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RRLP-1.5...B.F. Trike: B.F. Trike LP (1988, ed. of 300)...unissued 1/71 Evansville, IN rock, ex-Hickory Wind

RRLP-2.5...Cold Sun: Dark Shadows LP (1989, ed. of 300)...unreleased 1969 Austin, TX psych

RRLP-3.5...Bolder Damn: Mourning LP (1990, ed. of 300; orig. Hit, 1971), FL heavy rock

RRLP-4.5...Dragonwyck: Dragonwyck LP (1990, ed. of 400; orig. test pressing, 1971), Cleveland psych

RRLP-4.5...Bag: Midnight Juice LP (1992, ed. of 400), Dallas underground psych

RRLP-5.5...Fish Eyed Lens: Fish Eyed Lens LP (1990, ed. of 500), neo-psych

RRLP-6.5...The Double Naught Spies: Goin' Nowhere with...The Double Naught Spies LP (1992, ed. of 500), New England neo-garage

RRLP-7.5...McDonald & Sherby: Catharsis LP (1992, ed. of 300; orig. 1974), MN prog rock

RRLP-8.5...The Burnin' Rain: Pictures in the Fire LP (1992, ed. of 500)

RRLP-9.5...The Survival: Le Onda de LP (1993, ed. of 500; orig. Discos Rex), Mexican heavy blues rock

RRLP-10.5...The Burning Rain: Sound Spectrum LP (1993)

RRLP-11.5...All of Thus: All of Thus LP (1993, ed. of 500; orig. Century, 27916, 1966), good Upstate NY teen garage

RRLP-12.5...The Stoned Circus: The Stoned Circus LP (1994, ed. of 500), unreleased Kansas City, MO 1971 psych

RRLP-13.5...Bulbous Creation: You Won't Remember Dying LP (1994, ed. of 500), unreleased 1970 hard blues rock

RRLP-14.5...The Underneath: Sun of '67 LP (1994, ed. of 500), Dallas neo-psych

RRLP-15.5...Raven: Back to Ohio Blues LP (1994, ed. of 500; orig. Owl), OH biker blues rock

RRLP-16...Kennelmus: Folkstone Prism LP (1995, ed. of 300; orig. 1971), Pheonix psych

RRLP-17...Estes Brothers: Transitions LP (1995, ed. of 500; orig. 1971), OH jams

RRLP-18...Jon Uzonyi's Peacepipe: Jon Uzonyi's Peacepipe LP (1995, ed. of 600)

RRLP-19...Sudden Death: Suddenly LP (1995, ed. of 600), unreleased Pasadena, CA hard rock

RRLP-20...Gold: Gold LP (1996, ed. of 600 or 750), unreleased 1969 San Francisco rock

RRLP-21...Sugar Cube Blues Band: Sugar Cube Blues Band LP (1996 or 1997, ed. of 500), MS garage folk-psych

RRLP-22...Burnin' Rain: Ritual Medicine Show LP (1996, ed. of 600)

RRLP-23...Thunderduk: Thunderduk LP (1996, ed. of 750), unreleased 1972 OH jazzy hard rock prog


RRLP-25...Liquid Sound Company: Exploring LP (1997, ed. of 500), TX neo-psych

RRLP-26...Brain Police: San Diego 1968 LP (1997, ed. of 500), psych rock

RRLP-27...Thump Theater & Crank: Thump Theater & Crank LP (1997, ed. of 600)

RRLP-28...Mill Run Band: Pilot Meets Stars LP (1997, ed. of 500)

RRLP-29...Stone Garden: Stone Garden LP (1998, ed. of 500), Lewiston, ID hard rock

RRLP-30...The Volares: The Night We Taught Ourselves to Sing LP (1998, ed. of 500), Dallas mideast psych

RRLP-31/32...Framework: Skeleton 2LP (1994, ed. of 600), San Diego psych

RRLP-33...Seompi: Summer's Comin' on Heavy LP (1998, ed. of 600), unreleased TX hard rock


RRLP-35...Gravelpit: SnowGlobe LP (1998, ed. of 500), Portland, OR neo-psych

RRLP-36...Whitewood: Whitewood LP (1999, ed. of 600), '70s song-poem garage mess

RRLP-37...Fate: Sgt. Death LP (1999, ed. of 600), unreleased NYC 1970 psych

RRLP-38...Sleepy John: Sleepy John LP (1999, ed. of 600), unreleased 1970 Lewiston, ID hard rock

RRLP-39...San Francisco's Shiver: San Francisco's Shiver LP (2000, ed. of 600), unreleased 1972 Bangor, ME hard psych

RRLP-40...Glory: On the Air LP (2001, ed. of 600), unreleased 1970 San Diego rock

RRLP-41...Pi Corp: Lost in the Cosmic Void LP (2001, ed. of 500 or 1000), '70s Cleveland psych prog

RRLP-42...Born Again: Pagan LP (2002, ed. of 600), CA 69/70 psych


RRLP-46...Iota: Iota LP (2002, ed. of 500 or 600), unreleased El Paso psych

RRLP-47...Wailing Wall: Wailing Wall LP (2002, ed. of 600), weird El Paso rock c. 1970

RRLP-48...Pig Newton & the Wizards from Kansas: Still in Kansas LP (2003, ed. of 600), unreleased 1969 psych

RRLP-49...Music: The Book of Music Volume 1 LP (2004, ed. of 300; orig. 1972), MI high school rock and folk

RRLP-50...Joshua: Open Your Mind LP (2004, ed. of 500)

RRLP-51...Kath: Kath LP (2006), 1975 garage psych LP


RRLP-[no #]...v/a: To Hell and Back Again LP (1993, ed. of 500)

RRLP-[no #]...J. Bone Cro: For Cryin Out Loud LP (1996, ed. of 300)


RR/NR 45-001...The Underneath: "A Dream Surreal" b/w "Open My Eyes" 7" (19??)

Animus Oculus

AO-101...Phafner: Overdrive LP (1989, ed. of 300; orig. 1970), Marshalltown, IA

AO-102...Christopher: What'cha Gonna Do? LP (1989, ed. of 350; orig. Chris-Tee, 1969), SC xian psych

AO-103...Three Souls in My Mind: Three Souls in My Mind LP (1991, ed. of 500), comp of first two LPs

Mind & Eye

ME-101...The Burnin' Rain: Visions LP (1988, ed. of 300), Dallas neo-psych

ME-[no #]...The Burnin' Rain: Iwaska LP (1991, ed. of 500)


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