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12215...The Rhythmac's: The Band in Demand! LP (196?), IA lounge, Fredlo Records (6944)


12534...The Fall Guys: Recorded Live LP (1969?), MN lounge, Melody Recording (MS 500)


12664...The Lewie Wickham Trio: Live at the Territorial House (1969), Albuquerque, NM coffehouse folk, Delta Records (JWP-1013)


14141...The Young Nebraskans: The Young Nebraskans LP (1970?), Nebraska Boys' Training School live concert, Stanal Recordings (SRI 1094)


14401...Shaw, Allen & Shaw: This Side That Side LP (1970?), MN lounge band recorded at South 80, no label (S80-40-1425S)


15303...Synchrony: Our Album LP (1971), lounge band, Signet Records (ST-710414)


15545...The Changing Winds: The Changing Winds LP (1971), UA Recording (UA-FSD-1175)


15764...Guitar Ensemble: You-n-You LP (1971), Las Vegas, NM xian folk, Guitar Ensemble Records (LPS-812)


19271...Catch: Caught Live at the Golden Hawk LP (1972), Catch Records (LAM-128)


19504...Clyde and Ralph: Present Ralph ”n” Clyde LP (1972?), CO lounge, Big J Records (LPS-9940)


20015...The Jets: Live from Las Vegas! LP (1973?), Las Vegas lounge, AR-GE-CO. (1002)


20311...Bellevue Junior High School Chorus: Godspell LP (1973?), school band with cool cover of "Down by the River," General Records (GRS-0932)


20676...Wheelhaus: “You’ve Got to Give Her Rock ’n’ Roll to Keep Her Home” b/w “Room at the Top” 7” (1973?), Pacific Avenue, Omaha power pop


20906...The Motifs: What Does It Take LP (1973?), lounge band, General Records (GRS-1669)


21480...The Wee Group: Live! At the Cliffs Red Carpet LP (1973?), lounge band, All American Piggy Bank Records (SR-7318)


22770...Wayne Luchau & Dean Lampe: Booked Solid LP (1974), Minneapolis lounge band, L&L Productions (LL 1000)


25499...Frankie Brent: The King (?) LP (1975?), New Orleans lounge singer, Cutty Records (no number)


25566...The Stevensons: Hangin' Around LP (1975), Phoenix, AZ lounge folk, DB Records


26517...Skip Bessonette: Live at Ship Ashore LP (1975?), Pacific northwest lounge


27152...Cops Ltd.: Play Old New LP (1975), Yakima, WA lounge band made up of cops, Tell International Records (Tell-1)


27254...St. Louis Jesuits: Earthen Vessels LP (1975), MO Christian folk, North American Liturgy Services (1SJ75-2)


27697...The Wright Bros.: Maine to California LP (1976), IL lounge/soft rock, Rifra Records (121677)


29588...St. Louis Jesuits: A Dwelling Place LP (1976), MO Christian folk, North American Liturgy Services (SJ76-1)


29882...Cinammon: Cinammon LP (1976?), lounge band (M 2824CL)


30359...Apache Spirit: Indian Cowboy LP (1977), Arizona country lounge, Apache Spirit Records (AS666)


31035...Palo Verde High School Jubileers: American Choral Directors Association National Convention LP (1977), no label name


31857...Apache Spirit: Keep Movin' On LP (1977), Arizona country lounge, Apache Spirit Records (AS667)


32717...Barney Armstrong's Machine: Live at Jordan's Alpine LP (1978?), Bellevue, WA lounge band, Rockin N' Racin' Records (RRR 2947-1)


34185...The Holker Family: Feelin' Good LP (1978), tube-sock synth pop (B&K Records, BK-7809)


34973...Jim Brady: Get Along LP (1978?), Denver, CO country lounge, J.B. Records (JBR-43079)


36846...Timberwolf: "Need Her Lovin'" b/w "Stay" 7" (1979), Phoenix hard rock


36984...David Kelsey: Flights of Fancy LP (1979?), keyboards, Garrus Records


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