Wonderland Records Discography

Childrens' record label. Division of A.A. Records Inc., 250 W. 57th St, NYC.

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WLP-89...Alfred Hitchcock Presents Ghost Stories for Young People LP (197?)


WLP-281...Alley Cat and Chicken Fat LP (197?)


WLP-288...The Time Machine LP (197?)


WLP-297...The Invisible Man LP (197?)


WLP-306...The Wonderland Singers and Orchestra: T.V. Themes LP (1976)


WLP-308...Bionic Woman LP (1976?)

WLP-309...Baretta—Great Adventures LP (1976)

WLP-310...Emergency LP (1977?)

WLP-311...Wonderland Singers and Orchestra: Muskrat Love/Theme from Rocky LP (1977)

WLP-312...Godzilla King of the Monsters LP (1977?)

WLP-313...Wonderland Space Shuttle: Theme from Star Wars LP (1977)

WTC-197...Songs That Tickle Your Funny Bone CS (1982)

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