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HRH-31568...The Today Generation: In Concert LP (1968)

HRH-7169...Sally Magill/Martin Young: Take 1 LP (1969)

HRH-121969...Arthur: Arthur 1-sided demo LP (1969), aka The End Is the Beginning

HRH-22670...Nibbus: "Extension II" b/w "Forget About You" 7" (1970), both tracks from the Hendrickson Road House LP

HRH-71570...Milton Kelley: Milton Kelley's Home Brew LP (1970)

HRH-81670...Hendrickson Road House: Hendrickson Road House LP (1970)

HRH-1171...The Mystic Zephyrs 4: "Oh...My Hands " b/w "Youth Quake" 7" (1971, ed. of 50)

HRH-5471...The Mystic Zephyrs 4: "Searching" b/w "Hey, Son" 7" (1971)

HRH-10171...Stage Coach: "Dirt Farm Blues" b/w "Fly Away" 7" (1971)

HRH-4172...The Mystic Zephyrs 4: "Reach Out" b/w "Don't Bring Me Down" 7" (1972)

MTJC-41272...Jimmy Callihan: Songs to H.E.A.R LP (1972)

MTMG-71772...Mountain Glory: Happy Is the Man LP (1972)

HRH-6873...The Mystic Zephyrs 4: Maybe LP (1973 or 1974)

Thanks: Gray Newell.


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