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USR-549...Muirlands Jazz/Rock Ensemble: "Free"/"Chunga's Revenge" b/w "Flat Land" 7" (1973)


USR-2916...Orchestra of Baldwin-Wallace Conservatory Faculty and Students: The 150th Anniversary of the Old Stone Church LP (1970)


USR-2936...JoAnne Hartman: And Her Name Is JoAnne LP (19??)


USR-2943...The Dynamics: Sunshine Days LP (196?), Northfield, OH lounge band


USR-3026...Lanny Davis: Pops Played Nightly LP (19??)


USR-3192...Sounds of America LP (19??)


USR-3245...v/a: Third Inland Empire Jazz Festival LP (1971)


USR-3258...The Douglass High School: Black Experience 2LP (1971)


USR-3317...Del City Youth Chorus: Sing and Be Happy LP (1971?)

USR-3319...Young Tulsans: Bands on the Move Vol. 6 LP (1971?)

USR-3319...MSM '71: In Concert LP (1971), Mt. St. Mary's, Oklahoma City


USR-3371...Williams Bay High School: A Musical Collage LP (1971?)


USR-3619...The Lake Forest High School Band 1970-71: Highlights LP (1971?)


USR-3655...Tammy Folk Ensemble: He's Everything to Me LP (1971?)


USR-3666...Fairview High School: Freedom! LP (1071)


USR-3673...Livingstone College Concert Choir: Livingstone College Concert Choir LP (1971?)


USR-3688...Bowling Green State University Lab Band: 1972 LP (1972)


USR-3692...v/a: Highlights from North Olmsted Junior High School 1970-71 LP (1971?)


USR-3729...The Living Proof: s/t LP (197?)


USR-3846...Northern California State Youth Choir: He's Everywhere LP (197?)


USR-3895...Carlene Neihart: At the Organ LP (197?)


USR-3974...Gusti: Gusti LP (197?)


USR-4101...v/a: We the People LP (1972), Kent, OH


USR-4104...The Louisville Thoroughbred Chorus: All-American Harmony LP (1972?)


USR-4150...Castle High School Bands: In Concert 1971-72 LP (1972)


USR-4175...Jimmy Henley: "Clinch Mountain Backstep" b/w "Cumberland Gap" 7" (1972?)


USR-4189...Universal Ignorants: "Sing Uour Song" b/w ? 7" (1972?)


USR-4626...Roach Om: Universal Expressions LP (19?27)


USR-4802...Choir of St. Charles Borromeo Church: Praise and Thanksgiving LP (1972?)


USR-4900...David Lewton: I Wish You a Rainbow LP (1972?)


USR-4968...3 & Company: Wave LP (1972?), lounge band


USR-5003...Elyria High School A Cappella Choir: Season's Greetings LP (1972?)


USR-5060...The Thoroughbred Chorus: Songs of Inspiration LP (1972?)


USR-5119...Bowling Green State University 1972 Falcon Marching Band: Bowling Green State University 1972 Falcon Marching Band LP (1972)


USR-5252...Gateway High School: Senior Choir, 1973 LP (1973)


USR-5264...Hiram W. Johnson Senior High School Pep Band: Sounds of Spirit LP (1973)


USR-5315...The Tears of Joy: Dream a Dream LP (1973), Jeromesville, OH xian folkrock


USR-5401...v/a: Bellevue Schools All City Music Festival 1973 LP(1973), WA


USR-5485...Jon David's Mood: Jon David's Mood LP (1973), United Sound not listed anywhere


USR-5762...South High School Vocal Music Department: 1973 LP (1973), Columbus or Cleveland, OH


USR-5825...Richie Duvall and Dog Truck: Richie Duvall and Dog Truck LP (197?)


USR-5835...Rompa's Raiders: The Best of Rompa's Raiders LP (197?)


USR-5846...Lakeland: Here's the Music LP (1973), Lakeland C.C., Plainesville, OH


USR-5972...Middleburg High School Stage Band ’73: Middleburg High School Stage Band ’73 LP (1973), Middleburg, PA school band, Susquehanna Sound Productions (LP-304)


USR-6054...Tim Stivers: Is There Life Outside the South? LP (197?)


USR-6419...Oberlin College Choir: Oberlin College Choir LP (1973)


USR-6486...Glory Bound: Wake Up World LP (1974?), NE folkrock


USR-6956...New College Summer Music Festival 1974 LP (1974)


USR-7005...Cooper Junior High Concert Band: 1973-74 LP (1974)


USR-7048...Jackson High School Bands: 1974 LP (1974)


USR-7063...North Olmsted High School Symphonic Wind Ensemble and Orchestra: North Olmsted High School Symphonic Wind Ensemble and Orchestra LP (1974?)


USR-7117...Coleen & John: Movin' On! LP (1974), lounge folk duo, UA Recordings


USR-7141...University of Maine at Orono: Maine Summer Youth Music LP (1974)


USR-7356...University of Nebraska: Jazz Lab 1 LP (1974?)


USR-7668...Warren Willis Singers: Send Joy LP (1974?)


USR-7703...Judie King: By Request LP (1974?), CA country lounge, Tommie Towne Records (JK-100)


USR-7756...The Lake Forest High School Bands: In Concert--1975 LP (1975), no label


USR-7999...Warren G Harding a Cappela Choir: s/t LP (1975)


USR-7668...Warren Willis Singers: Send Joy LP (197?)


USR-7926...LaVon Harter and Friends: Praise Ye the Lord LP (197?)


USR-8189...Born Again: Holiness Unto the Lord LP (1976?), Moline, IL xian folk/folkrock


USR-8234...Creation Speaks: Universal Praise LP (197?), WI xian choir


USR-8351...4th Edition: Album Two LP (1972), OH


USR-8657...Downs Memorial United Methodist Church Combined Choirs: The Human Experience LP (197?)


USR-8809...The Stoneleigh-Burnham Octette: ...Here We Come Again! LP (1976), MA prep school choir


USR-8838...Greater Bethel Primitive Baptist Church: Jesus, I'll Never Forget LP (1976?)


USR-8932...Chaminade Women's Chorus/MacDowell Male Chorus: I Love America 2LP (1976)


USR-9502...Elodie Preston Williams: There's a Song LP (1976)


USR-9716...Golden Hill Presbyterian Church Chancel Choir: 20th Anniversary 1956-1976 LP (1976)


USR-9746...Children of the Way: Come Go with Us LP (1976), Chicago Heights, IL Christian folk, A-K Sound


USR-9755...The Bluegrass Tarheels Band: Everybody's Gotta Be Somewhere LP (1976?)


USR-9821...v/a: CHIC ’76 LP (1976). Estes Park, CO Christian youth gathering with Bob Stromberg, Jack Walker, One Family


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