, no label (No. 2)


12563/12564...James L. Smith: "Distress Cry of Adult Crow" b/w "Crow’s Fighting" 7" (1964?), animal calls, Smith's Records (Summerville, PA)

12565/12566...The Crusaders: "Seminole" b/w "Busted Surfboard" 7" (1964), Dayton/Cincinnati, OH surf, D.K.R. Records


12635/12636...Frank Darris: "Ruby Ann" b/w ? 7" (1964?), rockabilly, Roy Records (45-1030)


12717/12718...Orville Clarida/Rhythm Valley Boys: "It's So Wonderful" b/w "I Was Talking Too Fast" 7" (1964?), country bopper, Jerome Records (7362)


12741/12742...Dave Woolum and the Laurel Country Partners: "The Bridge of Love" b/w ? 7" (1964?), country, Melody Records


12983/12984...The Four Chevelles: "This Is Our Wedding Day" b/w "Darling, Forever" 7" (1964?), doo wop (Band Box Records)


13051/13052...John & Francis Reedy: "Quit Kicking My Dog Around" 7" (1964?), country (Jalyn Records)


13145/13146...Caeser and the Romans: "Your True Love" b/w "Let the Four Winds Blow" 7" (1964?), Toledo, OH garage/rockabilly, Hi-Note Records (AT 602)


13277/13278...Guitar Tommy Moore and the 5 J's: "I Ain't Botherin' Nobody" b/w "Your Car Machine" 7" (1964), St. Louis blues, Ultrasonic Record Co. (No. 101)


13449/13450...The Bel-Airs: "Scotch and Soda" b/w "Never on Sunday" 7" (1964), Cincinatti? teen rock & roll, W.E.C. Records (No. 001)


13621/13622...Tom and the Tempest's: "It's Over Now!" b/w "Play It Cool" 7" (1965), Dayton garage, Alco Records (1004)

13145/13146...Caeser and the Romans: "Your True Love" b/w "Let the Four Winds Blow" 7" (1965?), Toledo garage, Hi-Note Records (AT 602)

13557/13558...Red River Boys: "Before the Shadow of a Doubt" b/w "Big Sandy River" 7" (1965?), Newbury, OH country/bluegrass, Bryte Records (7777)

13597/13598...The Youngblood Sisters (Sarah and Marlene): "Why Send You the Pillow That I Dream on" b/w "Why a Crash Made an Orphan Just Now" 7" (1965?), Franklin, PA bluegrass, Process Records (134)

13707/13708...Dave Spangler: "Lonely" b/w "Near Me" 7" (1965?), Denver, CO teen, CLW Records (45-6577)

13709/13710...Debbie Everett: ? b/w "Three Great Singers" 7" (1965?), Cincinnati tribute, Adco Records (No. 778)


13775/13776...Chuck Thompson and His Rock-a-Billies: "Devil's Sweetheart" b/w "I'm Tired of Fooling Around" 7" (1965?), rockabilly and country, Granite Records (No. G560/561)


13957/13958...Glenn Canyon and the Country Playboys: "Still in Love with You" b/w ? 7" (1965?), country bopper, Adco Records (Ad. 781)

14057/14058...Jimmy Roberts: "Lonesome Fool" b/w "A Passing Love Affair" 7" (1965?), rockabilly (Venus Records)

14093/14094...The Bluegrass Blackjacks: "Blackjack's Breakdown" b/w "Get Right with God" 7" (1965?), Cincinatti bluegrass, Pine Tree Records (No. 102)

14133/14134...Sonny Charles: "It's Only Make Believe" b/w "You Better Believe It" 7" (1965), Covington, KY teen rock & roll, Penquin Records (45-1000/1001)


14147/14148...Herschel Haddix and the Blue Grass Gospel Travelers: "Peace and Freedom"/"He Will Set Your Fields on Fire" b/w ? 7" (1965?), bluegrass gospel, Melody Records (106)

14173/14174...Andy Lauren and the Persuaders: "I Never Knew Such Happiness" b/w "I' m Not Too Big to Cry" 7" (1965?), surf, Kasper Records (No. 105)

14273/14274...Sue Patrick and the Nomads: "Don't Congratulate Me" b/w "You Found a New Love" 7" (1965?), Franklin, PA rockabilly, Process Records (139)

14301/14302...Wibby Lee: "I'm Lost Without Your Love" b/w "Please Run Me Off" 7" (1965?), Datyon, OH rockabilly, Jalyn Records (45-214)

14327/14328...Gerald Davis: "Trouble with Me Is You" b/w "Yesterdays Love" 7" (1965?), rockabilly, Vest Records (V-101/102)


14381/14382...The Fabulous Mustangs: "I Won't Let You Go" b/w "I'll Find Happines" 7" (1965?), OH soul/R&B, Stang Records (No. 2002)

14633/14634...Graham High School Band: 5-song 7" (1965?)

14697/14698...Les Baker & Conley Mullins: "These Walls" b/w "Take Advice from a Fool" 7" (1965?), Cincinatti country, Adco Records (AR 784)

14897/14898...The Epiks: "Give Me a Chance" b/w "When We're Apart" 7" (1965?), Steubenville, OH teen garage, Process Records (Franklin, PA, 146)

14961/14962...The Kids: "Flipped Hair and Lace" b/w "Lovin' Everyday" 7" (1965), Auburn, NY garage, Chroma Record Co. (45-1004)

14985/14986...Lyle Collins and the Rebel-Aires: "Three Great Stars" b/w "Left My Lover on the Corner" 7" (1965), Toledo, OH country rock, Harvest International Records (103/104)

14987/14988...Arnold & Lee the Van Brothers: "Lonesome Tonight for Tomorrow" b/w "Uncle Jim Riggs Will" 7" (1965?), Richmond, IN rockabilly, Walton Records (2500)

15043/15044...Bonnie Baldwin: "The Mocking Bird" b/w "I'm the Childrens Mother" 7" (1965?), country, Bon-Win Records (1550)


15125/15126...Malcom Parker and the Big Star Playboys: "Same Old Feeling" b/w "Rather Fight Than Switch" 7" (1965?), Port Arthur, TX country, Mesa Records (MR 100)


15215/15216...Wayne and the Impressions: "I Saw You" b/w "Ginger Brandy (On the Rocks)" 7" (1965?), Reading, PA garage surf, Barclay Records


15219/15220...Bobby Boyle: "Away From the World" b/w "Ricky the Record Hound" 7" (1965?), Newbury, IN rockabilly, Roy Records (8181)


15237/15238...The Kings: In Concert LP (1965?), Keemaker Records


15279/15230...Dave and Jan Olshevski: Songs of Hope LP (1965?), gospel


15325/15326...The Runabouts: "I Need Time" b/w "The Chase" 7" (1965), Cincinatti, OH garage, Vox Records (no #)


15333/15334...The Silvertones of Cincinatti: "Silent Night"/"Gospel Train" b/w "Freedom After While"/"What Are They Doing in Heaven?" 7" (1965?), OH R&B gospel


15361/15362...Bill Strickland: "The Shape You Left Me in" b/w "Donna Jean" 7" (1966), Colombus, OH rocker, Fabar Records


15495/15496...The Rocks: "Because We're Young" b/w "My Only Love" 7" (1966?), Nashville, TN garage, Woodrich Records (WR-1249)


15543/15544...The Sunrise Quartet: "Springtime in Heaven"/"Wings of Faith"/"The Wicked Path of Sin" b/w "Harbor of Love"/"Let Me Walk Lord by Your Side" 7" (1966?), Strongsville, OH gospel


15563/15564...Jim Harris & the Sidewinders: "Three Chartreuse Buzzards Sitting on a Fence" b/w "I'm on the Outside Looking in" 7" (1966), Columbus, OH garage rock, Fabar Records


15587/15588...Pictorian Skiffuls: "In Awhile" b/w "You’ve Done Me Wrong" 7" (1965), OH garage, Skifful Records


15597/15598...Earl Brooks and His Plantation Playboys: "Thirteen Minutes" b/w "Tonight" 7" (1965?), Indianapolis country, Nabor Records (NR 129)


15637/15638...The Counts: "Now You're Gone" b/w "Old Man River" 7" (1965?), Cincinatti garage, Teen Records (No. 900)


15723/15724...Willie Hays: "My Ramblin' Heart" b/w "Soldier's Last Letter" 7" (1965?), Mt. Healthy, OH country, Log Cabin Records (No. 902, Rusty York Music BMI; see Jewel Records)


15729/15730...Ken Gabbard: "Cheating on Me" b/w ? 7" (1965?), country, Harp Records


15817/15818...Joey & the Prophets: "Do the Dog" b/w "Stand by Me '66" 7" (1965?), Pottsville, PA garage, Barclay Records

15827/15828...Curt Block and the Vibrations: "She's My Kind" b/w "With This Ring" 7" (1965), Arthur, TX garage, Netra Records (No. 111)


15865/15866...Rusty York: "Sugartree - 66" b/w "Sing the Girls Song a Song, Bill" 7" (1966?), Jewel Records (No. 700)


15881/15882...Claude Sweet: "False Hearted Girl" b/w "I Didn't Have Time" 7" (1966?), rockabilly, Harp Records


15889/15890...Bennie Cook: "Moon on the Silver Saddle" b/w ? 7" (1966?), country, Jewel Records


16027/16028...The Ascots: "Run Little Girl" b/w "Punch" 7" (1966), MA, Liverpool Records


16047/16048...Keith Anderson and the Western Gentlemen: "I Need a Hit" b/w "I'm Gonna Talk to My Heart" 7" (1966), Davis, WV rockabilly, Cozy Records (No. 551)


16127/16128...Jim Greer & the Moc-o-Chee Valley Folks: "No Golden Tomorrow's Ahead" b/w "Two Little Boys" 7" (1966?)


16176/16177...Donnie: "You're No Good" b/w "Goin' Away" 7" (1966?), Somerset, PA garage, Bittner's Records (No. 1013)


16355/16356...The Dell Vikings: "Down in Bermuda" b/w "Maggie" 7" (1966?), doo-wop, Fee Bee Records (FB-206)


16379/16380..."Lil" Roger and His Fabulous Vel's: "Nite Time" b/w "Jolly Organ" 7" (1966?), R&B


16423/16424...Cecil Johnson & the Odom Sisters: "If You Miss Heaven"/"The Way of Salvation" b/w "The End of My Journey"/"He Is Surely Coming" 7" (1966?), KY gospel bluegrass, Lavender Records (no #)


16482...Percy Marshall: "Leaving Town" b/w "Give Me My Guitar and Traveling Shoes" 7" (1966?), Cincinatti, OH blues, Marshall Records (no #)


16637/16638...Le Troy Reed: "Cold Cold Heart" b/w "Saginaw Michigan" 7" (1966?), Winchester, KY country, Alvic Records


17133/17134...The Starlites: "I Can't See You" b/w "Baby Set Me Free" 7" (1966?), Reading, PA garage, Barclay Records


17185/17186..."Lil" Roger and His Fabulous Vels: "Jolly Roger" b/w "Night Time" 7" (1966?), Cincinatti soul, Teen Records (918)


17249/17250...J.D. Jarvis: "God's Not Dead"/Out in Sin" b/w "Almost Home/Path of Sin" 7" (1966?), Cincinnati, OH bluegrass gospel, Jewel Records (No. 920)


17319/17320...The New Breed: "My Baby" b/w "She's Fallen for Me (You) 7" (1966?), garage, Benjo Records


17327/14238...Gerald Davis: "Trouble with Me Is You" b/w "Yesterdays Love" 7" (1966?), Memphis rock & roll, Vest Records (165)


17367/17368...Harvey Connell: "Autumn Heart" b/w "Little Girl" 7" (1966), Cincinatti? rocker/doo-wop, Tri City Records


17373/17374...The Swingin' Safaries: "Syncopated Beat Part 1" b/w "Come on Girl" 7" (1966), Dublin, IN garage, Flip Pop Records (45-101)


17583/17584...Ravens: "Imagine You And Me" b/w "Are You a Boy or Are You a Girl" 7" (1966?), Columbus, OH garage, Bowery Records (BR-502)


17686/17686...Harmonaires: "If I Had One Wish for Christmas" b/w "Impact" 7" (1966?), Lorain, OH rock instrumentals, Athena Records


17743/17744...Shacklefords: "The Wonderer" b/w "The Unloved" 7" (1966?), OH garage, Catalina Records (1801)


17765/17766...Jimmie Skinner: "Hem of His Garment" b/w ? 7" (1966?), Country Corner Records


17809/17810...Danny and the Demons: "Phelpio" b/w "Count Down" 7" (1966), Paducah, KY surf/garage, Double Dee Records


17825/17826...Charlotte & the Kentucky Boys: "Why Did Santa Come to My House" b/w "I Can Change My Mind but (I Can't Change My Heart)" 7" (1966?), Sparta, MI country, Mike Records


18035/18036...v/a: Album No. 1 LP (1966), OH garage band sampler, Hillside Records


18061/18062...The Bends: "If It's All the Same to You" b/w ? 7" (1966?), garage, Rebel Records (HF-103)


18293/18294...The Endless: "Tomorrow's Song" b/w "Prevailing Darkness" 7" (1966), Columbus, OH garage, Cardinal Records (C-521)

18295/18296...Tom Dooley: "Have a Happy, Happy Time" b/w "Bring It on Home" 7" (1966), R&B, Dana Records (no #)


18347/18348...The Malcontents: "(I'm a) Roustabout" b/w "Motivated Action" 7" (1967), garage, Gems Records


18375/18376...Sonny Charles Acc. by Mourning Dues: "Kathy's Gone" b/w "How Many Hearts (Have You Broken)" 7" (1967?), Covington, KY garage, Joye Records (1772)

18377/18378...Tthhemm: "Baby (I Still Need Your Love)" b/w "You Give Your Love to Me" 7" (1966), garage, Toy Tiger Records (TT 1001)


18385/18386...The Valley Ramblers: "I'll Always Be Waiting for You" b/w "Can't Your Hear Me Calling" 7" (1966?), Dayton, OH bluegrass, Jalyn Records (45-311)


18426...Rainbow Valley Boys: "To You It Don't Matter" b/w "Me and Mr. Blue" 7" (1966?), hillbilly honky-tonk, Rainbow Records (RB2)


18451/18452...Chris Allen and the Good-Timers: "My Imagination" b/w "Sorry ’Bout That" 7" (1967). Richmond, IN garage, Hollywood New World Records


18507...The Shadows: "If You Love Me" b/w ? 7" (1966?), garage, Woodrich Records


18529...The Soul Kings: "I Don't Care" b/w "On Broadway" 7" (1967?), KS garage, Chrome Records


18555/18556...Dwight Templeton: "I'm Glad It's Him Instead of Me" b/w "I Wish I Had My Troubles Back" 7" (1967?), country, Woodrich Records (no #)


18573/18574...Murry Kellum & the Cane Breakers: "Mr. Terrific" b/w "Mama Louchie" 7" (1967?), country rocker, Cane-Break Records (1)


18765/18766...The Chosen Ones: "Watch Out" b/w "Good Clean Lovin'" 7" (1967?), R&B, Chrome Records (45-102)


18797/18798...The Endeavors: "Beware of Your Friends" b/w "I Can't Help Crying" 7" (1967?), Cincinatti soul, Split Records (1028)


18805/18806...The Arkay IV with Bill Adleff: "Down from No. 9" b/w "When I Was Younger" 7" (1967), Erie, PA, Marion Records


18839/18840...The Crusader: "Wake Up, My People" b/w "We Need Wallace for President" 7" (1967?), Beech Grove, IN rockabilly, Dip Records (no #)


18895/18896...Norman Burns: "Jenny, Jenny" b/w "Not Even Uncle Sam Can Take the Part" 7" (1967?), Boston teen pop, Sterling Records (S-402)


18901/18902...The Shademen: "That's Tuff" b/w "Sick and Tired (Of Waiting)" 7" (1967?), Elyria, OH garage pop, Verann Records (JMJ 501)


19261/19262...Strangers in Town: "You'll Never Know" b/w "Be My Friend" 7" (1967?), doo-wop, Toy Tiger Records (TT 1003)


19635/19636...Back Street Boys: "Money" b/w "Back Street Blues" 7" (1967), Worcester, MA, W.J.G. Records


19659/19660...Jesse Barton: "Road Ranger" b/w "The Truth Hurts" 7" (1967?), GA country, Lynn-Lee Records (No. 102)


19707/19708...Jerry and George with the Niagara Playboys: "Dreams of Mother" b/w "I Won't Be Here Alone" 7" (1966), Rochester, NY country, Capitol Star Artist Records (no #)


19781/19782...Sally Jo Parker: "You Ain't Woman Enough" b/w "Happy Birthday" 7" (1967), Hamilton, OH kid rocker, Reese Records (no #)


19857/19858...The Kentuckians: "The Mountains Are Calling" b/w "Crazy Arms" 7" (1967?), KY? bluegrass, Jalyn Records (45-317)


19971/19972...Dennis McCann & the Country Cut-Ups: "Steel Guitar Rag" b/w "Never on Sunday" 7" (1967?), MI country


20067/20068...Archie Jones: "I'd Never Make You Blue" b/w ? 7" (1967?), bluegrass, Jalyn Records


20113/20114...The Uprisers: "Nine to Five" b/w "Let Me Take You Down" 7" (1967), garage, Swingtown Records (RSSWO 791)


20179/20180...Ronnie Taylor: "Without Love" b/w "I Can't Take It" 7" (1967?), soul, Nassau Records (N 101)


20211/20212...The Livin' End: "Our Love Was Strong" b/w "You're My Woman" 7" (1967), OH garage


20335/20336...Rusty Dunn with Wayne Roberts and the Countrymen: "My Daddy" b/w "Production Line" 7" (1967?), country bopper, Northland Records (50BL 1120)


20417/20418...Willie Bryant and the Sons of the Gospel: Almost Home LP (1967), OH gospel bluegrass, Baron Records (101)


20585/20586...The Sabers: "Skinny Minny" b/w "Mickey's Monkey" 7" (1967?), garage, Tiretown Records (A118)


20669/20670...The Cooke Duet: Striving for That City LP (1967?), Wise, WA, no label


20781/20782...The Sound Track: "I See The Light" b/w "Groovin'" 7" (1967?), Kingsport, TN garage punk, Trail Records (TSRC-1706)


20871/29872...Frank Lanterman: "The Astronauts Were Puzzled" b/w "Acting Like a Baby Over You" 7" (1967?), Franklin, PA bluegrass, Process Records (143)


21131/21132...Bobby Runnel's Faux Pas: "True Love--Heartaches" b/w "Black Cloud" 7" (1967?), garage


21215/21216...The Jay-Bees: "Good Times" b/w "Tossin' & Turnin'" 7" (1967?), Davis, WV garage, Cozy Records (580/581)


21239/21240...Diamond Rings: "Which End Is Up" b/w "All I Really Want to Do" 7" (1967), OH garage rock, Eastwood Records (21868)


21285/21286...Bob Morris and the Kentucky Bluegrass Boys: "This Weary Heart" b/w "I'm Pouring Out My Wine" 7" (1967?), Dayton, OH bluegrass, Jalyn Records (45-324)


21301/21302...The Four Andantes: "The End of Love" b/w "Hipper, Than Me" 7" (1967), soul, Mo Do Records (RKS-1007)


21667/21668...The Arkay IV with Bill Adleff: "Demotion" b/w "I'll Keep on Trying" 7" (1968), Erie, PA, Marion Records


21831/21832...James Bowen and His Agent with Bill Smith's Hitch Hikers: "This Boy and Girl" b/w "Baby I Want You" 7" (1968?), soul, Roosevelt Lee Records (no #)


21935/21936...The Cathedral Quartet: I Saw the Light LP (1968?)


22173/22174...The Ohio State Fair Youth Choir: Up, Up and Away with the Ohio State Fair Youth Choir LP (1968)


22323/22324...Ronnie Knull and the Sand: "Leah" b/w "Crawfish" 7" (1968?), DeLand, FL surf, Tropical Records (No. 129)


22489/22490...Ray Hoskins: ? b/w "Foot Prints in the Snow" 7" (1968?), KY country


22497/22498...L.C. Angel with Coye Farmer and the Blue Mountain Boys: "Walking Out" b/w "Don't Judge Me Guilty" 7" (1968?), Hamilton, OH rockabilly, Baron Records (no #)


22663/22664...Steve Hartman and the 4th Street Soul: "Bulls Eye" b/w "What Happened" 7" (1968), Bellbrook, OH funk/soul instrumentals, Vangee Records (45--V-303)


22825/22826...Tedd Browne: This Little Light of Mine LP (1968), Cleveland Catholic folk


22945/22946...The Swordsmen: Gospel Trio LP (1968?)

23043/23044...The Wanderers: "On the Road" b/w "Sleepin' in the Sun" 7" (1968?), Cleveland garage, Kustom Records


23393/23394...The Cooke Duet: The Lord Will Make a Way Somehow LP (1968?), Wise, WA, no label


23595/23596...Miss Cloteal Lewis and the Gospel Impressionists: "Beyond the Bridge" b/w "I've Got a Learning from the Lord" 7" (1968?), Dayton, OH gospel, Sas Records (no #)


23753/23754...The Messengers Trio: He Touched Me LP (1968?)


23811/23812...Cooke Duet: s/t LP (1968?), Wise, WA, no label


24255/24256...Rev. Joe Freeman and Wife June: Country Gospel Songs in Stereo LP (1968?)


24551/24552...Jerry Dee/Sammy Marshall: "Her Name Is Kathleen"/"Ballard of Johnny Horton" b/w "Edie"/"Fava Beans and Pepperoni" 7" (1968?), Carpentersville, IL song poems, Brosh Records (BR-1300)


24647/24648...The Chandlers: "I Loved You, Girl" b/w "(Never Before) Your Love Keeps Drawing Me Closer" 7" (1968), soul, Bleu Rose Records (BR-100)


24711/24712...The Messengers Quartet: Sings Nearer My God to Thee LP (1968?)


24735/24736...Templeaires Quartet: Songs of Faith LP (1968?)


24811...Eddy & Ann: "Night Train to Memphis" b/w "Beautiful Lies" 7" (1968?), Nashville, TN country, Bryte Records (6162)


24887/24888...Tommy Hanks and the Rhythm Rangers: "Shackles and Chains" b/w "Want to Be Loved Only by You" 7" (1968?), Shelby, OH country, Cabut Records (no #)


25103/25104...The Harmony Boys Gospel Singers: Sing Unto God LP (1968?), Mt. Olive, NC, Atonement Records


25131/25132...Virgil Vickers and Kentucky Play Boys: "Truck Driver's Rock" b/w "Devil in Disguise" 7" (1968?), Lexington, KY bopper, Sun-Ray Records (SR-137)


25373/25374...The Vocalaires of Newport News, Virginia: "If You Miss Me" b/w "Jesus I Love Thee" 7" (1968?), Norfolk, VA gospel, Pinewood Records (45-501)


25395/25396...The Sands of Time: s/t LP (1970?)


25415/25416...Troy Que: "Life of a Musician" b/w "Let Me Go to Nashville" 7" (1969), Bedford, IN country, Forest View Records (No. 002)


25553/25554...Little Jimmy Lynch: Meet Little Jimmy Lynch LP (1970?)


25602/25603...Strings n' Things: "Better Life" b/w "All My Life" 7" (1970?), Anderson, IN pop, Gold-Tone Recordings (no #)


25609/25610...Alfred O.: "Do What You Wanna Do" b/w "A Vacation From Love" 7" (1969), Buffalo, NY soul, Mo Do Records


25619/25620...The Cooke Duet: God Is Not Dead, He's Still Alive LP (1969?), Wise, WA, no label


25702...Mike Sage: I Shall Be at Home with Jesus LP (1969?), Marian, VA


25715/25716...The Easter Brothers and Their Green Valley Quartet: Country Hymn Time LP (1973), Mt. Airy, NC gospel bluegrass, Commandment Records (300)

26277/26278...Eddie Ray: "Glad I Found You" b/w "You Got Me" 7" (1970), R&B, HSI-PRIX Records (HSI-7001)


26303/26304...Norm Burns: "A Helping Hand" b/w "A Helping Hand" 7" (1970?), Boston, MA country bopper, Sterling Records (S-459)

26343/26344...Ernie Elliott: "I Traded My Heart" b/w "Lonesome Over You" 7" (1970?), Springfield, MO bopper, E-F Records (EF-101)


26797/26798...The Vocalaires of Newport News, Virginia: "Going Home to Live with Jesus" b/w "There Must Be a Heaven" 7" (1970?), Norfolk, VA gospel, Pinewood Records (502)

27039/27040...Harvi Griffin: Voice and Harp of Harvi Griffin LP (1970?)

27229/27230...Eddie and the Slovenes: Happy Polka Days LP (1970?)

27335/27336...Bob Hamilton: "Making My Home in a Barroom" b/w ? 7" (1970?), country, Harp Records

27451/27452...The Melody Bros. Featuring Allen Mann: "More and More" b/w "Lonely Tonight" 7" (1970?), soul, Rend Records (no #)

27350...Sunnygoode Street: "By and By" b/w "Just Another Dream" 7" (1970), Dayton, OH pop psych, Dabico Records (45-103)

27719/27720...Everett Pauley/Tiney Wellman/The Gypseys: "Room of Lights" b/w "Goodbye, It's Over, I'm Gone" 7" (1970?), rockabilly, Gypsy Records (no #)

27721/27722...Vonnie McClure: Sing a New Song LP (1970?), xian


27939/27940...The North Peoria Church of Christ: In Times Like These LP (1970?)


28090/28091...Evangelist Don Parker: Snowball Spitball Fireball LP (1970?)


28139/28140...Theron Spurr: Spurr of the Moment LP (1970?)


28167/28168...Clyde Murphy and the Murphy Trio: The Land of Beulah LP (1970?), gospel


28187/28188...Danny Keebler: "Charlene" b/w "Matchbox" 7" (1970?), Ocean Springs, MS country rocker, South Records (SO. 101)


28265/28266...Harvi Griffin: The Two Sides of Harvi Griffin LP (1970?) [28264?]


28293/28294...Danny Angel: "Let Me Drown Myself Again" b/w "How Long Must I Be Without You" 7" (1970?), Cincinatti country, RMT Records (603)


28853/28854...The New-Born Singers from Teen Challenge Institute: I've Been New-Born LP (1971)


28943/28944...v/a: Gospel Spectacular LP (1971?)


28969/28970...Soul Motivation: "Hard Times (Are Comin')" b/w "Bend Over Backwards" 7" (1971?), soul


29129/29130...Don and Fred Cox: Presents I've Been to Calvary LP (1971?), gospel


29173/29174...Kings Travelers: He Leadeth Me Besides Still Waters LP (1971?), Greenfield, IN


29459/29460...Revivlalist W. Farrell Osborne: Wayfaring Stranger LP (1971?)


29555/29556...Charisma: Charisma Is Raptured LP (1971?), FL xian rock


29575/29676...Buddy Sharpe & the Shakers: "Linda Lee" b/w "Git It -- Git It" 7" (1971?), doo wop, Fee Bee Records (FB 907)


29671/29672...Double O and His Demingos: "A Thousand Tears Too Late" b/w "The Crawl" 7" (1971?), Cincinnati soul, Split Records (1028)


29799/29780...Chuck and Mac: "You're the One Who Loves Me" b/w "Let the Doorknob Hit You" 7" (1971?), soul, Ruby Records


29911/29912...Lee Allen/The Country Nighthawks: "The First Day" b/w "Rolling Waves" 7" (1971?), Manitowoc, WI country bopper, Lakeland Records


29917/29918...Joe Peace: Finding Peace of Mind LP (1972, ed. of 2000), Cincinnati, OH hippie folkrock


29961/29962...Blackfoot with John Bailey: "And You" b/w "That Ain't The Way It Is" 7" (1972?), OH hard rock, Blackfoot Records


30089/30090...Singing Roar Family: Make Calvary Real LP (1972?)


30207/30208...v/a: Oh My God, They Baked His Face LP (1972), U.R.I. college folk


30269/30270...Ron Lynn with Gram: "Hung Up on You" b/w "Take This Love" 7" (1972?), rock


30351/30352...Rocken Breed with Bill Turner: "Lady Lady" b/w "She Tells Her Lies" 7" (1972?), garage, Karmony Ltd. Records


30375/30376...Hoosier Bob Wetherald with the Hoosier Halfshots: "Truck Drivin' Fool" b/w "That Distant Shore" 7" (1972?), IN country, Nabor Records (NR-144)


30395/30396...The Mt. Paran Baptist Church Pastor's and Celestial Choirs: On This Christian Journey LP (1972?), Indianapolis


30447/30448...Solid Ground: Through the Eyes of Innocent Children LP (1972?), Wesley United Methodist Church, Ludlow, KY xian folk kid covers, Melody Records (MSLP-41)


30571/30572...Poobah: Let Me in LP (1972), OH hard rock, Peppermint Productions (PP 1015)


30641/30642...Karen McKay and Rhonda Wallace: Mountain Paths LP (1972?), folk

30841/30842...Ron Stewart: At the Red Dog LP (1972?), Cincinatti comedian, Roncar Records

30985/30986...Jo An Morris: Personally Yours Tarantula Toes LP (1972?)

31191/31192...George Westermeyer III & the Tyme Machine: It's So Nice to Be with You LP (1972?), Columbus, OH lounge band, Peppermint Records (P.P. 1026)


31781/31782...The Chords: Here and Now LP (1972?), xian, Golden Shield Records


31817/31818...Poobah: "Rock City" b/w "Bowleen" 7" (1972?), hard rock, Fire Ball Records


31849/31850...The Harptones: The Sounds of the Harptones LP (1972?), gospel


31935/31936...Robert Gazaway and the Gospel Larks: Let Us Break Bread Together on Our Knees LP (1972?), gospel


32201/32202...Cool Spring: Cool Spring LP (1972?), Youngstown, OH lounge band, Peppermint Productions (PP1038)


32217/32218...Cephas: Teen Challenge Presents Cephas with Jeff Cogswell LP (1973), Pittsburgh high school xian folk, Teen Challenge Records


32383/32384...Walt Stanley: Introducing LP (1973), Albany, NY organist, Hilton Records (1001)


32461/34262...The Simpson Family: The Simpson Family LP (1974?), gospel


32495/32496...Tim Wilson: To a Lost Friend LP (1974?)


32527/32528...Bill Leslie: "Amazing Grace" b/w "Favorite Hymns" 7" (1974?)


32583/32584...Whail: Fresh Air LP (1974), OH psych, Luv Records (701)


32699/32700...Charisma: Last Days LP (1973), xian basement prog


3270132702...Wells Fargo: "Cuttin' the Cane" b/w "Morgan Sorghum" 7" (1973?), West Liberty, KY country, Kinfolk Records (no #)


32719/32720...Carl Dean: Up to Date Country Music LP (1974), country/pop covers


32755/32756...Me & the Other Guys: Be Young • Be Foolish • Be Happy LP (1974), Florida lounge, Copahog Records (#0070)


32825/32826...Rick and the Alternates: "Oh My Dearest Darling" b/w "Buy a Dog" 7" (1974), Cincinatti doo-wop, rock, Raven Records (C1739)


32909/32910...The Goldenaires: "Nobody Knows" b/w "I Will Never Stop Serving Him" 7" (1974?), gospel, Arc Records (no #)


33005/33006...The Whole Earth Rainbow Band: A Piece of Window LP (1974?)


33097/33098...Fisherman Quartet: Build My Mansion LP (1974?)


33117/33118...Loopers: Good Times with the Loopers LP (1974?)


33139/33140...The Dixie Riders: "Are You Missing Me" b/w "The Rushing River" 7" (1974?), Dayton, OH bluegrass, Jalyn Records (45-372)


33155/33156...Ed Love: "Make Sure of All Things / The Burglar" b/w "The Killers" / "The Hand You're Holding Now" 7" (1974?), Roanoke, VA country bopper, Kay Records

33181/33182...Cephas: 3 1/2 Years LP (1974)

33289/33290...Living Epistles: Gospel Plow LP (1974?)

33363/33364...Walter Burrell: Revival Sermon Preached in Worlds Largest Church LP (1974?)


33771/33772...John Wiesner: Keyboard Capers LP (1974?), Clifton Park, NY keyboardist for Rollerama skating rink in Rotterdam, NY, Poulton Records (0031)

34335/34336...Margie & The Crusaders: Touring That City LP (1974?)

34347/34348...Kings Travelers: On the Road LP (197?), Greenfield, IN

34385/34386...Susan Patterson: Sings Something Beautiful LP (1974?)

34469/34470...The Gospel Crusaders: The Versatility of The Gospel Crusaders LP (1974?)


34485/34486...Lee Clarke: "DWI" b/w "Cold Lonely Nights" 7" (1974?), Wooster, OH hillbilly bopper, Dee Gee Records (AL 1402)


34505/34506...Yathabhutha: ...Seeing Things as They Really Are... LP (1974?), xian folkrock, no label (WHA-0133LP)


34685/34686...Jesus: A Biography 2LP (1974?)


34899/34900...Jimmy Priest: The Wonder of You LP (1974?), IN lounge singer (WHA-0134LP)


35201/35202...Contrasts: Contrasts LP (1974?), lounge band, no label (XPL-1053)


35485/35486...John Wiesner: Another Caper on the Keyboards LP (1974?), Albany, NY keyboardist, Poulton Records (0032)


35867/35868...Bill Leslie: Because He Lives LP (1974?)


35923/35924...The Mighty Sunset Travelers of Newport News, Virginia: The Mighty Sunset Travelers of Newport News, Virginia LP (1974?), gospel, CM Records


36223/36224...Gene Dennis: Live at Golden Horn LP (1974?)


36527/36528...White Harvest: White Harvest LP (1976), xian rock


34505/34506...Yathabhutha: Seeing Things as They Really Are LP (1974?)


36527/36528...White Harvest: s/t LP (1976), Cuyahoga Falls, OH xian hard rock


36547/36548...Gary Roberts [& The Satellites]: "What I Am, You Know" b/w "Heartache Again" 7" (1972?), song-poem soul and country


36711/36712...The Gospel Crusaders: Hallelujah Square LP (1972?)


37276/32777...Les Reed: Les Who? LP (1972?)


37285/37286...Wes Davey: Portrait of My Love LP (1972?), Walpole, NH lounge crooner, Polly Records (756-2PR)


37763/37764...The Gloryland Singers: At an Old Fashioned Meeting LP (1972?)


37837/37838...The Roberta Jackson Singers: My God Is Able LP (197?)


37937/37938...The Living Tree Revival: I Know the Reason Why LP (1975?)

38129/38130...v/a: Demonstration Record LP (1975?), Rite promo sampler

38349/38350...Bill and Cindy: Sing Favorites LP (1975?), gospel


38449/38450...The Singing Rories: Camp Meeting Days LP (1975?)

38545/38546...Lenville Ball: "Let's Have a Hallelujah Meeting" "One Day at a Time" LP (1975?)

38735/38736...The Singing Frauenknecht Family: The Old Country Church LP (1975?)

39237/39238...Peaceful Valley Gospel Singers: Wasn't That True Love LP (1975?)

39357/39358...The Fisherman Quartet: Going Home LP (1975?), gospel


39405/39406...The Main Attraction: Encore LP (1977?), lounge band

39411/39412...Mighty Gospel Travelers Featuring Willie Shackelford: "Waiting on You" b/w "Hold on" 7" (1977?), Cincinatti gospel, Peace Records (no #)

39493/39494...Orville Hieb: I Don't Regret a Mile That I've Travelled LP (197?)

39659/39660...Jolly 8: Polkas and Waltzes LP (197?)

39737/39738...Wes Harrison: One and Only LP (197?)

40043/40044...Orville Hieb: Red Drops of Love LP (197?)


40083/40084...Marching Muskies LP (197?)


40089/40090...Badlands: Badlands LP (1979), country

40135/40136...Friends: How Long Has It Been LP (1979), KY folkrock


42741/42742...Lucile Mayes Middleton and Friends: The Lord Will Make a Way LP (1979?), gospel

CP-1022/1023...Tommy Willis and Club Miami Band: "T. N. O. Mambo" b/w "B for Best" 7" (1955), Hamilton, OH R&B, Club Miami Records (502)

CP-1065/1066...The Carter Family: "Railroading on the Great Divide"/"Wildwood Flower" b/w "The Titanic"/"Where the Sunset Turns the Ocean Blue to Gold" 7" (1955?), country, Acme Records (DF-102)

CP-1076/1077...Ray Pennington: "I'm in Love Again" b/w "Boogie Woogie Country Girl" 7" (1956), Cincinatti rockabilly, Lee Records (502)

CP-1084/1085...Rudy Hansen: "Cry Baby Cry" b/w "Saturday Jump" 7" (1956), Springfield, OH rockabilly, Rudy Hansen Records (1226)

CP-1090/1091...Logan Valley Boys/Harley and Aubrey: "Rock and Roll Country Style" b/w "Wild Rose" 7" (1956), Cincinatti bluegrass, Excellent Records (EX-279)

CP-1120/1121...Gospel Mariner's Quartet: "God's the Same" b/w "In the Chapel of My Heart" 7" (1956), Dayton, OH gospel, The Gospel Mariners Records (7620)

CP-1185/1186...Jimmy Settle with the Blue Grass Rangers: "Admitting Defeat" b/w "Wishing It Was Me" 7" (1957), Louisville, KY country bopper, Pier-Wats Records (1301)


CP-1225/1226...Johnny Bernatt and the Keystoners: "Seven Days of the Week" b/w "Tell Her from Your Heart" 7" (1957), rockabilly, Fireside Records (JB-22)

CP-1227/1228...Ray Baker: "Old Enough to Live" b/w "Gotta have Your Lovin'" 7" (1957), Cincinatti, OH rockabilly, Bramble Records (111)

CP-1229/1230...Harlin and Stanley and the Wright Brothers: "Carolina Mountain Home" b/w "What Can I Do" 7" (1957?), Cincinnati, OH bluegrass, Excellent Records (801)


CP-1259/1260...Rondell Barker with the Rainbow Drifters: "Dreamland" b/w "Courtin' Under the Moon" 7" (1957), Cincinatti country bop, Excellent Records (804)


CP-1269/1270...The Four C-Notes with the Orvits: "Mister Rock and Roll" b/w "Have Mercy on Me, Baby" 7" (1958), rockabilly, Bramble Records (3003)


CP-1301/1302...Gene Sisco and Homer Wooten/Gene Sisco: "No Use for Me to Try" b/w "Turning the Tables" 7" (1957), Wilmington, OH rockabilly, Dess Records (7003)


CP-1351/1352...Launa Gunter with the Queen City Ramblers: "He's My Man" b/w "The Torn Page" 7" (1958), Cincinatti rockabilly, Excellent Records (807)


CP-1428/1429...Cassidy Sisters with the Titantics: "Stardust Waltz" b/w "Rockin at the Top" 7" (1958), Indianapolis rockabilly, Hop Records (505)


CP-1449/1450...Ralph Bowman: "Shelia" b/w "Tragedy of School Bus 27" 7" (1958), Cincinatti country, Excellent Records (EX-400)


CP-1507/1508...Dan Johnson: "My Ramblin's Over" b/w "Have You Ever Loved Someone" 7" (1958?), Cincinatti bopper, M & J Records (CW-5)


CP-1527/1528...The Drakes with J J Macambo/The J J Macambo: "Oo Wee So Good" b/w "Kitty" 7" (1958), Indianapolis black harmony, Conquest Records (1001)


CP-1559/1560...Luke Gordon: "The Fool That I Am" b/w "Mustache on the Cabbage Head" 7" (1958), Quincy, KY country bop, Quincy Records (933)

CP-1561/1562...Dub Howington and His Tennessee Haymakers: "Road of Heartaches" b/w "Don't Play with Love" 7" (1958), Quincy, KY bopper, Quincy Records (934)

CP-1563/1564...Hank Spurling: "Box Car Blues" b/w "I'm in Debt" 7" (1958?), rockabilly, Hi-Lite Records (501)


CP-1621/1622...Bobby Grove: "Jealous Dreams" b/w "Be Still, My Heart" 7" (1958), Cincinatti country, Lucky Records (0003)

CP-1623/1624...Ralph Bowman with the Royalists: "Man Was Born" b/w "Driftwood Angel" 7" (1958), Ashland, KY country, Royaal Records (1002)

CP-1821/1822...Sammy Griggs and the Coronets: "Footsteps" b/w "Long John Silver" 7" (1959), OH doo wop, Job Records (100)

CP-1917...Mike Lawing and the Dissonaires: "Blitzkreig" b/w "One Love" 7" (1959), OH doo wop, Altair Records (AK/BK-101)

CP-1957/1958..."Zekie" Browning: "Bad Case of the Blues" b/w "What Else Could You Do" 7" (1959), Cincinatti country bopper, Lucky Records (0005)

CP-2042/2043...The Swingin' Rocks: "Satellite Rock--Part One" b/w "Satellite Rock--Part Two" 7" (1959), Hamilton, OH rockers, Esta Records (1001)

CP-2048/2049...Jay Cee Lewis: "Today Is Tomorrow" b/w "Waltz of the Ozarks" 7" (1959), Cincinatti country, Lucky Records (0004)

CP-2075/2076...Jimmie Piper: "Bonfire" b/w "I Met a Girl" 7" (1959), Central City, KY rocker, Royce Records (RYE-0001)

CP-2083...Jerry Cox & His Shawnee Hills Boys: "Friday You Said Goodbye" b/w "Tip The Bottle" 7" (1959), IN rockabilly, Brite Star Records (45-764)

CP-2158...Jack Chambers With the Rainbow Boys: "Don't Be Fooled" b/w "Sometime" 7" (1959?), Indianapolis country, Whispering Pines Records (203)

CP-2232/2233...Les & Helen Tussey and the Golden Hill Boys: "They Went Around" b/w "Married to a Friend" 7" (1959), Muncie, IN country, Poor Boy Records (PBR-45-105)

CP-2254/2255...Jeff and P.J.: "Mr. Blues" b/w "My Fragile Heart" 7" (1959), Central City, KY rockabilly, Royce Records (RYE-0002)

CP-2523...Chuck Howard: "Heartbreak Station" b/w "Gossip" 7" (1959), Cincinatti rockabilly, Flame Records (1020)

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CP-2763/2764...Chuck Jones: "Dance with Me" b/w "What's in a Kiss" 7" (1959), Nashville rockabilly, Belle Meade Records (1117-1)

CP-2885/2886...Riki and the Rikatones: "Whiphash" b/w "T.N.T." 7" (1959), Cleveland rockabilly, Manhattan Records (201-2)

CP-2899/2900...Harold & Bob: "Breaks of the Game" b/w "Spitfire" 7" (1960), Indianapolis rockabilly, Delta Records (45-503)

CP-3241/3242...Roosevelt Lee: "Hey Little Girl I've Got Eyes for You" b/w "You Are the Answer" 7" (1960?), Cincinatti R&B, Hilltop Records (No. 102)

CP-3333/3334...Glenna Dene Case with Ray Guyce and His Lonesome Valley Boys: "Thank You So Much" b/w "" 7" (1960?), Mt. Vernon, IN country, Brite Star Records (45-767)

CP-3381/3382...Billy Wallace: "Gotta Keep Ridin'" b/w "Chesnut Locks" 7" (1960?), Nashville rockabilly/country, Pace Records (45-1008)


CP-3394/3394...Eddie Smalling and the Rolling Aces: "Little Brave" b/w "Jeanie" 7" (1960?), Indianapolis bopper, Delta Records (45-555)

CP-3419/3420...Lawson Russ: "Shake This Town" b/w "No One Will Ever Know" 7" (1960?), Kingsford Heights, IN rockabilly, Harvest Records (709)

CP-3423/3424...Onie Wheeler: "I Need to Go Home" b/w "Too Hot to Handle" 7" (1960?), St. Louis, MO rock & roll, K-Ark Records (No. 606)

CP-3483/3484...Les and Helen Tussey: "He Won't Have to Go" b/w "The Miner's Child" 7" (1960?), Cincinatti bluegrass, Madison Records (No. 300-1)

CP-3845/3846...Levinsky Allen: "Layed Off" b/w "Couldn't Be Done" 7" (1960), Cincinatti doo wop, Vital Records (321-1)

CP-3909/3910...Hugh Lewis: "Bloody Harlan" b/w "Two of a Kind" 7" (1960), Ashland, KY country, Fern Records (802)

CP-3915...Red Turner/Vernon Shetler: "Supper Time"/"I Will Not Be a Stranger" b/w "Will You Meet Me Over There"/"Don't Be Ashamed of Jesus" 7" (1960?), Covington, KY country gospel, Gospel Records (No. 512)

CP-4013/4014...Joe Caldwell: "Rollin Tears" b/w "Rowdy Mae" 7" (1960), Hamilton, OH R&B, Esta Records (1001)

CP-4121/4122...Hugh Lewis: "Rockin Moon Men" b/w "Daddy Frog" 7" (1960), Ashland, KY rockabilly, Fern Records (803)

CP-4461/4462...Duke University Chancel Singers LP (1960?)

CP-4559/4560...Jimmie Eustice, Jr.: "Pick Me Up on Your Way Down" b/w "Jennie Lou" 7" (1961), Cleveland rocker, Patrice Records (No. 203)

CP-5097/5098...Jimmy Mackey and Glenn Shreeves: "Bile Them Cabbage Down"/"Bubbles in My Beer"/"What Can I Do with My Heart" b/w "Big Beaver"/"I'll Always Think of You"/"Old Joe Clark" 7" (1961?), Brownfield, TX country, Textar Records (TEP 1001)

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CP-5627/5628...The Planeteers: "Sail on" b/w "Slowly Movin'" 7" (1961), Pittsburgh rockabilly, Spear Records (1-SPX)

CP-5983/5984...Ginny Millay: "Juke Box on the Moon" b/w "I Thought I Saw a Saucer" 7" (1961), Jacksonville, FL country, Saucer Records (6102)


CP-6025/6026...Count Ferrell: "Wizard of Ah's" b/w "The Best Performance of the Year" 7" (1961), R&B, LeRegal Recording Co. (no #)

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CP-6263/6264...The Videls: "Blow Wind Blow" b/w "I Wish" 7" (1961), Cincinatti doowop, Early Records (701/702)


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CP-10231...Wayne & Jo Tilford: "Jesus Is the Way" b/w "I Found What It Takes" 7" (1963?), Cincinatti country gospel, Ark Records (No. 264)

Thank you: Dave Cruse.


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