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Curated by Tom Lax.

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SB-1...Halo of Flies: "Richie's Dog (Live)" b/w "Garbage Rock (Live)"/Ballad of Extreme Hate 7" (w/ Halo of Flies: Halo-01, 1989, first ed. of 800 w/ hand-stamped fly and insert, second ed. of 700 w/ printed fly and no insert)

SB-2...Dead C: Helen Said This/Bury (Refutatio Omnium Haeresium) LP (1990, ed. of 700)

SB-3...The Gibson Bros.: "Emulsified" b/w "Broke Down Engine" 7" (1990, ed. of 1000 incl. 100 numbered and printed w/ News of the Whirl sleeves)

SB-4...Monkey 101: "French Feelings" b/w "Now That You Have Left Me" 7" (1991, ed. of 500)

SB-5...V-3: The Earth Muffin 7" (1991, ed. of 500)

SB-6...The Dead C: "Hell Is Now Love" b/w "Bone" 7" (1991, ed. of 1000)

SB-7...Alastair Galbraith: Gaudylight 7" (1991, ed. of 1000)

SB-8...Blue: "Hold on Tight" + 1 7" (unreleased)

SB-9...Sebadoh: Oven Is My Friend 7" (1991, ed. of 1500 incl. 50 promos w/ color covers)

SB-10...Strapping Field Hands: The Demiurge 7" (1992, first ed. of 500 incl. 100 w/ gold vinyl, second ed. of 400)

SB-11/12...Dead C: Harsh 70s Reality 2LP/CD (1992, first ed. of 1000, 2nd ed. of 500; CD: 1998)

SB-13...Mike Rep and The Quotas: Stupor Hiatus Vol. 2 LP (1992, ed. of 1000)

SB-14...Gate: Prophet Rebel 7" (1992, of 500)

SB-15...Queen Meanie Puss: The Darkling 7" (1992, ed. of 1000)

SB-16...Dead C: Clyma Est Mort LP (1992, first ed. of 350, second ed. of 100 or 150)..."Into recording a live LP while I was in Port Chalmers for the sole purpose of filling 300 empty Helen sleeves & this is what we did. In the meantime, I found another 150 Harsh 70s sleeves & did 150 more. We also gave it a bootleg matrix & label name which was supposed to tickle the funny bone of the 'pure' at heart & to leave the rest scratching theiri heads... We later did it as a proper Siltbreeze title, this time in an edition of 1000."

SB-17...Strapping Field Hands: "Stacey Donnely" b/w "Aeroplane Ticket" 7" (1992, first ed. of 125 giveaway at live debut, second ed. of 375, all w/ different covers)

SB-18...A-Band: Artex/Alot LP (1993, ed. of 500)

SB-19...Mike Rep and The Quotas: Quit Talking and Start Chalking 7" (1993, numbered first ed. of 500, unnumbered second ed. of 100)

SB-20...Strapping Fieldhands: "Future Pastoral" / "October Kentucky" b/w "Eggs in the Reservoir" / "Ol' Jimmy Cole" 7" (1993, numbered ed. of 500)

SB-21...The Dead C: Trapdoor Fucking Exit CD (w/ Precious Metal: PM-4, 1993, first ed. of 100, second ed. on Siltbreeze/Matador)

SB-22...Alastair Galbraith: Morse LP (1993, first ed. of 1000, second ed. of 500)

SB-23...Pin Group: 11 Years After 7" (1993, ed. of 1000)

SB-24...Terminals: "Black Creek Burning" b/w "Both Ends Burning" 7" (1993, ed. of 1000)

SB-25...The Dead C: Vs. Sebadoh 7" (1994, ed. of 2000)

SB-26...Charalambides: Union LP (1994, ed. of 500)

SB-27...Harry Pussy: Harry Pussy one-sided LP (1994, ed. of 1000)

SB-28...Guided by Voices: Get Out of My Stations 7"/CD (1994/2003)

SB-29...Temple of Bon Matin: Thunder Feedback Confusion LP (1995)

SB-30...Dead C: The Operation of the Sunne LP (1994, ed. of 12,000)

SB-31...Alan Licht: Sink the Aging Process LP (1994, ed. of 1000)

SB-32...Jim Shepard: Picking through the Wreckage with a Stick LP (1995)

SB-33...Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments: Negative Guest List 7" (1994)

SB-34...Strapping Fieldhands: In the Pineys 10"/CDEP (1994)

SB-35...Shadow Ring: "Tiny Creatures" b/w "Harlequin" 7" (1994)

SB-36...Sam Esh & Hard Black Thing: Montezuma Baby Duck LP (1994)

SB-37...The Shadow Ring: Put the Music in It's Coffin LP (1994)

SB-38...A Handful of Dust: "In the House of Voluntary Poverty" b/w "The Mirror of Simple Souls" 7" (1995)

SB-39...The Strapping Fieldhands: "Neptune's World" b/w "Albacore Heart" 7" (1995)

SB-40...Dead C: The White House LP (1995)

SB-41...Brother JT and Vibrolux: Music for the Other Head CD (1996)

SB-42...The Dead C: Metal Heart 7" (1995)

SB-43...The Yips: "1000% Fox" b/w "9 x 11" 7" (1995)

SB-44...Ashtabula: "Unbearable Lightness" 7" (1996)

SB-45...Brother JT & Vibrolux: "Invocation Pt 1" b/w "Invocation Pt 2" 7" (1996)

SB-46/47...Charalambides: Market Square 2LP (1995)

SB-48...Un: Un LP (1996)

SP-49...The Yips: Bonfire in a Dixie Cup LP/CD (1996)

SB-50...Harry Pussy: Ride a Dove CD (1996)

SB-51...Venom P. Stinger: Tearbucketer CD (1996)

SB-52...v/a: Tard & Further'd CD (1997)

SB-53...Strapping Fieldhands: Gobs on the Midway CD (1998)

SB-54...Tower Recordings: Furniture Music for Evening Shuttles LP/CD (1998) [announced as "Holy Grail LP"]

SB-55...Sandoz Lab Technicians: Sandoz Lab Technicians LP (1996, ed. of 700)

SB-56...Harry Pussy: "Black Ghost" one-sided 7" (1996)

SB-57...Sunshine Superscum: Two Reactions 7" (1996)

SB-58/59...Roy Montgomery: double 7" (1996)

SB-60...Harry Pussy: What Was Music? CD (1996)

SB-61...Un: Transmissions 7" (1996)

SB-62...Bardo Pond: "Tests for New Swords" b/w "Good Friday" 7" (1996)

SB-63...The Pin Group: Retrospective CD (1997)

SB-64...Dead C: Tusk CD (1998)

SB-65...Br. JT & Vibrolux: Doomsday Rock! CD (1997)

SB-66...The Dead C: Repent CD (1996)

SB-67...Charalambides: Houston CD (1998)

SB-68...The Yips: The Blue Flannel Bathrobe Butterfly CD (1998)

SB-69...Ashtray Navigations: Use Copenhagen 69 Guitars + Park Drive Circular Effects Pedals Exclusively LP (1998)

SB-70...Witcyst LP (unreleased)

SB-71...Bruce Russell: Projects for a Revolution in New York LP (1998)

SB-72...Renderers: A Dream of the Sea CD (1998)

SB-73...Ashtabula: River of Many Dead Fish 12"/CD (1999)

SB-74...Richard Youngs LP (rejected)

SB-75...The Shadow Ring: Hold Onto I.D. CD (1998)

SB-76...Alan Licht: Rabbi Sky CD (1999)

SB-77...Vertical Slit: Under the Blood Red Lava Lamp CD (1999)

SB-78...Angus MacLise: The Invasion of Thunderbolt Pagoda CD (1999)

SB-79...Ashtabula: Possible Smokestacks CD (2000)

SB-80...Hall of Fame: Hall of Fame LP/CD (2000)

SB-81...Angus MacLise: Brain Damage in Oklahoma City CD (2000)

SB-82...The Resineators: Don't ___ with the Fantasy CD (2001)

SB-83...Der TPK: Harmful Emotions LP (2007, ed. of 500)

SB-84...Pink Reason: Cleaning the Mirror CD/LP (2007)

SB-85...Ex-Cocaine: Esta Guerra LP (2007)

SB-86...Alasehir: Philosophy of Living Fire LP (2007, ed. of 1000)

SB-87...Factums: Alien Native LP (2007), reissue of 2004 CD

SB-88...Psychedelic Horseshit: Magic Flowers Droned LP/CD (2007)


SB-90...Xno BarbequeX: Sunshine of Your Love LP (2007)


SB-93...Times New Viking: Present the Paisley Reich LP/CD (2007)


SB-100...1929: Last But Not Leased CD (2003)

SB-101...Times New Viking: Dig Yourself LP/CD (2005)

SB-102...Sapat: Mortise and Tenon CD/LP (2007)


SB-127...U.S. Girls: Go Grey LP (2010)


SB-131...The Bren't Lewiis Ensemble: Three Christs of Ypsilanti LP (2010)

Pubic Pop Can

Pork-1...The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion: A Reverse Willie Horton LP (1991, ed. of 1000?)

Pork-2...High Rise: Psychedelic Speed Freaks LP (reissue, 1992, ed. of 300?)

Pork-3...Halo of Flies: Fuck the World---Fuck You LP (1993)


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