TSG Records Discography

NYC tax scam record label.

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TSG-800...Lloyd Price: Music, Music LP (1976)

TSG-801...1619 Bad Ass Band: 1619 Bad Ass Band LP (1976?)


TSG-803...Conway Twitty: Conway Twitty LP (1976?)

TSG-804...Spice: Let There Be Spice LP (1976)

TSG-805...Ricardo Marrero & the Group: A Taste LP (1976), latin funk

TSG-806...Billy Joe Spears: Billy Joe Spears LP (1976?)


TSG-808...Cynthia Schloss: Golden Dozen LP (1976)

TSG-809...The Ultimates: You're My Lady LP (1976)

TSG-810...The Topics: Giving Up LP (1976)


TSG-815...The Corner Gang: Stone Out of Our Mind LP (1976)



Lloyd Price: Stagger Lee LP (1976)

Ronnie Holly: Wheels LP (1976)

Reality: Disco Party LP (1976?)

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