RPC Records Discography

Camden, NJ custom record label.

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30M-2105...The Tupper Saussy Quartet: Jazz at Sewanee 10" (1954)

30M-2501...The Crusty Crumbs: Dixie from the Hoosier Heartland 10" (1957?)

30M-2775...Varsity Glee Club of Purdue University: Presents Program 3 LP (1957)

30M-29311...Vassar G-Stringers: s/t LP (1958)

30M-41051...King George and the His Five Knights: King George and the His Five Knights 10" (19??), Clarkson College

30M-41931/41932...The Kauai Canoe & Racing Ass'n Choir: Musical Memories of Your Stay in Kauai 10" LP (195?)


32M-5597...Symphonic Choir of State University of New York at Oswego 1959: Symphonic Choir of State University of New York at Oswego 1959 LP (1959)

32M-29902...The Faculty: From Peer to Maternity LP (1957), Vassar College


32M-38651...The Eugene Gleemen: Concert Highlights LP (1957?)

32M-39781...The Tulane University Band: Presenting the Tulane University Band LP (1959?)

32M-56121...Hamilton College Choir: s/t LP (19??)


32M-86711...St. Paul's Choir: In Praise of God LP (1961), Westfield, NJ


32M-94681...St. Patrick's Choir & Schola: A Christmas Concert LP (19??), Lewiston, ME


47M-30011/30012...The Villanova Band/The Villanova Singers: Songs of Villanova 7" (195?)


47M-83281...The Evangelaire Trio of Easton Bible Institute: "In the Cool of the Evening/The Solid Rock" b/w "Goodbye, World, Goodbye/Nothing in This World" 7" (19??)


105/106...Dick Powell/Walter Brennan: The Wonderful Teens/By the Fireside LP (19??)

403...The Musical Wonder House: Concert Favorites Played by Antique Musical Boxes LP (?), Wiscasset, Maine


502...v/a: Edison in Stereo LP (?), Maine oldies


504...Kathy Linden: "Put This Ring on My Finger" b/w "Billy Is My Boy Friend" 7" (19??)


506...Terri Stevens: "The Boy Next Door" b/w "Unsuspecting Heart" 7" (19??), soul

507...Zack Roman: "Two Hearts, Two Kisses" b/w "Just Because I Love You" 7" (19??)


01272...The Invaders: Golden Hits of the Invaders LP (1965), garage


05912...Frederick White: The Music of Christmas LP (19??)


07411...Joe Torres y Su Sexteto: Estamos De Colores LP (19??)


10614...Frank Sinatra/Bing Crosby: "I'm Glad There Is You" b/w "Anytime Anywhere" 7" (19??)


19291...v/a: Tool Shed LP (1968, ed. of 500)


21491...Rensselaer Central Middle School Singers: s/t? LP (19??)


24645...The Sewing Circle with Springfield Bear Tebblorr and the Sewups 8001: Rolling Sprools 10" direct-cut acetate (1969)


24703...The Sewing Circle with Springfield Bear Tebblorr and the Sewups 8001: Rolling Sprools direct-cut 10" acetate (1969), slighyly different label type bu recording identical to 24645


25786...Frankie Laine/Buck Clayton and his Orchestra: Jazz Spectacular LP (19??)


26504...The Sewups 8001: "Not Tiddy, Toddy" b/w ? direct-cut 7" acetate (19??)


29591...The Knoxville College Concert Choir: Across the Campus... LP (19??)


34891/34892...The Woodall Brothers Band: Blue Backbone LP (19??)


39513...Schenectady Symphony Orchestra: Schenectady Symphony Orchestra LP (197?)


41906...Lexington of the Sea LP (19??), radio play


42817...Danny Conner: Reaching Out in Song LP (19??), xian


81262...The Five Kinetics: The Snow Children LP (1966)


87112/87113...The Little Players: Phaedra 2LP (19??), opera


406282...Mary Carter Smith: Interprets Songs & Folk Tales from Many Lands LP (1974)


447142...Washington and Lee Glee Club: Sings Songs of Washington and Lee LP (19??)


452401...Bethesda Chevy Chase High School Concert Choir: 1975-76 LP (1976)


46072...The Deansmen/The Merimanders: 8/7 Option LP (1965), Bates College


58932...MacArthur: s/t LP (197?, ed. of 200), aka The Black Forest


70481...The Gents: We Gotta Get Outa This Place LP (1966), garage


83572...The Ocean County String Band: The Happy Sounds of the Ocean County String Band LP (19??)


86791/86792...Cal Bezemer Trio: Three 10" LP (1965?)


408261...Mary Carter Smith: Interprets Songs & Folk Tales of Many Lands LP (1974)


408611/408612...Listen Close: Listen Close LP (196?), VT xian school project


419092...v/a: Traditional Songs of Princeton LP (19??)


429541...The All Saints Choir: The Moving Spirit of the All Saints Choir LP (19??)


434471...Karl I. Megules/Bernie Leighton: Featuring the Garden State Tuba Ensemble LP (1972?)


443251...The East Hills Junior High School: A Bicentennial Salute LP (1976?)


484021...The Senior Choir of Woods Memorial Presbyterian Church Music at Woods: Record 7 LP (1977)


519762...The Matt Betton Orchestra Reunion: Reliving the Good Times LP (1978), Kansas State Univ.


532961/532962...High School for Performing and Visual Arts Jazz Ensemble 1979: Impressions LP (1979), Houston, TX


540041/540042...Fine Arts Chorale: The Christmas Concert LP (19??)


564251/564252/564253/564254...Robert Latimer and Marjorie Tatchell: Euphonium Solos with Piano 2LP (19??)


578781...George Stevens: Organ Concert LP (1981)

580421...The College of Wooster Scot Band: s/t LP (19??)

601371/601372...The College of Wooster: Marching Scots LP (1983)

A30M-6991...Williamette Univ. Choir: 60 Voices & Music 10" LP (1960)


A30M-67911...Swathmore College: Knights of Mourning LP (1959)


A33M-77798...Original Cast Recording: You Be the Good Witch LP (1961), WECW, Elmira College

AZ-05911/05912...Frederick A. White: The Music of Christmas--Carols, Hymns and Chorales Played on a Pipe Organ LP (19??), recorded at Zion Lutheran Church, Schenectady, NY


AZ-09071/09072...Richard H. Baker: The First Coming LP (1971), Washington, PA downer folk


AZ-20852...The Singing Stauffers: For God's Glory LP (19??)


AZ-41771/41772...Peace in Our Time LP (1969), Fenner, Leland & O'Brien


AZ-59072...Rog: Rog LP (19??)


AZ-59501...Prentice and Tuttle: Prentice and Tuttle LP (1970 or 1971, ed. of 400), Boston loner folk


AZ-60331/60332....Wheat Ridge Junior High School: 1969-70 Band and Chorus LP (1970?)


AZ-60871/60872...Dohters: 70 LP (1970)


AZ-62482...New Life: New Life LP (1969?), Messiah College


AZ-63221/63222....Gettysburg College: 1970 Concert Band LP (1970)


AZ-63571/63572...Central High School Band: Let the Sunshine in LP (1970)


AZ-68231...Choral Society/Polyphonic Choir Messiah College Choirs: s/t LP (1970?)


AZ-69401/69402...The Rubber Memory: Welcome LP (1970), Louisiana garage rock


AZ-73701...The Four Sophomores: Goin' Home LP (19??)


AZ-74462...Choir & Music of the Dominican Nuns of Summitt, New Jersey: We Sing in Praise LP (19??)


AZ-75411...St. Leo's Senior Choir: Peace on Earth LP (19??)


AZ-79491...Blackwood: The Case LP (1968), PA high school band


AZ-77871/77872...Ray Young: An Evening with Ray Young on "The Mighty Wurlitzer" at the "Three Coins" Restaurant LP (1970?)


AZ-81951/81952...v/a: Songs of the University of Virginia LP (19??)


AZ-83191/83192...Hoosick Valley Central School: Rensselaer All County Concert LP (1971)


AZ-83201/83202...St. Mary's: Sings Latin LP (19??), Dover, NJ


AZ-85581/85582...Wheaton College Glee Club: Music for Women's Voices LP (1971), Norton, MA


AZ-86841...The Sancuary Choir/The Wesley Boys/Crusader, Junior High and Youth Choirs: Music at St. Luke's Volume 1 LP (1971?), St. Luke's United Methodist Church, Oklahoma City


AZ-91831...The Oratorio Choir of the First Congregational Church: Elijah Felix Mendelssohn LP (1971)


AZ-92052...Montville Townshop High School Concert Band/Vocal Music Ensemble: Montville Townshop High School Concert Band/Vocal Music Ensembe LP (19??)


AZ-92701/92702...Bethlehem Senior High Choraleers: 1970-71 LP (1971)


AZ-97731/97732...Daybreak: Daybreak LP (1971), Pearl River, NY psych garage


AZ-99961...Paul Richardson: Plays Organ for the Phillies LP (19??)

AZB-4569...Sterling Lee Pierce: Come and Go with Me—Traditional and Original Folk Songs Sung by Sterling Lee Pierce LP (196?)


AZB-18212...The Pelican Show: 1968 LP (1968?), theatre


AZB-18671/18672...Christmas Melodies Played on Antique Musical Boxes from the Musical Wonder House LP (19??)

AZB-20861...The Uncalled Four: Four Folks Sing for Folks LP (196?)


AZB-24002...The Cathie Trio: Sings Hymns of Faith and Trust LP (196?), Plainfield, NJ


AZB-30041...The Kokosingers: 69 LP (1969?)


AZB-38552...Bill Horn Trio: In Concert LP (1963)


AZB-40201/40202...Waynesboro High School: Choral Concert 1969 LP (1969)


AZB-42482...The Bright Side: Just Us LP (1969)


AZB-42901...Severna Park High School Symphonic Band: Tubby the Tuba LP (1969)


AZB-44452...The Men's Glee Club with the Glee-Ettes: The Men's Glee Club with the Glee-Ettes LP (19??), Ohio Wesleyan University


AZB-45691/45692...Sterling Lee Pierce: Come and Go with Me--Traditional and Original Folk Songs LP (19??), Haven Recording


AZB-47872...The Fyfth: Here Comes the Fyfth LP (196?)


AZB-48461/48462...The University of South Carolina Concert Choir: Come Fly with USC LP (1969)


AZB-51261/51262...Waynesboro High School: Choral Concert 1969 LP (1969)


AZB-55491/55492...Old Rochester Regional High School: George M! LP (1970)


AZB-57881/57882...Maine Maritime Academy Chorus: Christmas Concert 1969 & Spring Concert 1970 LP (1970)

AZM-6071/6072/6073/6074...WKCR Sports: The McMillian-Dotson Era: Three Years of Columbia Basketball LP (1970)


AZM-67371/67372...Barbara Pires: Do You Know Who You Are? LP (1970)


AZM-70401/70402...v/a: Somewhere Someday Somehow LP (1969, ed. of 250), w/ Fenner, Leland & O'Brien


AZM-81631/81632...Kathy Nevins: Hey Friend LP (1970), lovely amateur folk

E4-KW-1578...The Longhorn Band: Songs of the University of Texas 7" (195?)

EO-CB-4000/4001/4002/4003...Ward-Belmont Choir: Music at Ward-Belmont 2x10" 78s (1950)

F8-OL-5855/5856...The United States Military Academy Band/The Cadet Glee Club: West Point Music 10" LP (19??)


F9-OB-5802...Ethel Merman: That's the Kind of Dame I Am 10" (19??), interview

JZ-0096...The Cathedral Choir of Men and Boys LP: A Cathedral Service LP (196?), Cathedral of All Saints, Albany, NY


JZ-01271...The Invaders: Golden Hits Of The Invaders LP (1965?), garage soul rock


JZ-11932...Southwestern Michigan Band and Orchestra Association: C-D All Star Band Concert LP (1968)


JZ-12092...San Francisco Theological Seminary: A Sampler of 20th Century Wedding Music LP (19??), San Anselmo, CA


JZ-37241/37242...v/a: North Royalton Root High School Bands LP (1969)


JZ-89301/89302...The Glee Club, Choir and Octet: Music at Millbrook—1967 LP (1967)

JZB-3632...Tom and Russ: Just for Our Friends LP (1967), folk


JZB-6992...Felican Sisters of Lodi, N.J.: I've Never Seen God LP (19??)


JZB-9741...Theodore Dubois: The Seven Last Words of Christ LP (19??)


JZB-10472...The Miscellaneous: Get Up Man LP (1968?), Camden, NJ "xian campfire psych folk"


JZB-11261...Dru and Ann: Livin' in My World LP (1968), Grinnell College, IA folk


JZB-11411/11412...Kemper Military Schooland College: Presents The Brass Choir LP (1968), Boonville, MO


JZB-11461/11462/11463/11464...v/a: Concert of Folk and Rock Music for the Benefit of "Summer of Service" in Elizabeth 2LP (1968), NJ teens, w/ The Nu Sounds of Chatham, The Tangenelli Sisters, Rasberry Jam, The Heartbeats, The Benedictine Sisters of Elizabeth, The Teacher and the Preacher, Whole Ensemble


JZB-33541...J. Frank Faust Junior High School: Festival of Song 1969 LP (1969)


JZB-34921/34922...Susquehannock High School Concert Band: 1969 LP (1969)


JZB-34931/34932...Maine Maritime Academy Chorus/The Singing Mariners: 1968–69 Debut LP (1969)


JZB-36861/36862...St. John's Military Academy Choristers 1969: s/t LP (1969)


JZB-88181...The Glee Club & Moller Pipe Organ of Valley Forge Military Academy: The Spirit of the Forge LP (19??)

M-105...Dick Powell: The Wonderful Teens LP (1961)

M-106...Walter Brennan: By the Fireside LP (1961?)

OL-5830...Pearson/Vassar College: Christmas Music 1954 LP (1954)

P-42041...WFIL Radio 56: Phil Sheridan's Christmas Message to the Squibb Druggists 7" (19??)

P-84382...The Virginians: "Frettin'" b/w "Muleta" 7" (19??), garage instros

RPC-506...Terri Stevens: "The Boy Next Door" b/w "Unsuspecting Heart" 7" (19??)


RPC-74231/74232...St. Rita's Folk Group Re-Creation: God Will Set Us Free LP (1973), Alexandria, VA folkrock with chorus


RPC-589321/589322...MacArthur: The Black Forest LP (1973)


RPC-601371/601372...The College Of Wooster Scot Band: Marching Scots LP (1978)

RKB-702...The Symphonetta Band of Princeton High School: Stage Band '70 LP (1970)

RM-4059...Tance Ludowe Z Polski: Folk Dances from Poland Vol 2 LP (19??)

S-106...Stan Jones: Walter Brennan by the Fireside LP (1961)

X-85691...Branches of Faith of Philadelphia, PA: "Lord of My Life" b/w "A Totally Committed Life" 7" (1974)

Y-23642...Elmer Naylor: Plays Singable Hymns LP (19??)


Y-40261/40262...The Choir First Congregational Church Southampton, Mass.: Thanks Be to Thhe, O Lord 10" LP (19??)


Y-44601...Queen of Peace High School: Christmas Concert 1964 LP (1964), Oak Lawn, IL


Y-50332...Collingswood High School A Cappela Choir: 1965 10" (1965)


Y-70721...Collingswood High School A Cappela Choir: 1966 10" (1966)


Y-86791...The Cal Three Bezemer Trio: s/t 10" (19??), jazz

Z-0008...St. Peter's Choristers: Christmas Music at St. Peter's Church Vol. 2 LP (1970?)


Z-00451/00452...The Festival of Praise Choir and the Brass Ensemble of the College of Saint Rose: Festival of Praise LP (1974), Albany, NY


Z-1677...Allegheny College Chapel Choir: Sings at the Riverside Church LP (1960?)


Z-2508...1963 University of Minnesota Football Marching Band: 1963 University of Minnesota Football Marching Band LP (1963)


Z-5194...West Point's Headliners: Sing Out LP (19??)


Z-7222...St. Peter's Choristers: Christmas Music at St. Peter's Church Vol. 1 LP (1970?)

Z-01711/01712...Westminster Presbyterian Church: Westminster Presbyterian Church LP (19??)

Z-07221/07222/07223/07224...The Department of Music of Toccoa Falls Institute: The Glorious Tidings LP (1970?)


Z-07931...The Stanton Memorial Carillon LP (19??)


Z-11031/11032...The Kokosingers: The Best of the Kokosingers '72 LP (1972)


Z-13852...The Virginia Tech Regimental Band: Highty-Tighty LP (1961)


Z-14111/14112...Frekoba African's: Presents Voices of Black Angels and Drums of Thunder LP (1972), Afro-American Drum & Dance Ensemble of Philadelphia's Bartlett Junior High School


Z-16771/16772/16773/16774...Allegheny College Choir: Sings 2LP (19??)


Z-17531...The Choir of Men and Boys: The Choir of Men and Boys LP (1963), St. Paul's Church, NJ


Z-22221/22222...The Gettysburg College Concert Band '72: The Gettysburg College Concert Band '72 LP (1972)


Z-23111...v/a: Well, All Right! The Best of the S.U.B. Hootenannies LP (19??), Stetson Univ., FL


Z-25811...The North Hagerstown High School Orchestra: Mostly American LP (1972), MD


Z-28171...The Sylvan Singers of Blue Mountain Academy: 1964 LP (1964)


Z-28831..."Jazz 22" and the Music Masters: "Jazz 22 and the Music Masters" LP (19??)


Z-28861/28862...The Royalaires: Live Vol. 1 LP (1966), garage rock


Z-29591/29592...The Front Porch Singers: We Sing 'Cause We Love To LP (1972)


Z-32152...Lee Nelson: He Shall Come in a Cloud LP (19??)


Z-32061/32062...The Haverling Symphonic Band/Haverling Percussion Ensemble: 1964 Haverling Hi-Lights LP (1964)


Z-32431/32432...The Lynch Chorale and Festival Chorus: The Creation--Music of Reflection and Rejoicing LP (1972?)


Z-32501/32502...Windsor Research Publications: Nickelodeons! LP (1964)


Z-33282...Fairfield University Glee Club: Autumn Leaves LP (196?)


Z-34682...United States Naval Academy: Navy Music LP (19??)


Z-33421/33422...The Milton Hershey Glee Club: Sings Especially for You LP (19??)


Z-39561/39562/39563/39564...Palmerton Area High School Jazz Lab Band: 1972 2LP (1972)


Z-39611/39612...The Musical Wonder House: Christmas Favorites Played on Antique Musical Boxes LP (19??)


Z-40672...Lynchburg's E. C. Glass High School: Concert Choir with Chorale LP (19??)


Z-41126...Saint Sophia Choir: Sacred Music of the Orthodox Church LP (1970?), Saint Sophia Greek Orthodox Church, Albany, NY


Z-41771...The Heralding International Singers: A Service of Singing and Praise...to HIM! LP (1972)


Z-42994...The Joyful Noise: Trust in the Lord LP (1972?)


Z-45892...Hood College Choir and Glee Club/United States Naval Academy Choir: Handel's Messiah LP (19??)


Z-50011/50012...Parkway Senior High School: Let Us Rejoice/Music Wherever You Go LP (1965)


Z-50171/50172...Prentice & Tuttle: Every Loving Day LP (1972, ed. of 400), Boston loner folk


Z-51042...Whiffenpoof's 70th Anniversary Commemorative Album 1909-1979 LP (1979)


Z-51551...Mars Hill Bible School: Senior High Chorus Junior High Chorus LP (1965)


Z-51669...1978 Christmas Concert by the College of St. Rose (Albany, NY) Masterworks Chorale & Chamber Singers, and The Joyful Praise Handbell Choir: R. Vaughn Williams and Vivaldi LP (1978)


Z-53252...WTAX: Farewell Mr. Lincoln LP (1965), Springfield, IL


Z-53781/53782...Eastern Illinois University Jazz Band: In Concert 1973 LP (1973)


Z-62251...The Thursday Bells of Schenectady, N.Y.: 1983 Recording LP (1983)


Z-63632...The Choirs of St. Philip's Catholic Church: Christmas Eve at St. Philips LP (19??), Falls Church, VA


Z-64941/64942/64943/64944...Richard P. Barry: Sound of a Different Drummer 2LP (1965), Unitarian Universalist Church of Central Nassau


Z-67400...The Bob Bath Band: Traces of Illusion LP (1984)


Z-68582...Musical Wonder House: Christmas Favorites LP (19??), Maine


Z-69821...Frunk: If at First… LP (1972)


Z-69852...Best: More of the Best LP (1966), garage


Z-70581...Drywater: Backbone of the Nation LP (1973)


Z-71751...Edward Hausman: Skidmore Faculty Research Lecture 2LP (1973), classical piano


Z-73942...The Fifth Season: Pass It on LP (19??), xian folk


Z-77601/77602...The Dusty Winds Singers/The Tradewinds: Traveling Winds LP (19??)


Z-78331...Allegheny College Choir: On Tour 1966 LP (1966)


Z-78491...For All of You: For All of You LP (1974), NJ singer-songwriter


Z-80231...v/a: The Combined Army and Air National Guard Band Concert LP (1966), Queens College


Z-80481...Leon Nelson: The Many Voices of the Organ LP (19??), Noehren pipe organ, Deerfield, IL First Presbyterian Church


Z-81921/81922...Take Two: Take Two LP (1970?), girls' choir, Russell Sage College, Troy, NY


Z-82031/82032...The Joyful Noise: The Joyful Noise LP (197?), Our Savior's Lutheran Church, Colonie, NY; The Hope Choir, Hope Lutheran Church, Greece, NY


Z-82302...Westlake High School: Band and Choir Highlights of 1973 LP (1973)


Z-86251/86252...v/a: It's Happening Here…! LP (1967), garage comp with The People, The Avlons, Thorn & the Four Roses, The Wild Things, The Lost Sound, The Dimensions, Soul Survivors, The Odds & Ends, Blues & Things, The Nightwatch, The Conchords


Z-87311/87312...Hazelton Sr. High School Stage Band: 1973–74 LP (1974)


Z-87792...Barrington High School Rithum Machine: Barrington High School Rithum Machine LP (197?), Chicago area


Z-90092...Germantown Friends School Chorus: Of Thee I Sing 2LP (1974)


Z-92341...The Christiana High School "Jazz and Rock Ensemble": Now '74 LP (1974)


Z-406421...Ric Masten: Let It Be a Dance LP (1972), Andover, MA UU minister folkrock


Z-407482...Sam Adams: The Derma-Disc LP (19??), piano skin comedy


Z-407491/407492...The Spirit Seekers: A Gift LP (1973?)


Z-408001/408002...Bob Reidenbach: Come Touch the Air Softly LP (1974?), Kenosha, WI


Z-411301...Chambersburg Area Senior High School Glee Club: 1975 LP (1975)


Z-413091...The Schmucker Sisters: We Believe--Do You? LP (19??)


Z-413941/413942...A Taste of Honey: By Special Request LP (197?)


Z-414871/414872...East Valley High School: For What It's Worth LP (197?)


Z-415101/415102...Mechanicville High School: Mechanicville High School LP (19??)


Z-419061/419062...Washington County Broadcasting Co., Inc.: The Lexington of the Sea LP (1975), ME


Z-419091/419092...v/a: Traditional Songs Of Princeton LP (1975?)


Z-428461/428462...The Festival of Praise Choir: Festival of Praise: Two LP (1976), Albany, NY


Z-429531/429532/429533/429534...The Northborough Historical Society Featuring the Community Chorus: America in Song 2LP (1976), Algonquin Regional High School


Z-437821/437822...Let Everything That Breathes Praise the Lord LP (1976), Bryn Mawr Presbytarian Church


Z-438031...Faz: 1st LP (1976), Frank A. Zuccaro


Z-438171/438172...The Singing Mariners: On Tour 1975–76 LP (1976)


Z-440182...Westminster Choir College: A Symphony of Voices in Four Movements 4LP (19??)


Z-442551/442552...Aaron Fleming: Project Class LP (197?), "amateur drums/guitar folk duo"


Z-442691/442692...The Berne-Knox-Westerlo High School Concert Choir: Morning Has Broken LP (1976?), Albany County, NY


Z-446002...The Band and Chorus: Interboro High School 1976 LP (1976)


Z-456913...v/a: Bicentennial Cavalcade of Bands--76 LP (1976)


Z-457651/457652...The Thursday Bells: 1976 Recording LP (1976)


Z-465161/465162...The Ocean County String Band: The Happy Sound of the Ocean County String Band LP (197?)


Z-470511...Hershey High School Chorus: A Spring Music Festival LP (1977)


Z-473831...LaGuardia Community College Music Department: Who Is Fiorello? LP (197?)


Z-482071/482072...Capitol Hill Choral Society: Great Sacred Choruses LP (1978), Albany, NY


Z-484871/484872...The Festival of Praise: Praise to the Lord... LP (1977), Albany, NY chorals


Z-492351...The Ocean County String Band: The Happy Sound of the Roarin' 20's LP (19??)


Z-496041...Autumn: On the Road Again LP (1978?)


Z-497671/497672...The Concordia College Concert Band and Jazz Band: A Brilliant Idea LP (1978)


Z-509741/509742...Senior Choir, Golden Hill United Methodist Church: Hallelujah! What a Savior LP (1978?), Bridgeport, CT


Z-510631/510632...Barbara Garneau: Only in God LP (1978)


Z-512061/512062...The Festival of Praise LP (1978), Saratoga Performing Arts Center, Saratoga Springs, NY


Z-513682...v/a: 11 Annual Fall Choral Festival LP (1978), Miami, FL


Z-515041...The Whiffenpoofs' 70th Anniversary Commemorative Album 1909-1979 2LP (1979)


Z-519761...The Matt Betton Orchestra Reunion: Reliving the Good Times LP (1978)


Z-520641/520642...Reenie, Den and Dan: We Belong Together LP (1979), Brockton, MA folk


Z-526431/526432...Mechanicville High School Band: Spring Concert LP (1979), Mechanicville, NY


Z-526721/526722...La Merced Trojan Band: 1979 LP (1979), inept school kids


Z-533761...Tourniquet: Tourniquet LP (1978 or 1979), NJ prog psych


Z-549771/549772...The Festival of Praise LP (19??)


Z-595731/595732...Asheboro Jr. High School: 1982 N.C. State Band Contest LP (1982)


Z-549771/549772...The Festival of Praise LP (1979?)


Z-550521/550522...Combined Orchestra Schools 43-72-81: Sounds of Buffalo LP (1980)


Z-557882...Columbus Symphony Orchestra: 30th Anniversary LP (1980?), GA


Z-566471...v/a: Hershey State Championship LP (1980), Hershey, PA


Z-574292...v/a: MHS—Rock On LP (1981), Manasquan, NJ rock bands


Z-584331/584332...U.S. Coast Guard Academy: A Seabag of Songs LP (1981?)


Z-584611/584612...The Festival of Praise: Fanfare for Christmas LP (1981), Albany, NY


Z-589321/589322...MacArthur: The Black Forest LP (1973), prog


Z-595731...Asheboro Jr. High School Bands: 1982 N.C. State Band Contest LP (1982)


Z-617511...Richard Allen Farmer: Leave Tomorrow to the Father LP (19??)


Z-632091...Anthony Donovan: Listen to Your Love LP (1984)


Z-668841/668842...African Heroes Band: Adaban Special LP (19??)

ZB-51671/51672...The Haverling Symphonic Band/Haverling Percussion Ensemble: 1964 Haverling Hi-Lights LP (1964)

ZM-13862...Ron Joseph & Lojo Music: Rainbow Rings LP (1971), NYC singer-songwriter


ZM-46729-1...Tance Ludowe Z Polski: Folk Dances from Poland Vol. 1 LP (19??)

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