Shock Records Discography

Curated by Stefan Jaworzyn.

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SX-1...Skullflower: "I Live in a Bottomless Pit" b/w "Bo Diddley's Shitpump" 7" (1989)

SX-2...Coil: Wrong Eye 7" (1990)

SX-3...Current 93: "She Is Dead and All Fall Down" b/w "God Has Three Faces and Wood Has No Name" 7" (1989)

SX-4...Nurse With Wound: Sinister Senile 7" (1990)

SX-5...Drunks With Guns: "Drunk's Theme" b/w "Punched in the Head"/"Cowboy (Instrumental)" 7" (1990)

SX-6...Skullflower: Ruins CD (1990)

SX-7...Lol Coxhill: Solo LP (1990)

SX-8...Skullflower: Xaman LP/CD (1990)

SX-9...Splintered: "Nothing" b/w "Breakdown Pt. II (Deliverance Version)" 7" (1990)

SX-10...Divine Horsemen: "My Sin" b/w "Devil's River" 7" (1990)

SX-11...Jim Sauter/Don Dietrich/Thurston Moore: Barefoot in the Head CD (1990)

SX-12...v/a: The Portable Altamont CD (1991)

SX-13...Ramleh: "Slammers" b/w "Black Moby Dick" 7" (1991, ed. of 500)

SX-14...Ramleh: Blowhole LP (1991)

SX-15...Savage Pencil: Corpsemeat/Dead Duck magazine (1991)

SX-16...Sol Invictus: "See the Dove Fall" b/w "Somewhere in Europe" 7" (1991)

SX-17...Cul de Sac: "Sakhalin" b/w "Cant" 7" (1992)

SX-18...Savage Pencil: Rock 'n Roll Necronomicon magazine (1992)

SX-19...Cosmonauts Hail Satan: Satan, Yuri and You 7" (1992)

SX-20...Ramleh: Shooter's Hill CD (unreleased, planned for 1992)

SX-21...v/a: White Trash Motherfuckers CD (1993)

SX-22...Ascension: Three Titles CD (1993, ed. of 3)

SX-23...v/a: Deep Funnels of Entry CD (1993)

SX-24...Ascension: Two Titles 7" (1993)

SX-25...Hession/Wilkinson/Fell: The Horrors of Darmstadt CD (1994)

SX-26...Ascension: Five Titles CD (1994)

SX-27...The Dead C: World Peace Hope et al CD (1994)

SX-28...Blue Humans: Incandescence CD EP (1995)

SX-29...Descension: Live, March 1995 CD (1995)

SX-30...Ascension: Broadcast 2CD (1996)


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