Tomorrow Records Discography

1010 5th Ave, NYC 10028. Supposed tax scam record label, related to Guinness Records.

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TVI-132...The Newborn: The Newborn LP (1977)

TVI-133...Goliath: Goliath LP (1977), reissue of Hot Rock & Wizard LP (Bridges, 1976?), southern Indiana rock recorded in 1975

TVI-134...Johnny Gibson: Johnny Gibson LP (1977), an album of light rock'n'roll instrumentals, some of it with carnival organ; produced by John Gomez; Johnny Gibson had a 45 on the Harry Balk's Twirl label (produced by Dennis Coffey), out of Detroit. Balk's partner was Irving Micahnik (1905-1978), and the two of them take writing credit on here as Tom King and Ira Mack. Max Crook (aka Maximillian), co-writer of "Runaway" with Del Shannon, also has credit on three songs. © Alpine Recordings.

TVI-135...Joey Dee: Joey Dee LP (1977), produced by Elliot Rosoff & John Gomez


TVI-137...Former Members of the N.Y. Rock Ensemble: Former Members of the N.Y. Rock Ensemble LP (1977?)

TVI-138...Shawn Elliot: Shawn Elliot LP (1977?)

TVI-139...Tom Ed: Singer Songwriter LP (1977), produced by John Gomez and Elliot Rosoff

TVI-140...Michaelo: Michaelo LP (1977), reissue of Michael O'Gara LP (London, 75), each with one unique song, CA singer-songwriter

TVI-141...The Exciters: The Exciters LP (1977)

TVI-142...Maverick: Maverick LP (1977?)


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