Tribute Records Discography

New York City tax scam record label.

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LR-1001...Frankie Carr's All Natural Band: Frankie Carr's All Natural Band LP (1977), side 1: pre-Tea Company singles tracks from The Naturals; "I Believe" = "Maiden of the East" (1967 single), "Keep on Pushin" = "Theme From A Natural" (1967 single), plus possible unreleased songs; side 2: '70s recordings

LR-1002...Spare Change Band: Spare Change Band LP (1977), NY rock with Frankie Carr

LR-1003...Larry Bene: Only Time Will Tell LP (1977), lounge/funk/mod

LR-1004...Teddy Strom: Goodnight LP (1977), NY/NJ singer-songwriter and rock with Frankie Carr

LR-1005...Fran's Band: If To-Morrow Never Comes LP (1977)

LR-1006...The Jeff Ford Group: Here with You LP (1977), country

LR-1007...James Lowry: His Way LP (1977), country

LR-1008...Russ Saul: Begin to Feel LP (1977), country


LR-1010...Joseph Reeves: Heaven for Bid LP (1977), country


WS-326...Billy Michaels: On the Road LP (1977)

WS-327...Don Evans: Simple Man LP (1977), country


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