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Tiger Lily was supposedly a tax scam label run by the head of Roulette, Morris Levy, who was allegedly connected with the Genovese crime family and a model for Hesh on The Sopranos. They put out LP pressings of demo tapes, sometimes without the knowledge of the bands. See Album World.

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14001...Jerry Corbitt and Charlie Daniels: Live I LP (1976)

14002...Jerry Corbitt and Charlie Daniels: Live II LP (1976)

14003...Libby Titus: s/t LP (1976)

14004...Darius Brubek & Friends: Darius Brubek & Friends LP (1976), jazz

14005...Scott Berry: Morning Glory LP (1976)

14006...Dakota: Dakota LP (1976), psych rock

14007...Daddy Warbucks: 1 LP (1976?), melodic hard rock

14008...Jon Gordon: Jon Gordon LP (1976), east coast rocker

14009...Billy Barnes LP (1976?)

14010...Rod Stewart & Friends: Reading Festival Featuring Rod Stewart LP (1976?)

14011...David Lewis: Just Mollie and Me LP (1976), rock

14012...Charlie Starr: s/t? LP (1976?), rural barband rock

14013...Stonewall: Stonewall LP (1976), hard rock, © Jimmy Goldstein; Long Island house band for a NY recording studio, cut this LP in 1972 (or as early as 1969), recordings sold by studio owner to TL without the band's knowledge



14016...Too Smooth: Too Smooth LP (1976), heavy southern rock


14018...Tata Vega: s/t LP (1976?)



14021...Steven Hines Band: It Takes So Long, But It's Worth Waiting for LP (1976?)

14022...Dobie Gray: Dobie Gray LP (1976)

14023...Richard Pryor: L.A. Jail LP (1976)

14024...Adam Taylor: Adam Taylor LP (1976), hard psych/rural folkrock

14025...Calvin Kleane: Calvin Kleane LP (1976), folkrock

14026...James Newton Howard: James Newton Howard LP (1976), jazz?



14029...Hobo Grin: Star Arisin' LP (1976?) [14028?]

14030...Velvert Turner: Velvert Turner LP (1976?), NYC/L.A. funk/psych-rock, reissue of Velvert Turner Group: s/t LP (Family, 72), with unique mix and exclusive track

14031...Odyssey: Electric One LP (1976?)


14033...Billay: Sleepy Hollow LP (1976), power pop Beatles soundalikes, reissue of Sleepy Hollow: s/t LP (Family, 1972)

14034...Heavy Cruiser: s/t LP (1976?), same boat picture used but is not a remix of s/t LP (Family, 72), "seems to be a re of the 2nd LP Lucky Dog (Family) and could have have minor differences"

14035...Linda Clarke: Yes, Indeed! (1976), folkrock/soul

14036...Steve Sherman: It Is What It Is... LP (1976?), rock

14037...Clydie King: Rushing to Meet You LP (1976), soul

14038...Oliver Walrus: Me, Myself & I LP (1976), funk

14039...Alan Gordon: The ExtraGordonary Band LP (1976)

14040...Onion: Made from Plate LP (1976?)


14042...T'Songo: T'Songo LP (1976), jazz funk fusion

14043...James Cahoon Lindsay Band: Kinky Mersey LP (1976), reissue of Lucky Dog (Family, 1972) with two extra songs

14044...Frankie Carr: Frankie Carr LP (1976), '70s rock, ex-Tea Company

14045...Airborne: Airborne LP (1976), guitar rock

14046...Jon Holbrook Experience: Miserable You LP (1976), amateur blues rock

14047...Woodstock Revival: Cruisin' in Time LP (1976), produced by Jon Holbrook

14048...Crack: Day of Doom LP (1976), Long Island psych-prog rock

14049...Spanky Lee and Johnny Lee: Spanky and Johnny LP (1976), singer/songwriter AOR

14050...Chopper: Live in New York LP (1976)

14051...Robert Cotter: Missing You LP (1976), soul


14053...Jay James: Good Times & Bad Times LP (1976), with members of Stonewall

14054...Steve Drake Band: Nature Intended LP (1976 or 1977), hard rock prog

14055...Tim Rose: Unfinished Song LP (1976), 1970 recordings, studio went bankrupt in 1975 and sold tapes to Tiger Lily without Rose's permission (or writer of title song sold the tapes)

14056...Fields & Shipley: Fields & Shipley LP (1976)

14057...Claude & Sherry: Claude & Sherry LP (1976), rock and folk

14058...Glen Faria: Glen Faria LP (1977), folk psych, promo only, actual name is Glenn Faria

14059...John Scoggins: Pressed for Time LP (1976), sunny folk psych

14060...David Mead: I'm on Stage LP (1976?)

14061...Jackson Sisters: Jackson Sisters LP (1976), promo only, LP withdrawn

14062...Together: Together LP (1976), teen funk

14063...Steve Soles: Steve Soles and Friends LP (1976?)

14064...Peter Anders: Peter Anders LP (1976), folk

14065...Sounds of the City Experience: Sounds of the City Experience LP (1976)

14066...Bobby Boyd: Bobby Boyd LP (1976)

14067...Roland Jade: 12 for the Road LP (1976 or 1977), stoned country rock

14068...Richard Grasso 1: Season of Grace LP (1976), Scientologist jazz-folk

14069...Calliope: Calliope LP (1976), "interesting mix of jazz rock & pop some with a funky edge & some good female vocals"

14070...Brother Bait: Brother Bait LP (1976), lite prog rock

14071...Brother Bait: Alive LP (1976?)

TRL-1001...Jackson Sisters: "I Believe in Miracles" 12" (1976?)

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